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Bobby Bass


GOT THE HEATER on here in the den, not that it is cold just damp as outside the window rain is falling hard hitting the deck. I am home from the Hotel at least for now as Elmer and Vic are holding down the fort so to speak. Been a steady drizzle for the past two days and today it has rained hard a few times. A little while ago Chuck was out plowing the water down his drive and filling in some pot holes and a couple of ruts that were forming. The problem with the well was fixed and Chuck now wants to just be dry for awhile. I think he is just plowing the water for something to do. I was out for a little while as me and Duncan took a walk around the yard checking on things. I did have to push up the tarps over the wood pile as rain had made puddles on top.


One bright red apple hangs from the big tree, I know there were more of them left the last time I picked. I could not reach way up in the tree so I left them but it appears the combination of wind and rain has knocked them off the tree. I looked around the base of the tree and found no apples but did see several hoof prints in the soft ground. Looks like the deer have been here while I have been away at deer camp. Spent some time under the boat house inspecting the new roof which is keeping things nice and dry. Puddle Humper sits quietly waiting her next fishing season which is several months away. Duncan follows me around, water dripping off his coat but him being a lab he could care less if he is wet. I had traded in a fishing cap for wool hat with a brim to keep the falling rain off my neck and face when I first came out. I had checked the jumping bass on the wall thermometer and the red needle was at fifty, which for the middle of November would be very welcomed if it was not raining.


I walked down my drive doing an inspection as I went. Got the mail and then went over to Elmer’s box and got his out to. I tucked the mail under my coat to keep it dry and I walked up Elmer’s drive to his place. I used the key under the flower pot to let myself in and dropped his mail on the table and noticed he is already getting seed catalogs, a little early I was thinking as I pulled the door closed and put the key back under the pot. I cut across the yard to the short trail to my place and the rain was a little less although the drops seemed to be bigger coming off the trees. I had to wait a minute as Duncan found something interesting to sniff at and finally we were both back in the cabin. I used a towel to wipe my face off before wiping the water of Duncan’s back.


Not really supposed to be here at the cabin as the plan was to spend all my time up at the Hotel. I am thinking maybe I should go down to the Lodge for a few hours or maybe I will just go up to the Resort and hang out there. Vic had gone up yesterday to the Hotel to keep Elmer company as Marv is spending time with his daughter Tess deer hunting. Just Dock Burriem alone at the Resort and we are starting to keep an eye on him. Us old guys are starting to keep an eye out for each other not that we are asking but it just seems to be the right thing to do here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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