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Oil Viscosity in a 2003 Merc 4 stroke 75

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Merc lists two oil options based on temperature, 10W-30 and 25W-40 for use above 40 deg. Is there any advantage to using 25-40 oil? I had thought about using 25W-40 until my boat ride across Big Sandy on Sunday morning in 30 degree temps. That was fun ooo.gif

I am planning on using Amsoil if it makes any difference.

Thanks, John

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A 75 HP - yours must be an outboard. It has been my experience that most Mercury 4-stroke outboards prefer the 10W-30, while the I/O and inboards Merc. preferred viscosity listing is 25W-40.

The AMSOIL preferred products - for 10W-30 use AMSOIL prod. code WCT and for 25W-40 use AMSOIL 10W-40 prod. code WCF. These are both FC-W marine warranty certified for all marine applications.

For more info please e-mail me direct, and I will return you the data sheet and other info.

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    • papadarv
      The Eskimo crossover EVO are 2 person hubs on a sled. Thought you were looking for 4 person. I agree with eyeguy on the 949i moving, wind and vehicle block. I got my first one in 2011 which lacked a bit in quality and design. Eskimo replaced it in 2014 with latest design, much better unit. Part of the reason its tough to take down and put in bag is the amount of moisture the non-vented propane heaters produce (Mr. Heater and like). At 0 deg. frost will build up on the quilted seams which adds weight and bulk. At -20 the inside will turn totally white with frost so using a tie cord or bungee to tie it up till spring works well. The 949i serves 3 people nicely. 4 people is crowded with all the gear. I found the biggest challenge with moving is transferring all the gear in and out of the hub with 3 or 4. Not bad with two if you go light. I also added a fold-up floor to keep things off the melted ice, easier to heat and a bit less moisture. My buddy has a Clam 6 pack, the octagon version. Clam uses a lighter weight material so its about the same weight. Set up its about 9 ft. in diameter. Same amount of effort setting up, taking down and moving gear, frost buildup about the same its just a bit more room to handle 4 nicely.
    • jramsber
      Has anybody tried the crossover style shelters by Eskimo?
    • DRH1175
      I am a member at Forest Lake so that's where I shoot.
    • BringAnExtension
      I use fatheads year round.  Easy to get and stay alive for quite a while. 
    • eyeguy 54
      not the best if you want to move around a lot.  it's ok to drag it set up but a bugger if windy. if moving far not that tough to pop down and pop back up. when i fished in wind I used the vehicle as a block and that helped. also used the ropes with tie down screws when needed. but I tied nice ropes onto the hubs that were easy to work with.  I never used the bag till storing time in the spring. I just collapsed mine and used a few bungee cords to hold it together, much easier. good luck and have fun!