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Lake Iwanttobethere

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Bobby Bass


TWELVE HOURS LATER and the lake is almost calm again. Last night I did make it up to the RESORT where I pulled up an easy chair and tried to watch the game seven NBA final game. Of course about every minute or so a weather warning scrolled across the top of the screen and a weather box open up showing us the advancing weather system. We did not really need it as all we had to do was look out at the waters of Lake Iwanttobethere and the trees bending downward under the force of the gusts of wind. Like most of the guys I enjoy a good storm just as long as it does no damage that we have to fix. A call to the wife back at the cabin was made and she was getting some wind and light rain but it looks like the storm was going to split and go right around Hidden Bay.


I decided to stay at the RESORT for the night and was treated to a pretty good light show and a few gusts of wind that had to be well into the sixties. The old guys Elmer and Vic agreed that we were getting some serious wind. Sunshine Ray was on TV talking of tornadoes and straight line winds. Hail was from ping pong size to grapefruit size. Grapefruit size, insurance guys are going to be busy today, don’t know how a car windshield is going to stop a chunk of ice that big. One gust of wind made all of us look at each other as it shook the Clubhouse. I happen to be looking out the window at the time and it was like scene from the Wizard of Oz as I watched the umbrella that was in the glass deck table get lifted right out of the table and go airborne. Elmer made mention at that time that someone should go check on the umbrella and I just took a sip from my Hamms and said "We will find it tomorrow"


Most of the storm had past us by eleven so we moved outside to enjoy the light show as it moved out over the lake. Still some wind and by midnight I was in bed with the window cracked open. It was good sleeping weather and I slept until seven. Vic made pancakes for breakfast between answering the phone and relaying messages to Hammering Hank who was already gone. Lot of broken tree limbs down and a few trees to had toppled from the storm. I was asked if I wanted wood and I of course said I would take any hardwood. Wife came up and brought me back to the cabin and Hammering Hank had already dropped a few loads off by the wood pile. Nothing like free firewood I always say.


A slow walk around the yard produced just a few branches but no missing shingles on any of the out buildings so I was happy. I took a seat on the deck and listen to the echo of chain saws working across the lake. Duncan who had been following me jumped up on the swing and was soon fast asleep. Wife told me he was up most of the night keeping track of the storm. Jumping bass thermometer hanging on the cabin wall said it was seventy in the shade which is better then the ninety it was yesterday. I think I am going to just sit back and enjoy the weather and watch Hammering Hank bring me wood. Wife is making lunch and we will feed him and send a big bag lunch back to Skinny who is doing the cutting while Hank is hauling the wood away. It is the least we an do for the free firewood here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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