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  1. Hit the ice for the first time today about 6 inches of ice and lots of slush 3-5 inches deep. The snitch handled the work load with amazing results. The busy end was the smallest pug bug with a maki mino the crappies were racing up am crushing it. The gills would come up slowly but would eat it. Had a 3 to 4 pound walleye break me off in the top of the hole.
  2. Fishing Report from Flag Island Resort Lake of the Woods, NW Angle 10/24/16 Flag Island Resort is still OPEN! We will be open until the ice is in so, if you can get here we would be happy to have you! Fishing and hunting is great this time of year, it is our personal favorite! On the Minnesota side, the Walleye bite has been good, some successful spots have been around Soldier’s Point and Brush Island. Jigging with a minnow has been the tactic of choice in 8-20 feet. Shiners are still plentiful in the bays. The water temp has been around 45-46 degrees. Duck hunting has sure been hot, a wide variety of ducks are in the area and hunters have been limiting out in minutes. All of our Cast and Blast guests have been having great success! The duck season is open until the end of November so there is plenty of time to get in on some great duck hunting. Over on the Canadian side, Crappies have been hit or miss. The Walleye bite has been great, anglers are having luck fishing nearly everywhere. Points and bays have been specifically hot. All depths have been good in that 8-30 foot range. The water temp has been around 47-49 degrees. Trolling for Muskies have been great, the color we have seen working the best is red. The Ontario Whitetail season is still open and doesn’t close until November 15th. The bucks are moving and many trophies have been seen. Until next week, good luck fishing! Guides Dan Schmidt and Devin Rau Flag Island Resort 218-223-8011
  3. Fishing Report from Flag Island Resort, Lake of the Woods NW Angle 10/17/16 On the Minnesota side fishing in 12-24 feet of water around Soldiers Point, NW Point, Brush Island and Mergan’s Point has been good. Points are where the fish are at! We have found that there are a lot of shinners in bays. Jigs tipped with a minnow still are the tactic of choice. The water temp is around 49 degrees. Many kinds of ducks are here and the hunting is still continuing to get better. On the Ontario side the Crappie bite is still on! The first run of emerald shinners was great and the next wave should be good as well as the number of shinners are strong. Fishing in 18-24 feet on points or gaps while jigging has been the most successful. Fall and spring are still our favorite time to fish! The fall fishing season is quickly winding down and there is still time for a last minute trip for some world class fishing! Call us today to get booked in! Until next week, good luck fishing! Dan Schmidt, Jeremy Glessing and Devin Rau Flag Island Resort 218-223-8011
  4. Fishing Report from Flag Island Resort Lake of the Woods, NW Angle 10/10/16 Here in the northwest angle over the past week we have had some varying weather from cold, windy, rainy days to sunny and cooler temperatures. The water temperature varies around 55 degrees. On the Minnesota side the Walleye/Sauger bite has been good in 8-26 feet of water. Fishing has been best on points off of large shorelines and some reefs. Shiners and perch minnows are in the bays. The tactic of choice is a jig head with a shiner or fathead. Trolling for Muskies is in full swing. We are starting to see a lot more northern ducks in the area that will stick around now until ice in and any duck hunter is in store for some great hunting. Over on the Ontario side, the Crappie bite is hot! Depths of 12-24 have been producing fish in channels leading into bays. The emerald shiners are currently spawning. For anyone looking to bag a buck, Guide Ray King has caught a lot of nice bucks on his trail cams waiting for hunters and there are still openings for you to call us to get booked in for your Ontario hunting excursion! Until next week, good luck fishing! Guides Dan Schmidt, Jeremy Glessing and Devin Rau Flag Island Resort 218-223-8011
  5. Hey! Going up to Duluth next weekend and was just wondering if you can catch anything shore fishing on the north or south piers probably nothing but figured I ask. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! Checking back in with you from Sunset Lodge on beautiful Oak Island here in the Northwest Angle on world famous Lake of the Woods. Hope you all had a fantastic week! Here in the Angle, Autumn is in full swing, as the temps are dropping, leaves are changing into their bright fall colors and the local wildlife is preparing for winter. The weather the last week has been a mix of clouds and sun, rain and high winds along with falling temperatures. Fall fishing can be some of the best and easiest of the season, as the fish start to put on the feed bags in the big push towards winter freeze up. On the American side of the lake, the water temp is between 60 and 62 degrees and falling as the air temps continue to drop. Anglers have been catching a mix of walleyes and saugers in the waters between Oak and Flag Island. Drifting bottom bouncers