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Buck Perry
Father of Structure Fishing

Must See Site for anyone who wants to learn the basics of Fishing
Yes, all the Greats have become what they are as a result of this man's teaching.
July 14, 1999

More than fifty years ago, a young man made some startling discoveries that would forever change how fishermen caught fish. That man was Elwood L. "Buck" Perry. Buck used his scientific background and direct observations of fish to formulate a scientific and logical approach to fishing based on fish behavior.

Buck Perry is the father of modern day structure fishing, and thousands of anglers have learned to use Buck's methods for finding productive, fish-holding structure to catch more fish than they ever dreamed possible.

Buck's methods leave nothing to chance. Buck doesn't care that the fish "aren't biting", or that "the water's too high", or that "it's too windy", or if it's "too sunny." Since we can't control these things, Buck teaches how to master the controls needed to catch big fish consistently.

Because when the fish aren't biting, Buck will say, "You gotta go out and make them strike."

Buck's approach to structure fishing is called "Spoonplugging." It's not a technique or a miracle cure (although it does produce miracle-like results), but rather it's a total fishing system. It's a way to catch any fish species you want, more regularly than any fisherman you know. It's using fishing knowledge to outwit a fish in its own environment.

So, read on. And, welcome to a new day of fishing ... and to fishing fun (through catching fish) as you may have never seen it.

Bob Knopf
America Outdoors
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