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Never Dull

Bobby Bass


SUN IS GOING down here at Hidden Bay here on Lake Iwanttobethere. I have some Johnny Cash playing softly in the background just loudly enough that I can barely hear it over the sound of the keys on the keyboard as I write this. I pause and listen some. I have my Pandora radio playing Neal Young’s station and Johnny Cash songs slide into the rotation from time to time. Duncan is under the desk his head resting on my foot and a paw on the other foot. I reach down and pet him behind the ears letting him know I know that he is there. Sometimes he will give me that little sigh of his as he blows air out and continues to sleep knowing I am close.


I miss the old dogs but I am o so happy that Duncan is here, I really do need a buddy and having him always close by is not a bother at all, even if he is a bed hog he is my bed hog. Soon we will I hope be taking more rides together as the weather gets warmer and I get to feel better. Seems I am always telling him he can not go with me when I go to the store or make the trips into the big city for all the doctor appointments. If I could I bet he would make a lot of new friends. He is busy this week as the city dogs are here while the daughter is on vacation. He has been a good boy not picking on the old lab and not terrorizing the young female Austrian shepherd too much. I wish I could say that for the shepherd as she has been chasing the tom cats every chance she gets. That is until the big tom had enough of her this morning and came down stairs sat in front of the shepherd and raised his right paw and flashed his claws and gave the dog a cat warning. City dog is smart enough to sit back and took the warning.


Going to cool down some but then it will warm up, pretty atypical for this time of the winter. Neighbor Chuck is looking forward to the warm up as he has to do brakes on his truck and replace the exhaust. I am looking for a warn day also has I have not gotten around to taking the door panel off the Tahoe passenger side and fixing what I think is a broken or lose linkage that controls the door handle. Lately when I have been driving with a passenger I either have to play chauffeur and come around and open the door for them or just have them sit in the back seat and play driving Miss Daisy. Funny thing there is the door handle broke when my mother in law was riding with me. Not the first time as she has a habit of slamming seat belts in the door jams and screwing them up.


Duncan took the city dogs with him down to greet Mark the mailman for the mail today, Mark had some second thoughts when all three dogs come down to greet him. Duncan brought the mail up and besides the bills he brought me a couple of fishing sale catalogs, some light reading for later. I did plant some onion seeds today inside, they won’t go into the garden till the middle of summer and I hope the ones I planted last summer will winter over and give me a head start on this year's crops of onions. Should be time here to start planting tobacco but I am debating what or if I will plant this season. Winter marches on, snow is not going down any in the yard and I have not seen a deer in several weeks. Crows are scarce to and not a single bunny track. A week of sunshine I am sure would sure change everything but March is coming and with it snow should fall to bury everything again. The wife has agreed to do some fishing with me so I do have some tackle shopping to do, she will need a reel as hers are long gone, either broken or lost by the kids as they used them or borrowed them out to their friends to go fishing. It will have to be a spincast as no way will I offer her the chance to destroy one of my bait caster and she can’t figure out a spinning reel. Never a dull moment here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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