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    • IceHawk
      Not at All your always welcome!😀 Have read many of your posts. Looking forward to your interaction posts. We need guys like you here that are frequent contributors 👍   LOL! 
    • mrpike1973
      Thankful today we got are hitch for our new to us car i was able to put it on and save a lot of cash that we needed. We put the boat on went to a local frozen lake could not go out far but my wife stopped me and said she has not seen a smile on my face in awhile and I was grinning pretty good the car towed the boat way better and safer than what I had. I had to stop and smell the roses my wife even being unemployed she is a beacon of life. If any of you are praying people please pray for us my wife has been unable to get any unemployment there is some mix up or mess with them and unfortunately you can't call them they are not taking phone calls it's getting frustrating 2 weeks without pay. She called the first time and everything they said was good but who knows. We would appreciate that this gets solved soon or may need to start eating the boat☺️. I'm thankful for the time my wife and i are having together it's been a blast and she won after 25 years of marriage her first monopoly game with me boy is she rubbing it in😆 We have been power cleaning like crazy and was able to give some stuff away to people in the neighborhood that was well worth it met a couple we never new and enjoyed talking with them 6 feet apart of course😉 keep these posts up my wife is even joining to read them.
    • PRO-V
      Captured by the Indians by Frederick Drimmer. Real firsthand accounts.   Portage into the Past by Dr. J Arnold Bolz. (He delivered me at birth over 60 years ago)   History of the Ojibway People by William Warren   They used to call us Game Wardens, volumes 1 and 2. By Bill Callies   The Forgotten 500 by Gregory A. Freeman   The Ice Master by Jennifer Niven   Endurance by Alfred Lansing.      
    • IceHawk
      Definitely some sort of a slot limit needs to be put in place for sure. Personally fished some lakes before and after limit changes and have seen some good and some bad since they were implemented.  Lindsey lake by Backus was one we fished hard for years and still do to a extent. Since it was put down to a 5 fish limit there's been just about as much pressure as years past before limit changes. Sadly the same guys fish it day after day taking 5 of the biggest fish in the system home with them each day. Basically more pound for your  buck mentality. ☹️ Trophy fish have actually became less since the ruling. Pleasant Lake is another near St cloud where another 5 fish ruling was put on.  I lived on this lake for 3 years and fished it religiously for gills during the limit change the size structure I saw wasn't even close to trophy caliber. Maybe now it is I don't fish it anymore maybe some other anglers have found something different if so hope they chime in. Maybe I just didn't know how to fish it 😂 This is one of my concerns and thoughts that really has me thinking will it work everywhere?  guess we will see. We definitely need to try some options because we are already way behind as we know and some have stated !
    • Tom Sawyer
      https://www.crowrivermedia.com/independentreview/news/public_safety/public_safety_briefs/kayaker-rescued-from-greenleaf-lake/article_213efa4d-3f11-5efb-9760-b25383c85043.html   Brrrrrr 
    • dutchboyII
      Yes, my flag fly's other places.   😎   Hope that doesn't make a mark against me.  😢
    • smurfy
      Icehawk, I already pegged him!🤣😊  
    • IceHawk
      Here's a dip to try that the wife makes quite often for a appetizer at parties. Chop up a bag of Imitation crab some onion add some cream cheese some ground  horseradish and some cocktail sauce shot of lemon juice  mix all together and serve with ritz crackers. Its a hit dang tasty.
    • IceHawk
      Dutch Boy 11 I'm not sure if anyone welcomed you yet. We got into such a debate LOL! We all forgot to Welcome you to FM. Welcome! Glad to see you on board sure you will bring some great insight to FM. Are you the same Dutch Boy from another local ? 😉
    • dutchboyII
      We be good.  😀
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