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good n bad

Bobby Bass


COOL, CLOUDY BUT not raining out this morning. The forecasted storm pretty much missed us here at Hidden Bay but we did get enough rain that the gardens did not need to get watered. Last night a light rain fell that was not forecasted but was welcomed. Most of the garden has been planted with seed so watering is important till things pop up. Early strawberries are appearing but we have a problem there as the last few days when the wife has gone out to pick them she has found a woodchuck already picking the best ones ahead of her. She told me this and I now have the .22 by the deck door and a shell in my pocket. She made the comment that the woodchuck is so cute then I reminder her of the chuck that ate all her cauliflower one night. She then asked if one shell was going to be enough.


The chuck has been showing up in the middle of the afternoon so I have plenty of time to set up on the deck, of course my luck today will be the day he changes up his routine. I did put call to Elmer who hates woodchucks and told him about the berries. He said he will come down from the RESORT and check his garden, The wood chuck must be having breakfast somewhere close. Some good news though, we did get the attic fan back working, was as simple as blowing it off with air and a good shot of WD-40, we let it sit and soak for a few days and last night we hit the switch and she purred right up. Was not looking forward to replacing it.


Skip ahead a day here as yesterday afternoon my best bud and neighbor Chuck came over in the afternoon to bring me a jug of Maple Syrup and we sat for a spell in the torn up kitchen. Talk came around to the new dishwasher sitting in its box in the corner and when I was going to get around installing it. Well Chuck said it was a little warm for working outside but not to warm to work inside and well he went ahead and installed the dishwasher for me and the new kitchen facet. I didn’t know when I was going to get around to it with my bad leg so I can’t tell you how happy I was to get it done. We ended up doing some bartering as I had my old trolling motor in the basement that I did not toss when I upgraded a few years back and it ended up being a good trade for both of us.


Had some Drs. visits to go to today but when I got back to the cabin the water of Hidden Bay was like glass and the leaves on the trees were still. I made it down to the dock and tossed a sucker out on to the water and sat on the dock and caught some sunshine. Duncan was making the rounds and did find some chipmunks to chase. Duncan knowing there is a woodchuck working the garden was always making a passing round by the strawberries to see if he could hook up with the Woodchuck. Would have been a nice night to be out in the Puddle Humper cruising the shoreline in search of some bass but the Puddle Humper remands under her tarp and it is looking more and more I will not be uncovering her to go fishing this season. It sounds like the blood clot I am carrying in my leg is not going to be going away and it is something I am going to be living with. I am not real happy about this as it looks like the quality of my life is going to be what it is right now. This would explain when I ask my doctors when I am going to get better and none of them have an answer. To say I am a little depressed right now is an understatement. But this is Lake Iwanttobethere so there is always some kind of hope for a change. Maybe this will be a case where me being "That Guy" means I will break the rule and pass the clot safely here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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