with minnows and spinners in depths of 18 to 30 feet has been effective as well as jigging with a minnow and trolling crankbaits. Hot colors are gold, pink and orange. Also, look to the deeper holes and mud areas here on the Minnesota side. In Ontario waters, fishing has really been heating up despite the falling temps for a variety of species! Walleyes and saugers have been red hot as they begin to stack up in the deep holes and current areas as they prey on baitfish and bulk up for winter. Check the areas of Outer Bay, Bishop Bay, Johnston Passage and Tranquil Channel. Use electronics to locate schools of fish and work a jig and minnow combo to put fish in the boat. Use bottom bouncers with spinners and minnows to cover water and locate scattered fish. Crappie action has been picking up as of late as the water temps continue to dip, look for sharp drop offs into deep water of 30 feet or more and areas of trees and flooded timber. Work a jig with a minnow or plastic to put these jumbo slabs in the box. We've had several fish coming in topping 15 inches! Fall is also a time when the muskie action can be top notch! Most muskie anglers have switched from casting baits to trolling large minnow baits such as Jakes, Grandmas and Believers to locate these active predators. This time of year, these giants are at their largest as they are feeding heavily on suckers and tulibees. Fall is definitely the best time to land a true giant! With September coming to a close and October on the horizon, time is running out on the open water season. But there's still time to make one last dash to the Angle for some world class fishing and hunting! This last weekend, the Minnesota Waterfowl season kicked off and there have been plenty of ducks around to put a smile on any wingshooters face! Maybe a weekend cast and blast would be a nice way to cap off the fall? We would love to be your hosts for that next outdoor excursion on your calendar. Until next week folks, take care! Cale Albers
  7. Hello folks! Hope you all had a fantastic week! Checking back in with you from Sunset Lodge on beautiful Oak Island in the Northwest Angle on world famous Lake of the Woods. Fall is definitely here as we have felt the temps slowly falling, the leaves starting to show their vibrant colors and the local waterfowl beginning their annual migration to warmer climates. Here in the Angle, several hunting seasons have started over the last few weeks: Canada goose, black bear and more recently small game and archery deer just over the weekend. And starting next weekend, our Minnesota waterfowl season kicks off! Along with all of that excitement, the fishing has been red hot and getting hotter despite the falling temps! Here stateside, the water temps are between 61 and 63 degrees, anglers are finding walleyes and saugers in depths of 10 to 14 feet and 18 to 25 feet. Most boats are using a jig and minnow combination or pulling crankbaits in the areas south and west of Oak Island, near Four Blocks and the east bar of Little Oak. Hot colors are gold, orange, and chartreuse. In Ontario waters, anglers are putting together limits of quality fish for the frying pan and catching several trophy caliber fish as well! Boats this week have been fishing the humps near Skeet Island, Outer Bay, Tranquil Channel and east to McPherson Island. Most have been using a jig and minnow combo working points and reefs in 15 to 25 feet of water. Quite a few jumbo perch have been showing up in these areas along with the walleyes as well! The crappie bite has been up and down the last week, but we expect it to heat up as the temps continue to fall. Look for deep water areas off of points or flooded timber areas. Jig and minnows or plastics can all produce crappies this time of year. And for all you Muskie faithful, these giant predators are becoming more active as the temps start falling and they strap on the feed bags before the winter months. Cast stickbaits, minnow baits and bucktails over rock reefs and points to hook into one of these monsters! Trolling large crankbaits and minnow baits is also starting to become productive as well. Time is running out on the open water season folks, now is the time to join us for some fantastic fall fishing, hunting and relaxing! Maybe a combination fishing/duck hunting adventure is in your future? We would love to be your hosts for your next outdoor excursion! Have a great week folks and be sure to visit us soon at Sunset Lodge! Until next week, take care! Cale Albers
  8. Fishing Report from Flag Island Resort Lake of the Woods, NW Angle 9-13-16 On the Minnesota side the Walleye bite has been in 20-24 feet. The Northwest point is hot as well as the north point of Hay. Jigging on the Norman Rocks is picking up as well as a few fish on Starren Shoals. Hammered gold, orange and pink spinners still are the colors of choice. The jig bite has been getting better as well. The water temp. is around 61-62 degrees. On the Ontario side the Walleyes are in their fall spots in 24-30 feet. The water temp is approximately 68 degrees and the jig bite has been coming back, the first part of last week the spinner bite was hot. The Canadian duck opener is open now and the ducks have been way back in the wild rice. We have been seeing a lot of Woodducks, the teal numbers seem to be down but, there are still a lot of puddle ducks around. Until next week, good luck fishing and hunting! Guides Dan Schmidt, Jeremy Glessing and Devin Rau Flag Island Resort 218-223-8011
