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    He doesn't post here much anymore, but I want to give a big thanks to Cliff. Most of you don't know, but I volunteer as the director of the Minnesota Outdoor Adventure Foundation. We are a 501c3 non-profit that provides fishing & hunting adventures for kids & young adults with life-threatening illnesses, as well as combat disabled veterans. Cliff has donated a day on the water to our annual fundraiser every year. In addition, we just provided a Vermilion fishing trip for a young man that is battling cancer for the 2nd time and going through a very difficult treatment. Cliff was one of 3 guides that took him out fishing and he told me they had the most fun listening to Cliff's stories and caught the most fish with Cliff. Thank you Cliff!! You have truly helped make a difference.
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    Hey guys! Thanks, I really appreciate it. The response to this fish has been completely overwhelming to me. I never expected it to get so much attention. USA Today, FoxNews, Reuters, BBC, New York Post, ABC, just name a few. Then to see it on the top fold of the front page of the Strib was crazy, not many outdoor stories make that section. Although I said I think i'm done Ice fishing in the video, I know there are bigger ones out there and guess who was out on the ice until midnight again last night. :) I just love being out there and spending time fishing with friends. The fish are always a bonus and landing that fish was a team effort. Most of those fishing friends were made right here on FM. This site will always hold a special place inside me. So many great memories. So awesome to see this Sturgeon fishery rebound and become a resource for everyone in MN to enjoy, and to be completely honest, as fun as it is to now hold the record, I hope it keeps getting broken again and again. That means we are doing something right.
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    Here is a 32” eye I pulled out of vermilion last Monday. The bite has been good. Just waiting to get my ice castle out there.
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    Fished this Morning on a area lake on the Horseshoe chain and it was a crappy kind of Day. Got out before daybreak to get setup to be in position as I found this pod aka school of fish couple days ago and the bite window is early and late. Midday bite has been non existent with this school of fish as they move into a different feeding area. Cant stress enough how location plays such a huge role in a day of success. This summer walleye fishing I came across a perfect transition area and I made a note and GPS it to investigate this winter. To my good fortune its been holding some nice pies recently . Its a rock to sand transition are that is in located in around 20-26 foot of water. Zooplankton is thick early and late in the day and the crappies are actively on a tear feeding during this period roaming the area. Key lures were Clam drop kicks and Amped outdoors 4 mm tungsten heads with plastic bodies specifically Panfish Plastics Chigger Fry's. Hot Colors were white and firecracker. The Thorne Bros lineups sealed the deal especially the Power Noodle when they were aggressive and switching out to the Tripwire when they got a little more stubborn and bit softer. Been using some of the Clam inline Gravity's and have been real impressed with them so far. Great real at a reasonable price. 3 lb Berkley micro ice solar green was line of choice. Caught many crappies from 10-12 1/2 inch range with two over 13 and the biggest measureing out at 13 1/2 inch all fish were released to fight another day. Looking forward to checking out another area soon I found this fall as I think there's a pot of gold wating for me under the hardtop!
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    We arrived at the lake late afternoon the 26th and decided to wait until the next morning to start. We found lots of biter walleyes in 21' to 27' of water. They were mostly located on mud bottom adjacent to terrible snaggy structure. We observed huge baitballs and large schools of walleyes in close proximity. We caught 23 walleyes, 3 bass, 1 northern, and 3 jumbos. Countless fish were missed and hooked and lost. The weather was cold and the wind was negligible. I used crawlers exclusively and my companions used pike suckers. We did equally well. Saturday was the nicest day we fished and we ended up with 28 walleyes boated and several hits missed and fish lost. We also caught 4 smallmouth, 2 northern, and 2 jumbos. Our largest fish was a 25 inch walleye. Sunday was cold and the wind was almost unfishable. We quit before noon to watch football. Lasted until midway through the first quarter of the Vikings game before we went back out. We ended up with 19 walleyes and 2 jumbos with the largest being a 23 inch walleye. We fished Monday until 2:00 and packed up. Our last day produced 17 walleyes. All of these fish were between 15" and 17.5". Hooking the fish was a hit or miss proposition for us. We missed as many fish as we caught. We caught no dinks on this trip. 14"- 25" was our length variation with the average being ~ 15.5". Speed seemed to be the key with .4 to.7 mph being optimum. 1oz bouncer, 3ft leader, a red bead and red hook was the terminal tackle. We fished 3 different spots during our stay and caught fish at every one. I found that looking around rock piles in the adjacent deeper water until we found concentrations of fish produced the results we were looking for. It was another great trip on my favorite lake. I have included a couple of pictures of my cousin and his friend. Good Fishing, MarkB
