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Found 328 results

  1. So how did everyone do? Or did most stay home? What were water temps? I'm stuck at work all weekend and very curious!
  2. Let's hear how you're doing this weekend and what's working to get them to bite.
  3. How has the opener been in the Blackduck area? Let us in on how the great open water season has started. Please share your opening week reports here. Good luck all!
  4. Anyone braving the Temps and heading to Tetonka tomorrow? Any prefered spots? At a cabin on north side near cannon river and looking for advice
  5. Well it's almost time....and we'll be hitting Mille Lacs again for the opener. Between the weather and the other "issues" with the lake, I don't expect there to be much traffic out there, but I'll be out at midnight tonight just like every year. If you get do happen to get out, let us know how you do!
  6. With the opener being tomorrow let us know how your opening day and week of fishing has gone. Let's get some talk going! Good luck to all! I will most likely be starting the season off on Fish Trap lake this year, maybe hitting Alex as well as the Mississippi.
  7. So where is everyone thinking of chasing walleyes? I am thinking Green or the Rum after dark, because I will trying to whack a turkey during the day time. Best of luck and be safe.
  8. No chatter about opener? With all of us up on Big Sandy and we don't even have a complaint? As much as I probably don't like the idea I did decide to join the crowd. I signed up for a HOST boat for the opener and was selected as a possibility. I will be in the running to take out someone from the Governor's party. I will not find out until tonight if its going to happen at a Host Meal. I will report back and let you know who is hopefully in my boat! Good luck out there and be safe with the wind!
  9. Where is everyone fishing for at the opener this year? What are you going for? If 'you want to share your reports, please do.
  10. Fishing Huntington on opener. Has anyone fished the new DNR access area where the mtn bikers park? It was a decent spot prior to the shoreline altercation...
  11. Hi,I am heading out Saturday morning to rush lake for eyes,but I have never fished the lake before.Any tips?Thanks
  12. So are the crappies spawning already do you think or are they just shallow for the warmth?
  13. Who is getting excited for Opener!? I sure am. I'll be getting up there around 3pm on Friday and possibly staying through Monday. How are the water temps looking on the East end, mid to high 50's yet? I have heard the water level is relatively high. Opener and the following weekend or two typically yields a good night bite off the dock. Using jerkbaits and lipless crankbaits for Walleye is something I never get sick of!
  14. Where is everyone headed? I plan on doing the chain again this yr. Will be looking along shallow weed edges, and breaks just off the shallow feeding areas. Would expect to get all my fish in under 12 ft. Good luck to all and be safe
  15. Finally got my boat in the water for the summer. Sure was great being on the water again! Spent most of the day checking water temps. and looking for walleyes. Water temps. in Big Bay ranged from 51 degrees to 54.6 degrees depending upon where I was. Checked mostly deeper water as that is where i prefer to fish. Saw lots of walleyes in 27' to 36' of water! Should be a very good opener if we do not get a bad cold front on opening day! Cliff
  16. One week left before the Opener, how many of us are hitting the big muddy for opener? I will most likely be at Fish Trap on opener, I may hit the River in the evenings next weekend fishing a few traditional spring spots from shore. Good luck all.
  17. Does anyone fish here? Tried it a couple of times, not much luck except for a nice large mouth bass. What do you use to catch the fish and what fish are even in here? -Will
  18. Alright let's get some excitement started for opener!! With this spring and the fact the walleyes will be done spawning at least a couple weeks prior to opener I expect good things as far as fishing goes. Your river spawners will be out of the rivers and starting to feed along their trip to their summer hangouts. Your lake spawners will be spreading out across the flats they just laid their eggs on in search of the minnows trying to do the same. This means that I expect to find fish in just about every range from 2 - 3ft of water out to 12 - 14ft of water. Jigs and minnows as well as live bait rigs with minnows, leeches and maybe even a crawler will put fish in the boat. None the less I can hardly wait. I will however wait until sun up as I don't care to be on the water with those few that are always mixed in that partied their way to midnight before launching their boats. So be safe out there folks and have some fun!!
  19. I'll be fishing the red river this weekend from Saturday until Sunday for giant channel kitties. On the Minnesota side, where is the best public place to shorefish for one of these trophies? Also, what bait tends to work the best if you're not using cut bait? I'm looking for alternatives. Thank you guys!
  20. Looking to catch some bullheads. Anyone have any suggestions on which lakes to try.
  21. Looking to do a road trip this summer. These lakes look interesting anybody got any feedback on whether they are worth fishing? The Lake finder looks good on DNR site.
  22. The Red River is really low for this time of year and the water temperatures have just crossed the 50 degree mark. The two combined spell and early catfish season. Right now the catfish are still a bit sluggish. They are laying in the shallow water near the deeper current areas. You will see a lot of picking and playing with bait before they commit. With warmer temperatures in the forecast for the next week those small bites will become caught fish. the fish should move into the faster water areas and begin hunting. Expect a much better report next week as the cats come life over the next few days. Baits right now are frogs and suckers. Fresh or frozen sucker are both working.
  23. now that the ice is gone, were are the crappies biting? the water is still very cold, so hopefully it won't be too long now.
  24. I read some good news this morning about the Walleye population in Vermilion. Here is a link to the story from the Timberjay: "Walleye Numbers 'Exceptionally Strong'" Marshall Helmberger Posted 3/30/16 LAKE VERMILION— While some of Minnesota’s premier walleye lakes are struggling to maintain healthy fish numbers, Lake Vermilion’s walleye population remains exceptionally strong, according to the latest management report issued by the Department of Natural Resources. Test-netting completed last fall by Tower fisheries staff recorded an average of 19.1 walleye per net, the third-highest average recorded in over thirty years. And for the first time in many years, walleye numbers on the west end actually outpaced those in the eastern basin, thanks in large part to strong walleye numbers in places like Niles Bay. “That’s very good news,” said Eric Hanson, with Pehrson Lodge, located on the west end of Vermilion. “That’s definitely what we want to hear.” While the west end traditionally sees plenty of large walleye, resort owners and guides have been complaining for years that the number of “eater” sized fish was disappointing. But the latest numbers suggest anglers will have more success lakewide this year, thanks to an especially large 2012 year class, most of which should be running between 14 and 16 inches by this summer. That’s typically considered the sweet spot for eating-sized walleye. “They should be perfect eaters this year,” said Cliff Wagenbach, a longtime fishing guide on Vermilion. “By this past fall, we saw a good share of that 2012 year class that we were keeping. A lot were 14 inches even then,” he said. On the west end, the survey tallied 19.6 fish per net, which was the highest gillnet catch ever recorded in the basin. Fisheries staff recorded a total of 18.8 fish per net in the eastern basin. The latest numbers reflect a sharp improvement over 2014, when the fall gillnet survey showed below average walleye numbers on the lake. But DNR fisheries staff said poor weather conditions hampered the 2014 survey, which likely accounted for the drop in numbers. In 2013, the walleye numbers were well above average, at nearly 18 fish per net, so this year’s report is more in line with previous surveys. The results are likely to catch the attention of the state’s walleye anglers, many of whom were upset by the DNR’s recent decision to shift to catch-and-release only on Mille Lacs Lake for walleye for the upcoming season. The usual walleye hotspot has seen a sharp drop in walleye numbers in recent years and the DNR has been taking increasingly aggressive steps to reverse the decline. Wagenbach said he expects the good news on Vermilion will likely prompt many walleye enthusiasts to bypass Mille Lacs this year. “I have a feeling that the Mille Lacs crew will show up here,” he said.