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When all else fails, read the instructions.



Well ladies and gentleman, seeing as no one else has started their own blog and only one other person has updated their status here, I will kick it off.

As most of you know we changed over to a new forum. What most of you don't know is that it is a radically different forum.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, go ahead and enjoy the new, albeit slower forum (we're working on that). Once you get used to it, it will seem very similar to the old forum with a few interesting quirks.


As 'you post good information' you may be pleasantly surprised that you are being noticed and people actually let you know they 'like your post'. Yes, there is a 'Like This' button in bottom right of your post. Note: you can't see it in your own post if you are logged in.

You might also notice as more folks start to like your posts you develop a following that just keeps growing. That's because all one needs to do is click on your name and 'follow you' so they can see all of the great info you post. A nice benefit is that a lot of those folks who follow you will also see your posts with questions. Most are willing to share great info with you because they already know you are a generous soul because they are following you.

Oh wait, there's more....but we will save that for another post. The new forums are plenty to digest for the time being. You can find a lot more on your own if you want.

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Nice test Cheers :)


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