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    I was sitting on the lake the other day and this thought crossed my mind. With all the social media, forums, face book groups now a days you have to wonder how are anglers judged? For instance how are anglers judging other anglers? Are they judged on there fish pics, there success catch rate? I would say in todays industry unfortunately yes most throw judgement on how good of a angler you are by how good your day on the ice was. Well I want to tell you there's not one Angler out there includeing myself that hasn't got a good butt kicking and struck out from time to time . Unless there ego won't allow them to admit to it. LOL! Its actually more common than one thinks. I once was shooting the crap with Legendary Al Linder about this. We all know how much he fishes. He said in a given week of fishing he had 2 good days 1 marginal and 2 not so good. Take for instance this week I and a few good anglers set out on a local lake in search of panfish after hitting numerous good locations and getting almost nothing we threw the towel in. Next day we set off to a Lake by Ogilvie fished it hard for 6 hours cutting numerous areas out and basically struck out in our eyes. Yes we caught fish but not the size structure we were after so in our eyes a bust.. Yesterday afternoon I decided to hit a local Lake on the chain near me. I was hoping for a last window bite and ended up hitting a home run. Well I guess what I'm trying to say is we all have good and bad days. I know a few of us post are good reports pics and we sound and look like ice fishing super hero's to some. I'm here to admit, We get butt kickings and strike out just like the next guy at least I do . Most including me don't report are bad days but maybe we should. We are not telling you the hard work mega holes we cut etc. So no matter how much experience you have fishing don't get discouraged if you strike out have a bad day. We all do keep your head up! Just keep going out after it and sooner or later it all falls in place. Judge your outing by who you were with the laughs, memories, moments shared in that day out on the ice. It's those simple things in life that are more important than a limit of fish that's a bonus in my eyes Also if any of you ever spot me on a lake PLEASE Stop over say Hi and introduce yourself I'm all about meeting new people and shredding some ice together like I said its all about the moment.
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    Isaiah 9:6 6 For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
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    Finally made it up to Vermilion to ice fish. I saw numerous ATVs and snowmobiles running around out of McKinley Park so I took my snowmobile out. I found 9" of ice just outside the bay. The top 1" was white but the rest was good and dark. There was 3-5" of snow on the ice and there was a lot of slush. There were a couple of fish houses out by Birch Island. Fishing was very good but they were small except for the 20.5" eye in the picture. Couldn't shrink that fish enough to keep it. Taking the permanent out tomorrow for comfort. Good luck fishing and be cautious for ice conditions.
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    Might not be huge but He wanted a musky! So....before I could get here yesterday afternoon. He got one off the dock. I cannot even explain the joy on his face when I got here. Pretty cool.
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    Had a great time with the boys fishing over the weekend.
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    Met up with 2 friends yesterday to put the smack down on some awesome blue gills. The quality of fish in their secret Lake X is insane. They blind folded me on the ride there so I have no idea where it is. Got my PB gill and also PB on fish over 10 inches in one outing. Russ and I had a double on over 10 inchers. Gulp one inch minnows worked perfect and jig color didn't matter. Honey worms worked dandy also.
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    Was out of the shack hole hopping for crappies till I got cold. Came back in and dropped the Slender Spoon (same one as pictured in the Good and Bad thread) with a crappie minnow head down the hole. It stopped falling and there was a nice red bar on the Marcum so I engaged battle. 8 feet down. Not what I expected. Fun fight on the Northlander custom noodle rod and 4 lb test!
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    This morning me and a bud decided to hit a Wilmar area lake we both like to fish in search of some Pies. We met at the lake access pre dawn enjoyed a cup of coffee and discussed our game plan. We looked over my Lake insight chip and some of my previous waypoints from years past and decided on two different target areas. Being it was Midwinter I suggested we target two underwater points with steep breaks and deep basins close by. We both grabbed augers and made some grid patterns off the tip of the first point and started the search. Didn't take long and we both were marking. Fish were suspended 4-6 foot off bottom usually a good sign of active panfish. Crappies were on a tear for about the first two hours of daylight and just like that the window slowly started closing. Key depth was 28 feet tight on the tip as she slowly tapered to a deep basin. A classic scenario for midwinter crappies. We tried some Clam pinhead spoons right away but couldn't get any takers. I noticed some small minnow activity on my Vexilar so we Switched to 4 mm Tungsten heads Black, Blue, Wonderbread. For Plastics we added 1 inch Maki minnows in White Red Flake and Shiner colors. Definitely these combos was the ticket for success. Again the Clam Gravity and Thorne Bros 28" power noodle spooled with Trilene 3 lb Micro Ice Solar performed flawlessly. We kept a few to take home and enjoy a good fish lunch. As we sat and enjoyed the rewards of our Hard work I looked at my bud and smiled and said what a morning
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    Suspended 10ft off bottom, over basin area. 4mm black tungsren with white finnesse style body
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    Got this 10 1/2" gill working a mayfly tungsten fly. Love it when you set the hook and the fish doesn't move an inch.