  9. 9.12.16 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report Hello folks! Checking back in from Sunset Lodge on beautiful Oak Island here in the Northwest Angle of Lake of the Woods. We hope you all had a wonderful week! Here in the Angle, fall is beginning to take hold as leaves start turning, temps start falling and the days get shorter. We've had a fantastic week here at Sunset Lodge, fishing has been heating up as the water temps start falling. We've had guests fishing both the Minnesota side of the lake and in Ontario waters. Anglers have been doing well on both sides of the pond and have managed to land good numbers of several different species! In Minnesota waters, the water temp is 66 degrees and slowly falling. Anglers have reported good numbers of fish on the south side of Oak Island, Oak Point, down to Rabbit Ears and the east bar of Little Oak have all been giving up good numbers of walleyes and saugers in 15 to 25 feet. Look for areas that transition from deep mud to rock points and reefs and work a jig and minnow combination or pull crankbaits in these areas to put fish in the box. North of the border, in Ontario waters, boats have been fishing the Twin Island area as well as Bishop Bay and the east and west side of Falcon Island. Anglers are finding quality numbers of walleyes in these areas as well as good numbers of jumbo perch mixed in the bunch. 14 to 26 feet have been the best depths, look for offshore sunken islands and offshore rock reefs and work a jig tipped with a minnow to turn fish in these spots. Top color choices are gold, green and orange. Slab crappies have also been turning up in anglers livewells as of late, as the water temps cool these fish begin to start schooling up in shallower waters. Currently, most crappies are being caught in depths of near 30 feet next to deep rocky points and flooded timber. Small jigs with minnows work well for these conditions. If it's muskies you're after, casting large crankbaits, bucktails, and topwaters has been really moving these large predators! We've had several reports of boats seeing and landing multiple fish throughout the last week. One boat even reported boating near 20 muskies in a four day trip! The open water season is winding down folks but there's still plenty of time to get in on the fantastic fishing this area has to offer! Be sure to book your next fishing adventure with us here at Sunset Lodge! Until next week, take care and we hope to see you soon! Cale Albers
  10. Hello everyone! Checking in from Sunset lodge here on beautiful Oak Island in the Northwest Angle on Lake of the Woods. Hope everyone had a fantastic week! Here in the Angle, summer has come to an end as the water temps are slowly cooling. The days are getting shorter and the nights are starting to get that first chill of Fall in the air. Soon the leaves on the trees will start to show their vibrant colors and the geese will begin migrating South. In the North country, September is the kick off to Minnesota's hunting seasons, whether it's deer, bear or small game. And here in the Angle it's no different, as several of these seasons are in full swing as we speak. But, September has also been known to be a fantastic month for fishing! As the water temps cool, fish start schooling and moving back shallow making for dynamite fishing when the bite is hot! Here in Minnesota waters, the water temps are between 66 and 68 degrees and slowly dropping. Anglers have been finding success in the waters between Oak and Flag Island, right out in front of the Lodge in fact! Target depths have been between 10 to 14 feet, and 20 to 24 feet. Tactics have included everything from a jig and minnow combination, bottom bouncers and spinners, to trolling crankbaits with leadcore lines. Most of the fish caught in this area have been of the "eater" size with a few slot fish mixed in the bunch. Other worthwhile locations are Little Oak Island, Four Blocks and the North side of Oak island and Soldier's point. On the Canadian side, fishing reports have been limited with the bite being so great on the U.S. side of the line. However, a few anglers are making their way into Ontario and having success catching walleyes with a jig and minnow combination, working humps and reefs in depths of 14 to 24 feet of water. Use your electronics to find fish near the structure and you'll have a good day of fishing with a full livewells for your efforts. Muskie anglers are getting in a few more weeks of casting baits trying to hook one of these toothy giants before the cold waters of October arrive and most boats targeting these fish begin trolling. Cast large bucktails, stickbaits and subsurface baits over rock points, reefs and shorelines to have a chance at landing one of these giants as they begin to pack on the pounds throughout the fall! Our very own, Samantha Norman, just caught her personal best, a 46 inch muskie yesterday! Have a great week folks and remember to book your next fishing or hunting adventure with us at Sunset Lodge! We would love to be yours hosts. Cale Albers
