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Bobby Bass


FOUND A LETTER in my mailbox this morning from my doctor down in the big city. Letter was to inform me that he is closing his practice and moving to a small town in Wisconsin, I always knew he was a Packer fan. He is not leaving till April so it was nice of him to give me a decent heads up but now I have to go find myself another doctor to break in. I have given this some thought and the twenty-one years I have been his patient is my second longest relationship. The wife of course is first. I am not counting friendships just relationships where money has been exchanged.


Well glad he told me so I can start looking, I see my doctor more then I see some of my relatives. I do have Dock Burriem but he has been retired for awhile and is still good for advice but his days of doctoring are done. I have brushed on a few health issues I have as we all do as we get older. Matter of fact I have to go into the hospital after the first of the year for some poking and a closer look see at an issue. When I come out I am going to have to spend some bed time and get a weight restriction slapped on me. Wife has already told me the lap top is getting hid. I am more worried about what the brown dog will do to me when he finds me in bed. So when you don’t notice any stories for awhile that is why.


The second half of the forecasted snow never amounted to anything. We did get some strong winds there for about twenty-four hours that made it feel a lot colder then what it was. Snow on the ground and bare branches with no sunshine makes it look cold out when you look out the windows. The oldest son came over and took his snow thrower, I am once gain in need of one. He did go ahead and blow everything out so I didn’t have to. The last football game of the season is a must see and now they have moved it to Sunday night. Going to make for a short night for me as I go to the big city early the next morning, hope the DOC will not be to upset when his team loses and he takes it out on me, just kidding DOC, in case he really does read this.


I got a mess of books to read for Christmas so that is good and today yet another seed catalog was found in the mailbox. I am not making this up, the new years is not here but the catalogs are. Of course a master bass catalog also showed up and I have not looked in it yet but I am sure I will be able to pick out a few things that will be needed. Wife wants to take the Christmas tree down early, she knows I will not be able to help. I of course protest saying we have always had the tree up for the New Years. So far the tree is still up although Buff the cat has been doing a good job at the ornament removal. These are of course all plastic ornaments as the glass ones were broke years ago by Bud and Barney knocking over the tree chasing the cats when they were just pups and the cats were kittens.


New Years Eve party coming up at the Lodge, we are expecting a good turn out now that we have snow ands some ice. Hay rides will be offered from the public access up to the Lodge and the FELLOWS will be offering free Uber rides for those in need. Life goes on here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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