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    Doc was like a brother to me. We made many memories together over the years that will stay with me until it is my time to leave this earth. It was exactly a year ago when we were out pheasant hunting in South Dakota that he developed a sharp pain in his back and shoulder area. We cut our trip short, something unheard of for Doc, so I knew he was in severe pain. Two days later he couldn’t walk and was in a wheelchair . Diagnosis was stage 4 prostate cancer that had spread to his sternum, spine and rib cage. He made good progress in rehab and was walking again. As little as a month ago he was planning on pheasant hunting with me again but the cancer came back with a vengeance. I was able to say goodbye to my friend one last time before he became unresponsive. I appreciate and I know his family appreciates your condolences. He is in a better place and probably on a hot bite right now.
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    Dad and I got out one last time for the season. Water temp was 37° and we had skim ice around the ramp this morning. Fishing was spotty but we had some awesome flurries. Saturday we doubled on these two hawgs on an old weedbed. Even lucked into a nice musky to end the trip! Not ready to hang up the gear but ice season is coming quick.
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    I did not have as good of luck with the walleyes this weekend. Had to have brats in lieu of the fish fry. But, I did catch my first Lake Vermilion Musky. I also caught a couple of walleyes on a G-Loomis rod I caught with the lead core a couple of weeks ago. I think it had been on the bottom for a couple of years. Replaced the handle, a new reel and it lives again.
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    Good bite in the East end this weekend. No big ones but lots of eater size walleyes coming to the boat. Even got a bonus chewy, gave my seven year old all he could handle!
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    What a difference a day makes. Caught 8 walleyess yesterday including 6 between 9am and 11am. All were 10-14" except for the 19.75" pictured. All caught on chubs on a plain red hook. Can't get a fish on suckers. No bites yet today in an hour of fishing. Got a late start today because I took a snowmobile ride out to Mud Creek bay to clear snow off of my sister's cabin roof. Was a very cold ride with high winds and low temps. Wind was very strong Friday and Saturday but has calmed today (-2F now). The road out of Stunts Bay drifted completely over yesterday. Don't know when they will open it up again. Some serious drifts around my house as shown in the 2nd pic. The sunset on Friday evening was spectacular but cold. Good luck if you get out and be safe and warm.
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    Had a few free hours this bright and cold afternoon. Decided to hit one of those comunity type lakes where you know the fish aren't real big, but they will be where they should be. After scouting around for the first hour picking up mostly small sunfish, I stumbled apon a some better bluegills and a few nicer crappies mixed in. I was fishing the edge of a basin area, finding these fish in roughly 17-18 feet. Any shallower or deeper it seems I was finding only smaller fish. Most of my better crappies, and I say better as in 10-11inch fish, versus the 6-8 in variety... anyway, my better crappies were coming in at 5-6 feet below my hole. I was using the vexilar to detect when they would come in, and then sight fish them by looking down my hole to watch my bait disapear I found a nice bright bait with lots of action to be in order, the crappies seemed to agree with my selection. The 1.25in whipworm in pink rigged on a tungsten jig definatly outshined everything else I tried today.
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    Yep, Merry I know. To late now.
