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deja vu

Update on Hudec's Resort (northeast shore of Red Lake)

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Hudec’s Resort is open, although it may not currently offer a complete line of resort services. Don Hudec and family are still maintaining and operating the motel cabins, the camp sites and the boat launching ramp into the resort’s boat harbor.

My dog and I pitched my tent on a prime lakeshore campsite this past weekend. I launched my small boat in the boat harbor, and tied it up a few feet from my tent.

The formerly deep channel from the boat harbor to the lake has filled in substantially with sand. In some places the channel water depth in the lake shallows area is around 6” deep… a really big boat and motor will move some sand getting out onto the lake and returning to the boat harbor.

There were several fishing parties staying in the cabins who were fishing out of medium-size boats with outboard motors hydraulically adjustable for shallow running. I was using a small trolling motor. None of us had any trouble getting from the harbor to the lake and back again…

One of the better fishing areas this time of year is straight out from Hudec’s boat harbor channel. Many of the boats launched at resorts on the south and east shores of the lake, and at the public launch sites on the Tamarac River, were trolling, drifting or anchored in a long line extending in both directions along the 6 foot water depth line.

If you’re looking for a premium lakeside tent campsite, or a premium lakeside RV campsite that may not have electricity continuously… a quarter mile from where you’ll probably be fishing… you should stop in and talk with Don Hudec or his family the next time you’re in the area. I don’t know that there’s a phone number… best to visit and talk directly with the Hudecs.

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Sunday of the opener I pulled in there, Was looking to launch my boat. The Public acess' were full. When I got to Hudec's I thought the place was closed. So I ended up going down to WestWind to launch.

There were people camping there, but it just didn't have the we're open feeling.

I have gone out thru Hudec's a handfull of times during the Ice season. The people The Hudec's had always been extremely accomidating. Opener weekend had me wondering if the establishment was still operational. Glad to hear they are offering campsites.

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    • Cliff Wagenbach
      brianfisher, Welcome to Fishing Minnesota! Using a flasher in open water is way more difficult then using a regular depth finder! It takes a lot of study time to really learn to recognize what it is showing you! Basically anything marked even slightly off of the bottom is likely a fish unless there is a lot of floating weeds etc. in the water column. I suggest that you get out on the ice with your friend this winter and use his flasher through the ice. You will very quickly learn to adjust the gain settings and learn to recognize fish under a controlled depth condition! If possible have someone that is familiar with his flasher model go with you and show you how to operate it. Once you learn to read a flasher your fish catching rate will go way up! Cliff      
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      Ice forming in the dogs water dish right now! Forcast still looks good starting Tuesday. I predict the first truck thru the ice on Buffalo will be Dec 23!
    • knoppers
      have to give this topic a bump since ice will be here soon. any reports will be useful, thanks in advance.    
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      Just got back from show,Picked up an ion x. Don't know if i have ever seen it so busy. Now the wait begins.....
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      I am definitely in! My boss also gave me permission to start looking at jet boats this spring. We have to get rid of a 3rd car first but I do believe a Lowe 1760 pathfinder with a 115/80 will also be in my future!