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St Cloud Get Together 1/30/16, 8:00 am until you want to leave

When after all of your feedback the St Cloud Get Together will be on Horseshoe Lake near Richmond.  The event will be held near a spot call the Meth Hole.  The area gets this name from the methane gas bubbles that sometimes leaves a small hole in the ice.  Today the ice conditions where check again and found to be 14-15" of good ice between the winter access and the gathering area.   Thanks Don and Rick.  The Meth Hole area is well known for a great place to catch channel catfish through the ice.  What you may not know is that it is also and excellent spot for catch crappies, walleyes and the infamous party crappie, (rock bass).  Channel cats can be caught on the same gear you use for crappies or walleyes.  Those targeting cats often use pieces of minnows, chicken liver or live minnows.  These baits can be fish under a sensitive bobber or jigged on a small jigging spoon.  Despite there size channel cats can be very light biters so take that into account.  Crappies can be caught on the usual crappie techniques, including plastics.  We caught a lot of crappies last year along with the cats.  So if cats aren't your thing there still the crappies or walleyes to target.   With the late ice this winter there hasn't been a lot of people fishing this area.  So fishing would be really good.  As the name implies, this event is mostly for fun.  It's a great way to meet others from the forum, tell stories, share techniques and maybe even a few fishing spots.  ;)

There will be a potluck about noon.  The plan is to have a fish fry with any donated catfish, crappies or walleyes from the morning.  If folks could pack a fillet knife and a fish cleaning board that would be great.  Also storing fish so they don't freeze makes the cleaning process so much easier.  Bring a dish to pass.  The is a family friendly event so bring the whole family!  I will have some fishing goodies for the kids.

Given the ice thickness it is important that vehicles are spread out a bit.  Try to avoid parking 3-4 vehicles right next to each other.  Know what your vehicle and fishhouse needs for ice based on it's weight.


Horseshoe Lake is south of Richmond MN on CR 22.  There is a public access about 1 mile south of Hwy 23.  DO NOT USE this access as it sits on the river and is a high current area.  Instead use the winter access further south(see on map).

I look forwards to seeing you all there!

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