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    Well I have dropped the ball with my winter fishing reports. Nov 19th I dozed off while driving and crashed my car. I over corrected when I hit the shoulder and that's about the last thing I remember un tell I woke up 2 hours later with a concussion ,broken ribs, fractured L1 L3 vertebra. I also had bitten my tongue severely plus a few other aches and pains. Its been a pretty tough month for me physically and mentally. I'm waring a brace any time I'm out of bed for at least 3 months with no lifting. Jonny boy had set up a go fund me page and I can never thank everyone in person for there generosity and prayers in these hard times. Jonny boy has had to take over with Richy's help on the lake. I think I have taught him enough of how I like to run things as I have not gotten to go on the lake since the 18th of nov. He has been doing the cookie shuffle with the houses and it sounds like the fishing has been decent. The houses have been rented quite a bit since they hit the lake, plus we added another non smoking 24 foot grand ice castle nick named colorado. I checked it out a few days ago and all I can say is wow what a unit that sleeps 4 with 2 double beds and 2 singles. The season has started about like normal, with road work on Hillmans highway as we help build his road. I sure would like to drive blue thunder soon but not sure I can at this time. We did have a few issues with a alternator and broken wire that shut her down for a day. The white chevy white lightning also had a few hick ups. The big 1 ton red baron has not seen the ice yet. The phone has been pretty busy with some rentals, some shoppers, some questions on ice conditions etc. Were pretty swamped threw new years which is a good thing. I'm not sure but Hillmans may still have some houses open 218 647 8504 also my friend Thad may have openings through out the next month or two 507 360 6405. Its a little tougher for me to talk about the fishermen we meet and the conditions on the lake but I will try and stay on top of it a bit. Again I would like to personally thank all the prayers that have came my way. The wife the Hammer has to deal with me so prayers for her to would be apricated.
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    Well it was a great weekend. We went out with an outfitter on the far southwest side. Couldn't be happier with the fish house or service. My buddy and I had 4 kids with us. His 7 & 5 yr old daughters and my 5 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter. Ice was a solid 16" and by Sunday it looked like pretty much everybody was being let on. With this cold weather i presume it will be open to everybody this next weekend. Snow cover seemed minimal, so , but with the cold weather and little kids we didn't venture out too much. The fishing was supposedly pretty slow for everybody else. I guess we were the hot house. Ended up with 28 walleyes and 1 crappie. Went home with 20 walleyes. Crappie was 13", largest walleye was 23". Only caught 1 walleye that was too small to keep. Fish were VERY neutral. Couldn't get one to take a jigged presentation to save our lives. So dead stick it was. No real evening/morning rush. Just a slow trickle all day. Nights were good. Friday night we caught 10 and missed 5-6. Saturday night we caught 5 and missed 3. No particular lure was the "hot" line. Caught them on orange or yellow hooks. pink or green demons or pink/green/blue cyclops. Basically we would see fish on the depth finders, but could never get them to commit, so we quit that technique. Also, it was too murky for our cameras. We've had fun with them up there before, but couldn't see worth a darn this time. The kids had a blast and all of them were upset when it was time to go!
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    WOW! Well, you've offended me. The Red Lake Band members care more about URL and LRL then sport anglers. For the Band members URL and LRL are home. For the sport anglers URL is just a destination that they will fish hard when the bite is good then just move on to a different lake when the bite slows down. Many sport anglers only care about a lake the day they are fishing on it. More and more sport anglers have this vision of themselves that they are great knights in shining armor sitting on their mighty steed and that the world revolves around them. The garbage they leave behind and the dangerous driving habits because they are in a hurry to get to the lake or get home tell a different story.
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    Hopefully get the antlers back from the taxidermist tomorrow so we can score them. Should be 150+
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    Some consider the Stuntz Bay boathouses hideous. I've owned one for 40 years and love that area. I've seen many people cruising the bay looking at them. There is a lot of history to them and are very interesting to look at. And they only take up 1/2% of Vermilion's lakeshore for those that don't like them. My wife took the first photo and I took the second.
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    Marked a lot of fish on midlake humps, a lot of inactive fish, but the ones that did bite were pigs in 3 hours we got 2 29s,26,24. Man are those fish crazy fat. The 29 was my new PB.
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    Had the family up over the July 4th wknd, so fishing was limited to early mornings and an hour or two in the afternoons. The bite was definitely on and consistently gave us some of the best walleye fishing we’ve ever had. Our catch was mostly slot fish, a few ‘overs’ a few ‘unders’. Seems the bug hatch had the whole food chain in high gear. The fish we were catching were eating the perch that were eating the bugs - not the bugs themselves. This we know because they were coughing up perch while we were fighting them. My son had one fish near the boat that shook her head with her mouth opened - and out swam a live perch, none the worse for wear.
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    Hit LOW and fished all day Wednesday and Thursday. Fished west of Morris point a bit. Got 10 sauger. 13.5 was biggest. Crazy slow. That whole area has been slow I hear with a dandy now and then. Was on a vets event at Fred’s Beds. Great people and set up. He runs 36 houses. Our group had 6. Got 2 on different pink jigs and all the others with pink hook and flathead. Tried many different jigs and tough city to get those little buggers to bite. Still fun tho. We got your 6 outdoor adventures. Check them out if you are a vet. Great organization.
