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Doc Says

Bobby Bass


THE DOC SAYS I need to exercise more, easy for him to say. He is one of them five foot sixish guys who weighs about a hundred and forty pounds soaking wet. Ran cross country in college and can still eat anything he wants to. I am at the Resort this Black Friday and I am thinking very little about exercise. Not after the pie and turkey I had yesterday and the future pie and turkey leftovers I plan on having today. The wife has been hinting that maybe she will buy me one of the Fitbit things as a Christmas gift. I don’t see it as a gift I see it as a way for the warden to see if I am working out or not.


Today I am sitting in booth number one here at the Resort and sunshine is pouring in through the clean glass of the big windows. I have been outside a few times letting the dogs get some air and keeping an eye on them. A new place for the daughter's dogs to explore and Duncan is playing guide. Showing the other dog's things that he thinks are interesting or smell good. No snow on the ground and for almost the end of November it is looking like a fair winter. Days continue to grow shorter but it will not be that long and we will start adding minutes of daylight again. As I took the short walks with the dogs I grabbed a couple of chunks of firewood and brought them inside. Duncan of course brought in one each trip but the daughter's dogs don’t have a clue. I gave the black lab one to carry in and all he did was lay down and start chewing on it.


Back inside the dogs find spots where the sun has been shinning to lay down and with eyes close they nap and dream of what ever dogs dream of. When someone comes or goes from the Great Room they open and eye or if they are really interested they will lift their heads off the warm wood floor to watch for a few seconds. As soon as they know there is no food for them involved they drop their heads and drift off back to sleep. Elmer and Vic are over by the potbelly stove, playing cribbage. They have the round wood table between them and a couple of rocking chairs. A old pitcher holds some hard apple cider that they top their glasses off after every game. They rock back and forth and when they are close to the table they lay cards down and peg on the fish shaped cribbage board. I have a little interest in the game as I have my step counter attached to the handle of Vic’s chair. I’ll show the wife how busy I was today.


Marv is in the kitchen baking bread for lunch. Of course turkey sandwiches will be served either hot or cold. I am looking forward to an open face turkey and gravy sandwich with some stuffing on the side and a little cranberry sauce. Nice glass of ice cold milk and pie to finish it off. I see a nap in the big over stuffed chair that should be preheated by the sun by then. I did make a promise to Duncan to take a walk up to the garden and do a little grouse hunting. We will get the old guys to watch the daughters’ dogs. I have the single shot in the Tahoe and my vest, I know there are a couple of birds up there and maybe Duncan and I can catch them out sunning. Right now though I see turkey and pie and a nap here on a Friday at Lake Iwanttobethere


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