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Bobby Bass


THREE IN THE morning and the dogs are up, well so am I. Guess they decided that something must be going on if I am still up so they are in the den here scattered around at my feet. Got a heater on pointing at my desk but most of the heat is being blocked by the dogs. I am about done for now watching streaming TV so I thought I would write a little. With any luck I will bore myself and go to sleep. Usually when I write these kind of stories they just become random thoughts as I don’t really have a story to tell but just end up writing abut things I have noticed in the past few days.


Having spent a lot of time in waiting rooms these past few weeks I am starting to notice the same people and I am striking up some conversations. There is an old guy today who was telling me some of his stories about living in Alaska, I had to go get my treatment but I will be looking forward to seeing him again and see if I can prod some stories from him. I also notice that the older ladies who come stake out their space. Most of the chairs are set in threes and the older ladies come in and sit in the center chair, rest their purse on the right chair and their coat on the left. And then just glare at you when you stand looking for a place to sit. Younger people sit anywhere and have their lap tops in their laps and ignore everyone around them.


This evening I did go into town and did a little shopping, was feeling a little off but I needed to pick up a few things so I went out. I stopped at the local Al-mart store and I pushed a cart around taking my time. I must admit I spent a little time in sporting goods not because I needed anything but I was just looking. It was there that I heard a lady calling out Marco and from around the store I heard the answer of Polo. Not doing anything I started looking for Polo but each time the lady called out Marco, the Pole answer was in a difference voice and it came from a different section. A few minutes in I finally asked the lady about it and she told me she really does have a son named Marco but people keep calling Polo back to her. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away with a smile on my face.


Back in the waiting room, I did have a chuckle the other day that I forgot to mention. I sat next to a guy who told me that he has a plan for when he dies. Not really knowing how to react I just nodded my head and he took that as a go ahead and he told me that his wife is planning on cremating him, his plan is to eat a lot of unpopped popcorn kernels so he will go out with a bang! I chuckled and took an instant liking to him, I see him on Thursdays. I told him my plan is to have a bunch of young guys carry my casket with instructions to run me out to the hearse when the ceremony is all done. You see I want to just run one last time! He approved and we toasted each other with our apple juice in our paper cups.


Boat Show this week and I was kind of planning to go but now my fishing granddaughter is on vacation and gone. I may or may not go now as I really don’t have anything to buy and was just going to see the granddaughter fish the trout tank and watch the squirrel water ski. Who knows maybe I will get Elmer to go, we both walk at about the same speed now here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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