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    Sometimes it's those brief moments that make a whole day. For the most part todays fishing adventure was lack luster. While the fish were biting, it wasn't exactly fast and furious. Throughout the morning I was picking off a good one here and there, but working very hard for them. Around noon or a bit after I was starting to get a little hungry, about time to call it a day I was thinking. About then I noticed a couple snow flakes starting to fall.... figured I would give it 20 more minutesto see if I could scratch out one or two more keepers. Well, this brief snow fall kept me on the lake for well over an hour before hunger finally got the best of me. Turns out, those last "20min " was easily the best hour of the day. Ended up getting quite a few quality fish including a 12.5 and a 13inch crappie. Black 4mm tungsten rigged with a emerald mayfly turned out to be a pretty goid choice of baits.
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    Was thinking of building a SnowDog to pull my gear out early ice. Didn’t feel safe with my 2 wheeler UTV at 1200# on less than 8” of ice. Opportunity knocked when someone wanted to get rid of a old ’74 Prowler Indi, frozen engine but track in great shape. At 475# way to heavy to re-build, stripped it down to bare frame, cut off excessive steel. Removed all shocks, springs, excess steel from suspension and welded tubing to make a light weight fixed suspension. Rebuilt the front end to fix mount skies. Also sold all excess parts, engine, shocks, exhaust, clutches etc. on craigslist for $150. Minnesota DNR law states engine over 125cc needs license and registration. I have an older 122.9cc, 5.5HP engine 3500 RPM I decided to use. Geared it down to run max speed of 15 MPH and added a reverse gear box. Neighbor and couple friends commented 5 HP way too small to pull machine and 200# sled. My torque calc. said different. Yesterday my SnoDog ‘Rider" ready for test run. Still need a seat, hood and a couple final touches, but was surprised at the power an achieved speed. I also put 200# of weight on my Smitty sled and pulled it around the yard with ease. Now starting build on my “drop down" 2 man flip sled. Plan is to trailer to lake access, SnoDog sled to fishing spot, push a switch to drop sled to ice, flip shanty to fish. My SnoDog weight is 164# quite a weight reduction quite safe for early ice. BTW total cost to build is -$14.00.
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    What a weekend...I almost need a day off to recover from the wild weekend I had so here's a quick update. Friday we packed up and took off for Red Lake Casino for the night, $70 hotel fee for 2 queens and a fireplace nothing fancy but beat getting up at 2 am to drive north. Saturday morning got up early and fished the Red Lake Reservation and got back to the lake I've fished before and done great. I hadn't drilled a hole yet after getting people out on the ice and helping guide vehicles and I was hearing "I GOT ONE" "FISH ON" so you knew it was going to be a good day when sun hasn't come up yet and we are pulling fish out of the ice instantly. It took us about 2 hours to limit out on trout and a few of us saved 1 fish and took off for a second lake after getting pictures with the kids and our catch. Second lake was a bust but you never know till you try! Came home and the was able to get home before dark which was nice after the long day we had on the ice. Sunday we took off with the ranger on a local lake in Becker County. Ice was flooding bad near shore but was solid out 200 yards from shore. It was our first trip out with the Ranger so it was a dry run to see how it was going to work with everything attached and hooked up for ice fishing. Everything worked but fish didn't cooperate. Fished a few spots using the Hellix mounted to the dash as a guide but just couldn't put fish on the ice. Ton of small pike were active again and I did land one bluegill that measured 9.0 inches. We did leave a little early due to the weather coming in and we had to unload prior to heading back to Moorhead. I'm hearing mixed reports of ice reports for example on Big Pine where our cabin is I'm hearing 6-7 inches then a guy posted Friday night he was on 4 inches. So these lakes are very hit and miss so please with the snow take time and verify a safe route especially before bringing kids out onto the ice. This upcoming weekend I'm going to be limited availability because of the Ice Show at the Scheels Arena in Fargo. Got a lot of friends coming in to man booths and give presentations so it'll be fun to catch up with them and the girlfriend will be in the Women Anglers of Minnesota booth all day Friday and half the day on Saturday. I'm hoping to sneak out Saturday afternoon and fish after dark and hopefully get into some crappies or blue gills. Hopefully I'll have better pictures next weekend. Attached should be our Ranger with fish houses behind, group photo of us trout fishing, a few people holding up some trout (Gloria got a big one, not in our group but they forgot their phones on shore), and lastly my pretty solo bluegill I got Sunday.