  11. Hello folks! Checking in from Oak Island this week, would you believe it's the last week of August already? With the fall season fast approaching, now is the time to head North to the Angle and get in on some fantastic fishing that we're experiencing and the even better fishing that's yet to come as the days get cooler and those leaves start turning! Up on the Canadian side, water temps have cooled significantly, they are hovering around the 65 degree mark. Anglers are targeting walleyes around the offshore reefs and humps in depths ranging from 15 to 25 feet. Jigs with minnows and spinners with crawlers have been producing limits of quality fish this week. With several slot fish being caught and released as well! Reports from anglers on the dock have included areas such as the reefs around Skeet Island, Deepwater Bay, Tranquil Bay, Bishop Bay and Big Narrows. Muskie hunters have been having some success this week as well! Several boats have reported seeing multiple fish, and quite a few of those fish have been hooked and landed! We've had several reports of fish in the mid 40" range and above being hauled in for a photo opportunity! Casting rock reefs offshore and shallow weedy bays have been best. Topwaters, bucktails and thrillers have been go to baits this week! In Minnesota waters, boats are reporting good numbers of walleyes and saugers around Oak Island and the areas near Four Blocks and Little Oak. Spinners with bottom bouncers and a night crawler have been stellar, as well as trolling deep diving crankbaits with leadcore or downriggers. Depths from 15 to 30 feet have been best depending on the conditions for that day. It's not to late to make an end of the summer fishing trip to the Northwest Angle on beautiful Lake of the Woods! Come stay with us at Sunset Lodge Resort on Oak Island. We would love to be the hosts for your next fishing and outdoor adventure! Until next week, take care! Cale Albers
  12. Hey there folks, checking in from Sunset Lodge on beautiful Oak Island in the Northwest Angle on Lake Of the Woods. Hope everyone had a great week! Here in the Angle, Mother Nature has shown us her many faces in the way of strong winds, drenching rains, bright sunny days, and one more bug hatch this season! Aside from all that our guests were still able to enjoy their time with us and get in on some fantastic fishing! In Minnesota waters, the water temps are ranging between 73 to 75 degrees. Anglers are finding walleyes and saugers in the mud areas around four blocks and Little Oak Islands. Bottom bouncers and spinners w/ crawler harnesses have been the ticket for these dog days of August. Boats are working depths of around 30 to 40 feet during the heat of the day, and gradually moving shallower in the afternoon heading towards evening. Other areas worth checking out are the mud areas around Soldier point, again working spinners and bouncers in this area as well. Hot colors have been gold, orange,pink and green. On the Canadian side, boats are finding walleyes up near Skeet Island, Monument Bay, Big Narrows, and Deepwater Bay to Tug Channel. The mud flats in these areas adjacent to reefs and humps has proven to be the best areas to target. Working raps, spinners, and jigs in the transition areas has proven best. Depths to target are 22 to 30 feet. Orange has been a hot color as the fish have been feeding heavily on crayfish. Musky fisherman have been finding fish on wind swept rock points and reefs. As well as boulders adjacent to weeds and deepwater. Casting bucktails, topwaters, and stickbaits has raised plenty of fish, and caught several others. Fish in the 40" plus range have been a common report, as well as some giants up near 50"! Until next week folks, have a great week, and be sure to book your next family fishing adventure with Sunset Lodge! Cale Albers
  13. Strong bite continues both bait fishing and trolling crankbaits. Resorts jig fishing, drifting spinners and downrigging with crankbaits. Schools of fish in the basin in 28-32 feet giving up good numbers of 16-18 inch walleyes. Garden Island and 9-12 miles off of Pine Island are holding fish. Some big headed eyes mixed in as well. Gold, silver and white have been strong. Water temp is 77 degrees. On the Rainy River, walleyes are being caught jigging and pulling crankbaits. Trolling this time of year is a great way to locate fish and catch multi-species. Nice pods of river walleyes available. Water clarity has improved. Sturgeon "keep" season is now open through Sep. 30 and sturgeon have been active. Up at the NW Angle, Deep water mud is the way to go using spinners and bottom bouncers with crawlers, or trolling crankbaits. The areas around Four Blocks and around Little Oak have held good fish. Gold, pink and orange are top colors. On the Ontario walleyes relating to off shore structure and deep mud. Spinners have been the most productive. The water temp is 74 degrees. Many nice sized fish have been boated and everyone has been going home with their limits! The Muskie action was mixed this past week. Good reports burning bucktails over cabbage and rocks.
