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    • ANYFISH2
      Can not seem to find my old 35mm picture.   My personal best was just shy of 41". On Basswood lake, fishing tip-ups with frozen Cisco.  Fun trips back in the day.
    • dutchboy II
      Number of rods ? Good question. I  probably carry 10+ in the boat at all times. Another 5 or 6 back at the camper and maybe 10? at home. I dunno.   I somehow got suckered into spinning reels by the roughfish (Walleye) guys I hang around with. Otherwise I'm loaded with baitcasters and linecounters. The two problems with teaching guys how to use a baitcaster is.... 1) They don't understand adjusting the spool tension each time they change baits. 2) They are to stubborn to learn.   I can teach anybody who really wants to learn how to fish one in 30 minutes or less.  😃
    • MinnowBuckets
      10 years ago (almost to the current date), in April, I landed this pike on Lake of the Woods. 40 inches on a deadbait setup fishing intentionally for pike. It was my first time pike fishing on Lake of the Woods and the fish was caught within the first 20 minutes of fishing. It ended up being the biggest of the weekend and a new PB. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to line up a trip to get back there again for pike but look forward to the day that I can.
    • smurfy
      I was wondering what direction this was going yesterday? I didn't want my fingers slapped by eyeguy for going off topic!!!!!👍🤣   so really how many rods and reels does one really need? I know that's not a good question to ask here!!!!!!😇 but my wife and I have 6 each winter rods in a rod box, and we both have 4 summer rods for various applications...….unless something breaks or wears out I can justify having more.   and those baitcasters………………. all I see are rats nests...….if I use one...……...don't ask why I know!!!!!!!!🥴
    • eyeguy 54
      This is related material. . 🤪😂
    • IceHawk
      That looks like a buzz bait anglers dream. Talk about burning!
    • IceHawk
      Thread Hi-jacking didn't we just have this discussion 😂  Nice fish! 
    • eyeguy 54
      We estimated between 20 and 21 but will never know. May as well add a musky pic. Never did catch one while targeting them. Lol. Got this one on Leech. 8 feet of water. 8 pound test. 1/8 oz jig with fathead. 48 incher. Lol. A day of 8’s. 
    • PeachyHans
      Fancy! 👍
    • BobT
      Legally, due to the Governor's order, they cannot pack them in a liquor store. Those shoppers must also maintain appropriate social distancing while inside. Same for you when you buy bait, get gas, get groceries, whatever.    That's a potential real problem and what could inspire the closure of boat launches. If it becomes apparent that we are not following the rules, we will be restricted further. The only reason for the "stay at home order" was because we can't be trusted to use good sense. 
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