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YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8



It really was my first open water test of YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8 and it was on both spinning and casting reels.  On the spinning reel is 14# label spooled onto the Shimano Sustain 1000FE mounted on a Shimano Zodias 7' Light power rod.  There is a short leader of Stroft GTM 5X 5.28# test of about 18 inches in length connected by an FG knot.  On the casting reel is 25# label spooled onto a Shimano Bantam MGLXG model mounted on a Shimano Poison Adrena 6'11" Medium+ power rod.  There is about a 5 feet length of 20# test Silverthread Xcalibur copolymer line connected by an FG knot.

On the spool of both reels, there is a noticeable hard line body with this braid.  It doesn't compress like that of other braids and it also has a linear structure in likeness to that of Berkley Fireline.  No line color bleeding was noticed and there wasn't any water dripping from the spool.  There is some water spray on the cast that is no more than monofilament lines would produce.  Casting on spinning set up is smooth and flows very well.  I was using an inline spinner for the most part and saw that there were some line twisting on the last few yards of line.  Yet it did not coil up and continues to perform flawlessly.  There is some noise from the line rubbing during the retrieve.  However it is not a buzzing sound typical to other braids where one could feel and hear it.  The line retrieval is still very much like a monofilament nylon line.

On the casting reel the line also performed very well.  The line having a body structure feel similar to that of Fireline, I was expecting some bird nest problems but it never happened.  With a popper the line remain relatively subsurface and can also be easily popped upwards out of the water.  I did not tie any lures that required a steady retrieve so I did not get a feel for the potential buzzing sound effect. 

Looking forward to more use with this line.


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