  14. Consistent weather and the water at the warmest we’ve seen so far has shown that the hay day is here and the fishing are biting up here in the NW Angle on Lake of the Woods! On the Minnesota side we have found Walleyes mostly on the mud flats and some days on the reefs in that 22-29 foot range. The water temp has hit 74 degrees and spinners with minnows or crawlers have produced fish. Raps, bottom bouncers and down riggers are all at their peaks as well. On windy days we found trolling shorelines by the islands with hammered gold spinners and in line weights with cranks successful as well. Orange has been a good color in relation to catching many crayfish out in the mud, the fish are really relating to them. We have also been catching a lot of bonus- nice sized Saugers all around 14”. On the Ontario side Bass fishing was good trolling with Mepp’s Syclops. Many bass fishermen have reported catching Muskies, and nice ones to add, while trying for bass. This weeks reports for muskies were many in the 40”+ range as well as a 50”. Everywhere we were catching fish we noticed the buffalo heads, as they have hatched again, and many seagulls. For Walleyes fishing in saddles between reefs in 22-28 feet of water has proven successful with a spinner and a crawler. Plastic worms also are working well and they sure are a life saver if you run out of live bait. Until next week, good luck fishing! Guides Dan Schmidt, Jeremy Glessing and Devin Rau Flag Island Resort 218-223-8011
  15. Hello everyone! Checking in from Sunset Lodge Resort on beautiful Oak Island, hope everyone had a fantastic week! Thanks to everyone that came to stay with us over the past week, we hope you had a wonderful time and made some fantastic memories. We had a great week as far as Mother Nature was concerned. A mix of clouds and sun along with some heat made for great boating and vacation weather, however fishing can get downright tough with those conditions especially this time of year. But, this is the Northwest Angle, and great fishing is always available as long as anglers can adjust and adapt to the conditions. On the U.S. side of the pond, the water temps are in the mid to upper 70's. Anglers are having luck finding walleyes in the deep mud near Four Blocks and Little Oak Islands. Working the mud to rock transitions in these areas with bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses has been most effective. Trolling deepwater crankbaits with down riggers or leadcore has also been producing good numbers of quality fish. Fishing in 30+ feet of water has not been uncommon during the heat of the day. Across the border in Canadian territory, again the famous Tug Channel has been a consistent producer of walleyes with a few saugers mixed in. The southern end of Tug out to Garden Island has been really cranking out good numbers of quality fish. With some dandy fish over the 25" mark being landed. Other areas worth checking out for eye's would be Poplar Island, Fox Island, Sturgeon Channel and Deepwater Bay. Again, working the offshore structure and mud areas with spinners and crankbaits has been the go to tactic. For all you musky faithful out there, the action has slowed some over the last week, with less fish being seen and only a handful being boated. Anglers that are raising fish have been burning bucktails over rock reefs and cabbage beds. And some who used stickbaits and topwater did well. But don't let the slow bite discourage you, some of the best action for these giant predators is yet to come! With July behind us, and August and September fast approaching the bite should definitely heat up over the next few weeks! Summer is quickly coming to an end folks, be sure to book your next fishing trip or family vacation with us here at Sunset Lodge! And don't forget that our fall fishing is some of the best in the country, and the waterfowl hunting is some of the finest in the area! Maybe a combination fishing/duck hunting adventure is in store for you this fall! Until next week folks, keep your line tight and set the hook. Take care! Cale Albers Sunset Lodge
