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End of Season

Bobby Bass


DEER SEASON HAS come to an end at least on this side of Lake Iwanttobethere. The far side of the lake the season has just started and a few guys at the Hotel were missing this weekend as they also hunt the other side of the Lake. Reed the Realtor is one of them and his Bio-diesel RV is now parked at an old farm and his deer season continues. A few of the guys went out in the cold this morning and sat on snow covered stands and saw nothing. No one shot a deer this season and that happens from time to time. Good thing that deer season is not always just about harvesting a deer, it is nice but it does not make or break the season.


This afternoon we had trucks all packed by three in the afternoon, by three thirty when the football game came on we were sitting down with munchies and a couple of beers and already the cigar smoke was pretty thick above our heads. By the fourth quarter a few guys headed home preferring to listen to the game on their radios and make the drive with some daylight still left in the sky. I was not the last one to leave as Marv had come up with Dock Burriem and they were going to stay the night. Elmer was going to come back with me but he decided to stay to. I knocked the snow off my boots and climbed into the Tahoe and followed the dark muddy tracks in the snow covered trail out to the main road.


About half way home it started to snow and the moon was just a glimmer of light out in front of me. I took my time as I was in no hurry and the wipers made a pass every now and then to clear the windshield of the snow. I had my driver’s window down some and a cigar going, my last one that I had hidden in the truck. I kept an eye out for deer on the shoulder of the road as it would not surprise me at all to have a deer appear. Deer it seems have a way of knowing when the season is over and it is safe to reappear. Not a heavy snow was falling by no means, just enough to make things white and make my headlights look brighter then what they are.


I made the turn into my drive and climbed the incline up to park in my parking space. A few lights were on in the cabin and I turned off the truck and the wipers stopped. Snow fell and melted on the warm glass and I still had a few minutes left on my cigar. Quiet out, I unhooked my seat belt and it made that rasping sound as the belt retracted back and away. I just sat for awhile and blew smoke out the open driver's window. The cigar was almost gone and I was thinking of putting it out. I watched as the lights in the kitchen came on and I could make out Duncan standing on the chair looking out the window. I could hear a faint barking and then the deck lights came on and the screen door opened. Duncan came running out all legs and flapping ears. I open the Tahoe’s door and the dome light came on. Duncan saw the light, saw me and came charging across the yard.


I made it out of the Tahoe before he was on me, I patted him hard and tugged on his ears. He in turn grabbed my hand and tried to pull me towards the cabin. I went a couple of steps before remembering I had left the window open and had to go back. Duncan sat down in the falling snow and waited. I closed the window and grabbed my duffle bag and gun case. Deer season is done here but tomorrow Duncan and I can go back to chasing grouse here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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