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Just a nice day

Bobby Bass


A NICE GARDEN rain fell after dark last night so for once Sunshine Ray hit a forecast. This morning my sister who was in town from California came to visit and we caught up. My older sister shares the same date for her birthday as I do and my younger sister was born one day earlier. With a title better timing my mother would have had three kids born on the same date. Two days I is not too uncommon but three I wood say is unusual. After she left I took a nap on the couch because I can, having the garden in does leave me with some free time now.


I am hoping for the number two grandson to come over tomorrow, the grass needs mowing and we will work on the gutter garden as he knows the super secret recipe for the potting mix we use. Hollering Days going on in town and if the wind is blowing just right I can hear it here at the cabin. Chuck did not go into town as I can hear him working on the roof next door. He was over here a little while ago as he was working on his trolling motor that is giving him some problems. I up graded my motor and few years ago and told him he is welcomed to the old one that I did not toss but put in storage. I think it just needs a new foot pedal so we shall see if he can get it going. Worst thing that can happen is I get rid of the old motor for free and he gets a working one for far cheaper then buying a replacement. Then again the FELLOWS will take anything so that might be another option.


Cleaning off my desk of a lot of stuff that just does not to be on here. Was getting kind of deep here with mail and stuff that should be put a way in folders. Good thing it is a big desk top. That and I need the room if I am going to roll some cigars. I thought about doing that yesterday but ran out of time as the young grand kids were here and I got busy with them. Hardly any wind blowing right now and I am thinking maybe I should try and get down to the dock and maybe pitch a minnow off the dock under a float and see if I can get something to hit. Not really fishing but still is better then trying to catch something from the deck as that would be one long cast.


With my birthday out of the way I am thinking I might go spend some time at the RESORT. Vic said it would be no problem keeping an eye on me and it would give the wife some time away from me. She has been watching me for the past five months and I am sure she would like a spell away from me. Might be able to get some fishing time out on the pontoon boat and maybe even a few trolling trips on the mail boat. FELLOWS have been working on a way to get me in the boat I have heard.


No doctor appointments for a week or so and I would like a change of view to. Week with the boys might be just the thing the doctors have not ordered but would make me feel a little better. Of course a few cigars and an occasional beer and bacon sandwich might go well to help speed my recoverer or at the very least make me feel that I am getting better. Who know maybe I could get in dip in the healing waters of Lake Iwanttobethere


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