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Rain is Back

Bobby Bass


NOT LOOKING TOO good here for the rest of deer season. I am sitting in a booth at Maggots, I mean Maggie’s Resort watching ran fall and putting a few thoughts down on the laptop. This morning I had to help Chuck get his truck out of camp as he had well problems back at home. I gave him a couple of tugs with the tow strap that was hooked up to the Tahoe and got through what is now becoming a muddy trail out to our gravel road. Since I was already out I decided to come over to Maggie’s and do lunch and take advantage of his free wi-fi.


No deer have been shot at camp but I had a chance that I should have kept to myself. Sunday morning I was comfortable taking a nap in my stand when I was woken up by a snapping branch, at least that is how I am telling the story. Having done this a few times before I woke up just moving my eyes and as I looked around I didn’t see anything. Listening hard I didn’t hear anything out of place either. Sound of a crow and tree branch creaking some but nothing out of the ordinary. I was thinking that dang family of gray squirrels must be back and I looked over where they usually come from. Nothing there either so I was just about ready to readjust myself when I saw the muzzle of a deer just off to my right and below the railing of my stand. Now how did he get there?


I am saying he as I could see a couple of small branches growing out of the top of his head that as I watched became antlers about two points each. I am thinking a four pointer and I am waiting to see if this dude has a big boy's body. Of course the heart rate is starting to tick up a little and my hearing is about as keen as it can be. I ease my arm over and get the 30/30 in a position that if this little buck eases out a little more I will have a shot. Time passes, I don’t know how long as a minute can seem like ten or it may have just been a few long seconds but the deer puts his head down and his eyes go behind a tree and I take the chance and ease the rifle a little closer. I stop and the bucks head comes back up and he looks right in my direction. I freeze and wait, the buck drops his head but I keep staring and sure enough he snaps his head right back up still looking right at me I think. The next time he puts his head down I pulled the hammer back on the 30/30, big mistaken. The click sounded like someone opening a beer can in a movie theater and the little buck was high tailing it away from me with that tree between him and me.


Well, I went back to camp and mentioned the missed chance and that is all I have heard about since then."At least I saw a buck" I reply in my defense and I would show them the tracks but all the snow has melted and now I am hiding out at Maggie’s watching it rain and having a big piece of apple pie. Dave says he heard it is supposed to rain for the next three days then get cold. Usually by this time of the season the swamp has frozen over and my swamp stand is a good place to be. Not this year, I may be spending the next few afternoons on the porch, sitting in the rocking chair with a roof over my head and some hot cider in my hand. Deer camp in the rain is still a much better option then going home and working on some project here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Posted from Maggots I mean Maggie’s Resort in the heart of Lake Iwanttobethere deer hunting country


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