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    Fishing was decent yesterday with a steady but slow bite between 8 and 130. Ended up catching 8 eyes including this 26.25", 7lb-2oz that was healthily released. Rainbows and chub are definitely better than pike suckers now. Lots of 4-wheeler traffic and a lot of slush yet. Hopefully the very cold weather early next week will freeze the slush. Beautiful sunset last night.
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    Didn't get out fishing until 11 today due to getting my permanent house out. When I got to the spot that I had cleared the previous day for my permanent I found somebody fishing in the center of my clearing. They must have liked the nice clear spot (slush/water froze overnight). Not another fisherman within half a mile. I moved 100 feet from my clearing and set it up on a clear area if ice. I found 11" OF ice in this spot, 2" more than I found in my clearing 100 feet away. Maybe this spot never had snow cover so the ice got thicker. Be careful when traveling on the ice especially this year because of the heavy snow early. Many 4 wheelers were running around the lake but where having slow travel due the heavy snow. Somebody attempted to pull out a medium permanent on wheels and got stuck a couple hundred yards out from the landing. Fishing was steady from 11 to 130 when I caught 6 eyes then I caught only 1 more over the next 4 hours. Rainbows outcatching pike suckers by 6 to 1 margin. I fished with a plain red 4 hook. Cajun red line with no swivel seemed to be the best. The attached pic is Birch Island where most people seem to be going.
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    took the kids out last weekend. weather was beautiful saturday, iffy sunday. ended up with 7 birds. basically shot 100% i should stop for the year. did end up with one nice male spruce grouse.
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    What a great Labor Day week at the lake! Fishing is very good right now. I don’t think that needs to be said. First Muskie for my boy, walleyes walleyes walleyes and he popped a 40” pike. Water temps at 63-65 degrees. The bite is only going to improve. No live bait for us. All on the East end, all on hard baits. Have a great rest of the season. Back to school for our kids.
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    Another beautiful day for fishing on the river. And the fisherman were out in droves. The jig bite seemed to really pick up today. Alot of short bites, as our hooking % was well below 50%. We dont use stinger hooks, they probably would have helped today. Plastics tipped with a minnow, turned all of our fish today. We didnt keep good track of our numbers today, as our clicker operators each took lengthy naps. A best, conservative guess, is we boated somewhere around 60 walleyes/saugers. We only boated 5 fish over 25". Highlights of the day for us were, Isaac again catching the biggest sturgeon. A near photo copy of the one yesterday, a little less girthy though. My wife Amanda broke our group Rainy River Record walleye this morning, a 31" 11lb 12oz slob of a walleye. A true Rainy River beauty. The fishing will continue to only get better this next week if the forks hold out for the remainder of the season. Come and get um folks. Isaac sturgeon from today. A couple shots of Amanda Trophy. 31" 11lb 12oz. Abigails 25"
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    went to a vets event up there in January. Had 2 bags of garbage. Put in my vehicle and took home and put in my trash bin. Why is that so hard for some? it's too east maybe.
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    Hit a couple area lakes recently. 1st stop was a basin crappie bite. Fish scattered around the edge of the bowl from 24' - 27', suspended 10 foot down. Dark 5mm jigs, tipped with dark, small minnow profile plastics scored my best fish. If you landed on a pod, they had a good attitude and most would bite. 90% were up bites, which is always a great sign, and keeping fish moving up was key for them to finally commit. The five color pallet on the FLX28, helped me zero in on better fish while hole hopping. Most fish were small and few and far between. After checking the rim of the basin, finding nothing, it was time to head to lake 2. Lake 2, is noted for consistent gill action, along with decent crappies. Totally weed orientated fish, and usually more than willing to play. Finding better sized gills here, is generally the task of the day. Tons of small 7 1/2" and less gills, that invade feeding flats. Zeroing in on holes that were in or near prime weed clumps held the best fish. 3mm dark jigs, tipped with purple nymph patterned plastics, outshined everything else I tried when I got on fish. Although as cloud cover increased, I decided to bump up, and settled in with a 5mm jig topside dark, but red glow. Up sizing helped to limit small fish bites, punch through dense weed cover, along with increased visibility. A key factor I found was the better gills were tighter to bottom, and buried in weeds. Tuning into low power and weed mode on the 28 definitely helped me find better fish, that other wise were hidden in the weeds.
