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Cookies n Beer

Bobby Bass


YESTERDAY, ANOTHER RAIN day so it was not a fishing day so I have yet to lose a day. I should note here that I am referring to the far side of the lake where the season open last weekend. This side of the lake is still a few days away. I am moving around better and spending more time back in the den and surfing the web. I have noticed that when I leave the den chair and head to the living room that the old couch and chairs are not very comfortable. I broached the idea with the wife that perhaps it might be time to buy some new living room furniture and to my surprise the wife agreed it may be time. I started off with a nice overstuffed chair and perhaps a couch and she added a love seat to seal the deal and I surprised her by saying that was good with me as long as I got to pick the furniture. She agreed which surprised me! Got her back by in listing my oldest daughter who loves to shop and it didn’t take much for the daughter to set a date to take me furniture shopping.


I got up this afternoon to the smell of baking cookies and I should have known something was up. Double batch of oatmeal raisin cookies were cooling on the racks and I had not even asked for them. Round three or so Elmer just happen to drop by and he had a plastic bag full of pie pans. I thought he had gone to the thrift shop only to find out he was cleaning house and all the pie pans were ours that he was returning. Around four or so there was a knock on the door and here standing in the rain was Burt from Burt and Barts Barbershop. Well I invited him in and he headed for the kitchen with a paper bag in hand. I was trying to renmber if we gave him pie in pans when instead he opened the bag to reveal his haircutting cape. He told me the wife said I needed a trim and didn’t think I could get into his chair at the shop so he being a friend that just happens to be a barber came out to give me a trim at home. He then looked me over and said the wife was right, I needed a trim and then some.


Well, I sat down in the chair and did not protest too much, I could use a trim on the beard and I was not going to let the wife any where close. Another knock on the door and in comes DOC Buriem and Vic and right behind them was Chuck with a twelve pack of Hamms. Since I could not go to the barbershop it looks like the barbershop came to me. In no time the scissors were nipping away at my hair and small talk about the upcoming fishing season and small wagers over who was going to catch what were made. Hamms were cracked open and raisin oatmeal cookies eaten between sips of the beer. I did try a sip of beer and a cookie and I will tell you it is an acquired taste.

With cookies and beer gone the guys left and I was looking a little better. The wife cleaned up the hair from the floor and Duncan kind of gave me a second look to make sure I was who I was. It is still raining out so another day where fishing was not going to be happening on either side of Lake Iwanttobethere

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Cliff Wagenbach


Really great to have true friends!!

The saying of "a friend in need is a friend indeed" always holds true!


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