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  2. The Flush...

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    • Wanderer
      😲 Yowza, what a fatty!  What model Buick was inside???
    • ANYFISH2
      This is not my fish, just wish I could someday catch one like it!! Caught this past ice fishing season, by friends group.  Absolute slob 45" long 27" girth. I did not ask to post the guys likeness so covered his face.  Congrats to him though.  
    • ANYFISH2
      Rick G, we still had snow on the ground in the woods last week so I think it kept the ground cool enough.  Our season has been odd, a couple great days separated by many very poor days.  We are pushing 400 gallons of sap so far usually get 600-650 yearly.  Temps look good end of next week, hopefully the trees stay sweet.  No budding yet and syrup is still light in color so we should have some time still.
    • PRO-V
      A hunk of uncooked lasagna noodle attracts them well also in a trap.
    • smalliehunter
      no length, no weight.  Thought I had caught a new state record smallmouth lol.  Have never caught another northern or any other type of fish other than smallmouth off that spot still to this day.
    • Rick G
      Anyfish.... your lucky you sapping season is still going. Ours here in St Cloud area dried up by last wed.... my taps are still in, but its all over.  One of the shortest sapping seasons I have ever seen. 
    • Rick G
      Like icehawk said, dog food works well, i would put it in cheesecloth or an old sock w someholes in it to keep it all from washing away too quickly. Those small barrel type traps can be very effectife if you have a good size population of minnows in your creek. 
    • Wanderer
      That sounds pretty efficient!  When I was growing up we’d seine a creek too to get the smaller minnows.  A little later we had a cabin on a river in northern MN and would catch creek chubs like @Kettle mentioned.  We’d have two rods with; one for chubs and one for rigging the chubs for bigger fish.  A grasshopper or worm from an overturned log would start the show.   These days you have to be careful about transportation of bait between waters though.  Bait dealers have to trap under permit to be VHS free.  Be sure of the regs wherever you’re trapping and fishing.   The good ol days were good!
    • Rick G
      Well, I made it out for a little bit today.  Still was a fair size sheet of ice floating around on the main lake yet, not too bad considering 90% of this lake was still covered this last thursday.Water temp was 39 out there. I headed back into a small bay out of the wind.  Water temp was 48 in the furthest back corner, this is where I found a few bluegill hiding.  Size definitely was not what I was looking for, but sometimes it isn't always about catching the big'uns😊 I found myself content just to be back out casting the long rod...a few fish pulling on the line was an added bonus😏 Better days of catching are right around the corner
    • IceHawk
      Austin small minnow traps baited with some small dogfood or bread pieces. Toss in creeks deeper pools in backwaters especially off rivers. Leeches crushed coffee cans baited with beef spleens or liver,  pull real early before first light before leeches escape. Just make sure there not blood suckers and good leeches  Crawlers I get most of mine after a good hard rain on a couple back blacktop roads that are loaded doesn't take long. Be setup for bait for a while even if bait stores are closed . 
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