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Bobby Bass


I JUST HAD a box of Cracker Jack’s without a single peanut in it ! What is this world coming to? I know this is a fact because I bought the box just for the peanuts. Cracker Jacks has always brought back fond memories of when I was a kid and would go to the minor league baseball games, that and nickel hot dogs and dime cokes ice cold pulled out from a cooler filled with ice water that a guy would carry right up to your seat and pop the top off with a flourish and hand to you in exchange for your quarter. Young kids just don’t know what they are missing these days. Popcorn was a nickel and a sack of peanuts in the shell were a dime. You could go on a date for a dollar, try and do that today. Guess I am thinking about the old days since tomorrow is my birthday. The girlfriend I had back in the days is nothing but a memory and if I remember she ate most of the peanuts and usually my hot dog to!


The oldest daughter will be bring over pizza tomorrow for my birthday dinner. It will cost her twenty-five bucks for it, Times and prices sure have changed. Nice day today and it would be a good day to go fishing except for the wind that is strong and coming out of the East. Trees are swaging and the swing is moving on its own on the deck. Wife is out planting and the big garden except for being late will finally be all planted. Of course the stuff that I like is in the ground already so I don’t care about what she is finally getting in the ground. On Friday the number two grandson will be here and we will plant the thirty some five gallon buckets that will rest in the gutter gardens. They will quickly catch up to the plants in the garden and we will harvest from them long before the bed gardens produce.


What I am looking forward to is the container sweet corn that I bought and will plant in bags and then keep in a small swimming pool. I tried this with sweet corn last season and they grew small ears but were very tasty. The container corn is supposed to produce regular size ears on small stalks so we shall see. Sweet corn might just be my favorite thing that comes out of the garden, can’t beat it along side a nice grilled steak and a beer or some crispy fish and tatters. I better change the topic here I am getting hungry.


I was actually doing some work this morning, had the electric chain saw out and I was cutting off small limbs from the loads of tree branches that Hammering Hank dropped off yesterday. I can do the cutting but I will have the grand kids do the picking up and stacking next time they come over. There were some dead branches in the pile so they will get burned up in the fire pit tomorrow night as I am sure I will have a fire going for my birthday. My neighbor Chuck was over and he offered to cut up the bigger wood for me and I of course accepted his offer. Just something I can’t do as I have to lean up against something to stay up right.


I did try and hit a couple of golf balls yesterday over at his golf course, I can forget driving that is not going to happen. The best thing I was at was chipping only because I can lean against the mower so I have some kind of balance. The best way for me to get the ball down the fairway was to ride in the mower and hit the ball like I was playing polo. The game of golf between the two of us quickly became a game of trying to hit the other one’s mowers with golf balls with a lot of shouting, laughing and close calls, but that is pretty much the way everything ends here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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