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Change of plans

Bobby Bass


CHANGE OF PLANS Sunshine Ray is forecasting heavy rains and thunder a lot like what we had last Sunday to start again tonight. He has been right two times in a row so maybe he is on a roll! That and Stormy Clearweather is forecasting the same thing. So I think I am going to wait till Saturday to head on up to the RESORT. Grandson number two is here for the day and I have been working on keeping him busy. So far he has been in the garden picking strawberries which I of course helped him eat. Weed whacked the yard and even got the leaf blower started and cleared the sidewalks. The wife wanted to steal him but before she could number two son got him to help fix the broken brake line on the Dodge. The excuse to crawl under the truck and get dirty is much more appealing then baking cookies to a eleven old boy.


I was going to have him start mixing potting soil up for the five gallon buckets but with rain on the way I think we will wait for the weekend and the forecasted nice week a head. Now here is where I think Sunshine Rays streak of forecasting will run out. Son is fixing the brakes because he needs the truck to haul some scrap to Mike’s salvage yard. Sounds like a fair trade to me and I have a few things that can go go bye bye here to. Nice day here right now, upper seventies a little breeze and I have a bobber floating off the dock. The wind is pulling the bobber out so I don’t have to go down and toss it out. The one shot was good enough and guess what it has a sucker that I just happen to fine in Elmers minnow bucket.


Speaking of Elmer he was over talking to the boys under the Dodge. I asked what he was up to and he said he was looking for someone to do some mowing, the grandsons services are in demand. Over at Chucks place he is working on getting his rubber roof secured before the forecasted storm arrives. I did hear from one of the Lodge members Dew that he may have a foot pedal for Chucks trolling motor but I forgot to tell him. I will get back over there later today and see what he is going to do. He was talking to the wife about making a purchase so he just might go ahead and make an upgrade. So I might go out shopping and do my favorite thing, help spend someone else’s money.


Took a break just now, the bobber was bouncing some. Called the grandson to check it out, minnow is OK must have gotten spooked by something. I sat on the deck and kept an eye on the bobber for awhile but it settle down so I just came back in the cabin now to finish this up. Duncan brought me the mail and the wife headed into town to Ma and Pa’s Grocery. Going to pick up some cold cuts and fixings just in case the storm comes and we lose power. Have to think ahead of these storms out here. I of course had a few cravings and added them to the list. Kit Kats and a six pack of Hamms were added to the bottom of the list and a bag of apples. Maybe she will bake some pie tonight. A couple of days into summer and we are almost where we should be as far as having some time to relax and enjoy time on the deck here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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