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    There has been a lot of talk about trophy fish on the site and in the fishing community as of late. So I thought I would try and give some advise maybe some tips to a approach that helps me up my odds of landing some quality fish. .Obviously there are different opinions on a trophy caliber fish to some who aren't as experienced or don't get out a lot a 8 1/2 inch gill or 11 inch crappie is considered a trophy. My hats off to them and a congratulations goes out to them but IMO in time with experience they will set the bar higher. Myself and a few other experienced anglers I fish with set some pretty high goals for ourselves. I consider a 10 inch gill up and a 13 inch crappie up trophy caliber fish. I know that standard is high but its been achieved quite a few times and you have to set higher goals to work hard to achieve them. Here are some steps I recommend to help in your search. 1) Well first thing is research, do some searching here and other areas on the internet and find out what areas counties are notorious for kicking out trophy caliber fish. You definitely up your odds and percentages by putting yourself in the right area. You don't want to hit lakes that are notorious for small panfish AKA nursery's. And also be willing to put on some miles there's a reason trophy panfish come from far away less harvest and pressure. I will help your search Douglas, Todd, Beltrami, Ottertail and Kanabec are some bread butter areas that always produce trophy fish every year. 2) Go to MN Lakefinder in that county you intend to target and search lake surveys. Look at two things number of fish netted and size netted. For Gills I look for high numbers of 8-9 and with any luck a few in the 10-11 in same lake. For crappies I look for high numbers in 10-11 and a few in the 12-14 inch range. Next lakes with occasional winterkill and 5 -10 fish limit rules are worth investigateing. 3) Once a lake is selected do some research on it water clarity history etc. Pick the lake according to time you intend to fish. If daytime fishing stained moderately dirty lakes would be my choice. If fishing the evening AKA wheelhouse dunking minnows a clear body of water will normally be the ticket. I also like to chase trophy panfish in Known walleye lakes as they tend to grow some hogs as they often aren't targeted for that species and get bypassed by the walleye fisherman. 4) Go out fishing an if all possible get out prime time very early before first light or right before the evening bite. IMO in all my years of fishing I would say 75% of the trophys I have caught Ice fishing have been at daybreak. My philosophy is noise really plays key in ice fishing. Ever notice how the Red Lake bite and many other lakes always die when the trucks and wheelhouses come out? Noise pushes them off. I like to have holes cut shacks set well before dawn in prime locations and be ready. Isn't that why there called sunfish And be quiet you cant realize how many times I witnessed on my camera fish spooking from as much as a boot with cleats scraping ice. Lastly when fishing on a piece of water get to know your neighbor fishing by you give a friendly Hello maybe start a conversation some small talk . You cant imagine how many leads locations on that lake I have got just by being friendly. Hopefully some of this advise tips will help a few in the Quest of a Trophy.
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    Caught these nice gills a few weeks ago down in SW Minnesota on a farm pond. Sorry no public access...…………..
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    Dad n I got out in Niles Bay this AM. We had about 5" of ice with almost no snow. Not really sure why... we had about 6" of fresh stuff in the yard. We felt pretty safe until a big pressure ridge pushed up 1/4 down the bay from us! No walleyes, just some ciscos and this one big whitefish. Glad to be out tho!
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    Well, my annual trip was only an extended weekend this year, as I had to use my actual vacation to go to Florida for a wedding. Drove up Friday morning after work, and was able to hit Two Island Lake for a few hours in the evening. As soon as we boated to my secret spot, a storm cloud moved over and the wind was insane! Temps dropped, and I only caught a few smallies. on Saturday we went to Greenwood Lake. Even though we caught about 50 bass, it was still a slow day. Weather was perfect. Bugs were horrible! My dad caught a nice lake trout. My daughter caught her first northern pike, and I also caught one. Fished this lake for 30 years and never even seen a pike, now they’re taking over! Fished Hungry Jack on the final day. Weather was once again perfect! Only caught a few bass. My son absolutely loves fishing off the resort’s dock. So the kids had a blast catching sunnies (including my daughter’s first). Was a bummer we only got to stay up there a few days. My dad stayed until today, but I haven’t heard how he did. Didn’t see any moose. Was also the first time I’ve been up there and did not catch a trout. We got our fill of Sven & Ole’s and world’s best donuts. We might try to go back up next month.
