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Ice Fishing The "Angel Eye Minnow"
By Paul Rohweller
Pine To Prairie Guide Service

Over the past few weeks I've been experimenting with the Angel Eye Minnow by Scenic Tackle. These spoons are effective and they are a great addition to my arsenal of ice fishing gear. I won't leave home without them now.

Angel Eye Minnow Walleye Here is the method that produces walleyes (and other fish including perch and pike I might add) in the two to eight-plus lb class.

I have been using them along fairly steep dropoffs fron 20 feet on top to 40 feet on the bottom. Drilling my holes along the top edge of the breakline I can take advantage of the slow fall rate and the angle that these spoons drop at.

They will fall and hit the bottom a a good distance away from the hole. If you do it right they will fall down the deep side of the breakline.

Once they hit bottom let them sit for a few seconds then slowly hop them up a foot or so each time, up the break, stopping to kick up a little cloud off the bottom and to let the less agressive fish get a chance at it.

Walleyes pick up the baited Angel Eyes off the bottom.

Once you reach vertical with your line and the spoon is visible on the flasher, work it in the normal way for a minuite or two then repeat the process.

You can work a large area with this technique from one hole with a little practice.

I would almost consider it fan casting under the ice. These spoons excel at this.

Tip your Angel Eye Spoons with an entire medium fathead minnow, I like the live bait action that it gives when the spoon is motionless. Minnow heads also work well.

I hope all of you that have the opportunity to use these spoons have as good of luck as I have had these past few weeks...

See you on the ice!!!
Pine to Prairie Guide Service

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