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Weekend Fishing Fun (9pics)

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I had the pleasure of getting out this weekend to do some fishing on some of our local area waters. I had some friends come down here from my hometown and was able to show them a good time and then was also able to get out with Tyler on Sunday as well. Overall I would say that the panfish bite was a little slower than it has been the past few days, but some of that could be due to increased pressure from anglers and also from recreational traffic(Zumbro). We were still able to find a few pannies, but they definately were not in the same areas as they were just a few days ago. Culprit paddletails and Mini-Mites both seemed to put fish in the boat, with or with out tipping with a waxie. I actually didn't even touch the live bait, it was just a plastic bite for me. But some of my fishing partners this weekend did find some luck in the waxies, and small angle worms. But I wouldn't say that they had more or less luck with the live bait compared to what I had, as the fishing was pretty tough no matter how you looked at it.

Here is a nice 10"+ black crappie that was caught on a chartruese culprit with an orange jig head.


Here is another 10"


We also were able to find the pike this weekend as well, as that is usually not a hard thing to do. And for those of you who know me well, you know how much I like to target these toothy critters. We also tried live bait, suckers, and artificials. I caught pike on all of the following, glass shad rap, plastic minnow with the lead head built into it, a spinner bait that I put together at home, and also a couple on suckers as well.

Here is a really dandy 6lb 3oz that was caught on a sucker minnow.


This one was caught on that plastic minnow that I was trying to describe, you can see it in the picture if you look.


I also was able to hit the water with Tyler this weekend at another body of water and man did we have fun!! This was the first time we both had targeted channel cats on our own, and I think that we were successful in finding a few. We had crawlers, Power Bait, and nasty ole chicken liver in the boat. I think we missed as many as we caught, one of our main problems that we had was the fish would pick it up and then swim directly for the boat. So we would get a nice hard tap on the rod, and then just slack as they swam for us, so I think that we missed a few by not reeling up to them fast enough before they dropped the bait, but hey, we still caught our share and had a good time.

Here is the first fish of the night, a real nice 24" with a 14 1\2" girth. We forgot to weigh this fish, but we guessed it to be in the upper part of 6-7 pounds.


Shortly after that thing hit I caught this 27"er also with a 14 1\2" girth. This one we weighed, it came in at 8lb 15oz, WHAT A FUN FIGHT!!!!


Here are a couple more photos from that night.


And of course these were all CPRd.



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Yeah, what a cool night.

27", 25", 2@ 24" 22" 20", and 17"

7 fish total with most of them over 6lbs.

Maybe it was beginners luck??? This is the first time I've really tried cattin on my own or with somebody else that is new to it. I really have no clue if that's an average size fish for the body of water we tried, or iffn we hit the motherload of nice fish. I think there's room for improvement in terms of our hookup percentage, but there will be another trip (or 2) in the near future for alterations.

We dropped anchor in 14FOW and dropped our baits in 6-10FOW (guessing). 1/0 true turn hooks in blood red.

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    • Rick
      The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Tower area fisheries office has set the whitefish and cisco sport netting dates on Lake Vermilion, Newton, Basswood and Fall lakes. The lakes will be open to whitefish and cisco (tullibee) sport netting from Saturday, Oct. 29, through Wednesday, Nov. 16. Vermilion, Newton, Basswood, and Fall lakes are all listed as infested with spiny waterflea. Nets and equipment in infested waters may not be used in any other body of water unless they have been dried for ten days or frozen for two days. As a precaution, the drying or freezing practice is recommended for anyone netting in non-infested waters. Nets should be transported in sealed or watertight containers to a location away from the water where they can be frozen or dried. Aquatic invasive species transport laws apply to netters during the fall and winter months just as they would for anglers during warm season angling. Opening dates for netting are determined based on fish abundance, climatic conditions and vulnerability of game fish. Fishing regulations require that: A whitefish netting license is purchased. Nets are set after sunrise on the opening day and removed before sunset on the closing day. Only one gill net is used, not exceeding 100 feet in length and 3 feet in width. Minimum gill net mesh size shall be no less than 3-1/2 inch net stretch measure for Newton and Vermilion lakes. Minimum gill net mesh size shall be no less than 1-3/4 inch net stretch measure for Basswood and Fall lakes. Net stretch measure means the interior distance between opposite knots or corners of a single mesh of net, take between the thumb and forefinger and applying enough pressure laterally to allow the opposite sides of the mesh to touch. One end of the gill net must have a pole, stake or buoy projecting at least two feet above the surface of the water or ice. Gill nets must have an identification tag attached near the first float of the end with the pole, stake or buoy. Identification tags must be a minimum of 2½ inches by 5/8 inch, permanently bearing the name and address of the owner. Gill nets may not be set after sunset or raised before sunrise. Gill nets must be set and lifted by the licensee only, and must be tended at least once every 24 hours. A gill net or any part of a gill net may not be set in any waters deeper than 6 feet, measured from the lake bottom to the top surface of the water or ice. A gill net may not be set within 50 feet of another gill net. Whitefish and ciscoes taken by sport gill netting may not be bought or sold. About 700 people obtain special permits to net for whitefish-tullibee each year. DNR bases netting schedules on expected water temperatures. As the water temperature cools, game fish head to deeper water and whitefish-tullibee come to shallow water for fall spawning. Netting is allowed when there is little chance that game fish populations would be negatively impacted by recreational netting in shallow water. Minnesota law restricts the size of the net and its openings; requires that netting be done in water not deeper than six feet unless specifically authorized; stipulates that netted fish cannot be sold; and requires that only rough fish caught in the net may be kept. State law also limits net size to 100 feet long and 3 feet wide; allows one person to use no more than one net; and forbids recreational netters from possessing angling equipment when netting whitefish-tullibee. For more information about sport netting and fishing regulations, visit, then click on the whitefish and ciscoes sport gillnetting regulations, or contact the DNR’s Tower area office at 218-753-2580. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • ozzie
      Awesome season Archerysniper!!  Thanks for sharing your hunts with us...I hope I can do the same if things work out right
    • DonBo
      Hell of a season for sure.  Proud to say I know ya  
    • ANYFISH2
      2nd season eve is here, sitting in the fishhouse talking smart and enjoying a rare guys day with my good friend chad.
    • Archerysniper