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    Fun post , man love n feminine finger fight. Fishindad has it close. Not much fun here n same six people type about my fishy or zips or de landing crap. Shoot me in the foot n call me Hoppy. Many Times I have seen Different size bears around. Few time deep into it this one Huge Monster on a Bear has Charged n bluffed then turn away by my firing volly of shots! Almost bought a ticket to ride this one time as she was beating down on me hard. Stopped n stood tall. Teeth foaming n kind of pissed off bark’n n claws already. I was firing shot after shot an it was clear I was missing my mark as she was steps away from cashin me in... totaly caught in the moment n ready to take her on with my knife...I look down - the machine stopped n she froze...MY QUARTER HAD RUN OUT!!! Big Smiles! Fat Bottoms make the Rocken world go by! keep on Rocken! T
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    My brother-in-law got his personal best with me last night. Thought I’d share his happy moment. Released, of course.
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    All the pics didn’t get posted but here’s a pretty good run at what I was fortunate enough to boat over a week long Muskie fishing trip to Canada. First I’ll say this more commemorative than just bragging; we hit it hard and were rewarded pretty well, we thought. We boated 17 total muskies along with pike and a few eager smallies. We started the week with wind, cool temps, cloudy skies and some rain but that eventually broke into calm, hot, sunny days; the same weather we had the entire 5 day trip last year where we boated 4 muskies and one notable pike. Our best single day this year was 5 skis boated and worst was 0. That was the first day of the weather change and everyone one on the lake struggled. Here goes: Now the info part: Obviously it was a clear water lake and not a secret lake, so a little research if your interested will get you some results. But all in all, I believe this could be repeated on most Canadian lakes with good muskie populations. My partner stayed true to muskie gear the entire time while I mixed it up with bass and light pike tackle. Early in the week I was doing noticeably better but by the end of the week we were pretty much tied with him boating the the two biggest fish. The baits: The Mepps Giant Killer was new and is just about wore out. The Savage Gear 3D trout in Redhorse was a darn good bait on cloudy days and got me my biggest. It didn’t get hit at all on the bright days, just like last year. Swim shads had their place and saw enough action to stay on the table. The jigs and lizards were the prime throw back baits on follows where figure 8’s didn’t get the commitment. Fished on hand tied 40lb flouro leaders, they were usually picked up off the bottom while sight fishing the hot fish that went cold after seeing the boat. The F-18 Rapala is one of my faves and picked off the third from bottom fish in a bay we call pig pen. Named from the fish and cloudy water we saw last year but couldn’t ever connect with them. We ran everything we could think of on multiple return trips. This was our first connection there on our first try this year. The 5th fish down slurped in that little Rip Stop like a trout on an extended pause in my jerk, jerk, pause retrieve. I’ll never forget how gentle he took it. That was on a light bass combo and a heckuva nice fight. Last thing: This Shallow Invader was a top tier bait for raising fish and hook ups IF it was customized as shown. Bending a piece of bucktail wire to hold the hooks keep them from fouling on the bait and one another along with making the bait run deeper and suspend/slow sink rather than float up. My partner got about half his fish on it. I used mine straight out of the package for a few days and didn’t see nearly as much interest and the two that hit it never hooked up even though the bait totally disappeared in their mouths. He customized mine mine for me while I made dinner one night. It was a totally different bait for me after that. Hope this info helps some of you out there. We’ve already thought of at three new twists to put on presentations for next year’s trip which happens to be booked already. @Rick has been looking for some more activity on OUR site (yeah, ours, if you’re using it). And so am I, so I’ll answer most questions about what I’ve experienced if you wanna ask. I still have a lot to learn about muskies since this is just my second year specifically targeting them, but they’re a fish, and one that can be figured out.
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    Our first day is complete. Not a bad day of fishing but plenty of room for improvement. Water conditions were ideal as far as current and clarity today. Our stats for the day was 30 walleyes/Saugers, 3 sturgeon, 1 pike, and 1 white sucker. Largest walleye was 24". 5 fish came off of crankbaits, the rest on Jig/minnow/plastics. The bite seemed to go in streaks, with long periods of little to no action. Lots of "different" techniques going on the river today. Cranks seemed to produce more big fish than other from speaking to others. Back at it tomorrow. Abigails first ever Sturgeon. No idea where its tail went? Abigails 24" Isaacs first ever Sturgeon. Cut a length of rope to measure lenght, as I left tape at home. Not exactly sure of lenght, nice fish though.
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    Well it's all how you look at it grasshopper!
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