  16. Hello everyone! Checking in from Sunset lodge on beautiful Oak Island here in the Northwest Angle. I hope everyone had a fantastic week! Here on Oak Island, this week the story was days of sun and heat, severe storms, and fishing that was definitely heating up! Our water temperature is at 76 degrees. Stateside, anglers are targeting and finding walleyes down by Little Oak Island. The offshore reefs and humps in 25 to 30 feet have been the best. Drifting with spinners and bottom bouncers dragging night crawlers has been the most productive tactic. Reports of decent catches are also coming in from Garden, Shady, and Four Blocks Islands. Fishing the reefs, points and deep mud in these areas has been productive. Up on the Canadian side, Deepwater Bay has been the area of choice for several of our guests in the last week. Walleyes have been the target species, but anglers have been pleasantly surprised with the mixed bag of fish they have been encountering. Walleyes, Saugers, Perch and Crappies have all made it into several boats live wells. Northern Pike have also been hooked in these areas as well, and some have been real hogs! We've had a couple of reports of Pike up near that 40" mark! Poplar Island has been popular here in Deepwater, drifting and trolling spinners and crawlers in 18 to 30 feet has been most productive. Tug Channel has also shown some promise this week, specifically the southern end. Working offshore reefs in 15 to 25 feet with jigs and minnows have been best. As for all of you Musky junkies out there, the fishing for these large predators keeps getting hotter! Anglers are targeting smaller Islands with rocky reefs, shallow weedy shorelines near deep water, and rock reefs out in the open water. All of these areas have been holding fish, and fisherman have definitely been reaping the rewards! Numerous fish have been raised and brought close to the boat, and several have gotten a mouth full of hooks and their photo taken for their troubles! We've had several fish landed right in that 40" to 45" range, and a few larger specimens that have stretched the tape to 50" and above! Wow! So for all of you Musky faithful out there, grab your stick, sharpen your hooks, and dial in your figure "8" cuz the fish are ready to eat! Until next time, from all of us here at Sunset Lodge, have a fantastic week! Make sure to book a stay with us soon, and we'll see ya on the water! Cale Albers Sunset Lodge
  17. Hello again from Sunset Lodge on Oak Island! Hope everyone had a great week! Here in the Northwest Angle, things are about as good as they can be, the weather has been decent and just a few showers and storms to contend with. And the fishing has been good! The water temp was between 70 and 73 degrees this week. Stateside, anglers are finding that pulling night crawlers behind spinner rigs has been working well and catching walleyes. Depths range anywhere from 8 to 25 feet with hammered gold, copper, orange, and pink being the best producers. Areas to target are the flats and mud between Oak Island and Four Blocks, Little Oak, and Crowduck Islands. The South and East side of Oak Island has also been producing fish. Pulling crankbaits in 8 to 12 feet of water has also been working well. In Ontario, the Musky action has definitely been heating up! With numerous fish being seen and landed throughout the week. Reports of some larger specimens have been steadily coming in but the majority of fish being landed are between the 40" to 45" mark. Rock reefs and points seem to be the best bets for finding one of these giants. Casting bucktails and large spinnerbaits have been the best producers. Walleyes can be found among the reefs and rocky points in Bishop Bay, Tug Channel, Deepwater Bay, Monument Bay and Skeet Island. Big Narrows is also a good bet. Jigs with frozen shiners and fatheads in depths of 20 to 30 feet have been producing limits for anglers. Gold, pink, chartreuse, and orange are top colors. Hope everyone has a fantastic week! Come visit us soon at Sunset Lodge! Cale Albers ---------------------------------- The bug hatch is over! Fishing picking back up again. Up in Ontario, small reefs are all holding fish and the big reefs down in Little Traverse are all starting to have fish on them, too. The best fishing was in 22-26 feet right on the edge or top of the reef. Little Traverse is the place to be if it is calm enough to fish there. Otherwise, the reefs up by Skeet Island are all holding fish now too and you can get out of the wind. The best was a fluorescent colored jig tipped with a minnow. Jumbo perch are being caught along with the walleyes. On the Minnesota side, there have been boats all the way from Four Blocks down to Garden Island. Once again, fishing the edges of the reefs if pulling spinners. We took 9th in the Musky Bowl at Wiley Point this past weekend. Seen a lot of fish but they just wouldn't eat the bait at boatside. The winning team caught 5 muskys in the two days. You can already sign up for next year. It was a great turnout for the first year with 20 teams in it. Until next week good luck fishing! Forrest Huset Sunset Lodge
  18. 7/11/16 Fishing Report from Flag Island Resort, NW Angle Lake of the Woods Minnesota The Bug hatch is over and it is time to go south instead of north. The depth to be fishing has been from 22-30 feet. Little Traverse has been producing and the rock reefs are loading up good. The water temperature is at 70 degrees. There have been numerous launches up north from the south shore by Garden Island. Ontario Muskies have been found in both the weeds and rock this week, shallow rocks have seemed best. Flag Island Resort entered a boat in the Wiley Point Musky Bowl and it went great. We finished 9th, nice job Forrest and Jonathan. The walleye bite still seems to be in the transitional period due to continuous weather fronts which has slowed the progress. We have found fish in 6-30 feet of water. The edges of reefs and the deep water in front of the reefs have been producing but, no real pattern. We have seen some very nice fish being caught, 29 was the biggest this week and anything from 24-28 has not been a rarity. Frozen emerald shiners on a 3/8 oz. yellow and orange jig has seemed to be the hot choice. Crawlers and Leeches have also been working well on spinners. Until next week, good luck fishing! Guides Dan Schmidt and Chuck Haggenmiller Flag Island Resort 218-223-8011
  19. Hi,we own a lot around this area of the lake and know its sandy and shallow with bass and sunfish.I am wondering about any fishing stories or spots and would also like historic info about the area.Thanks P.S. Are there ever walleye or crappies at this area of the lake at any time of the year?
  20. Hello staying on Namakan later this week for first time with my wife a two boys. Any fishing tips would be helpful. Thanks
  21. Getting there next Saturday with our family for the yearly summer trip. Can't wait! Any reports would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  22. Fishing Report from Flag Island Resort, NW Angle Lake of the Woods 7-5-16 Ontario: The bug hatch is almost done and the Walleye bite has been in the 20-28-foot range. The reefs are loading up with fish. The water temp is at 69 degrees. Muskie action is also picking up, we had a report from a fisherman that boated 7 and saw multiple more. Many Muskie fishermen and women have been reporting boating a few and seeing many. Minnesota: The Walleye bite on the MN side has been good in the mud and also on the rocks by four blocks in 23-27 feet of water. Trolling in the mud has been very successful pulling snap weights, shad raps as well as spinners and crawlers. We had a wonderful fourth of July and we hope you did as well. Until next week, Good luck Fishing! Guides Dan Schmidt and Jeremy Glessing Flag Island Resort 218-223-8011
  23. What a great week we had here in the Northwest Angle! Good weather and fantastic fishing were capped off by a Fourth of July celebration here at Sunset Lodge that ended with a bang! In Minnesota, boats are finding walleyes around Little Oak Island, Crowduck Island and the south side of Oak Island. Tactics have varied, but jigging with gold, pink and orange jigs in 24 to 30 feet of water around deep water humps, points and rock piles has been turning fish. Crawlers and minnows both seem to be working well. Pulling crankbaits and drifting spinners has been a good tactic to cover water and locate active fish. On the Canadian side, the story has been that the Musky action has been heating up steadily over the last week or so. As the water temps push into the 70's, these fish have been more active and aggressive, with several reports of large fish being caught and landed, as well as several that have followed lures to the boat on numerous occasions! Casting bucktails and large spinnerbaits, as well as some topwater baits has been best. Work rock reefs and cabbage beds to find these large predators. Fishermen and women are finding walleyes in the areas of Tug Channel, Bishop Bay, Deepwater Bay and Skeet Island. Jigs with minnows and crawlers in 20 to 30 feet of water have been steadily producing fish. Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend! Come visit us soon at Sunset Lodge on Oak Island, Cale Albers
  24. Anyone have advice for fishing walleye on Lake Latoka near Alexandria? Thanks.
  25. Smallmouth Report

    Got on the west side yesterday from 10 till 3. Smallmouth were snapping in 15 - 17 FOW on green tubes with red flakes. Three 20 inch plus footballs. 20 fish total. Two came up barfing out crawfish. Had two incidental google eyes 14 and 15 inches. All the fish were extremely fat and well fed. Great day on the water, very few boats. Shout out to Terry's, great place to launch and close to the action!