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Dances with Walleye

Trolling Motor Prop replacement

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So this weekend I was coming in to a shallow dock... It's kind of a tricky dock... It drops up from 20 feet to 2 feet in the span of about 6 feet. (Great for catching Walleye off the dock... But tricky to bring a Deep V boat into.)

So I'm heading in, with a stiff cross wind... Had to go fast enough to beat the cross wind... Then pull up shallow... Hit Neutral for a second and use reverse to slow me down...

I've done it before, and it's not too bad...

But this time as I brought it in I had the motor a little too shallow... I turned to my buddy (Who is a rookie) and said "When I tell you to, jump up front and grab the dock."

Only he didn't hear the first part over the wind, heard me say really loud "...jump up front and grab the dock."and just jumped all 240 pounds right up front...

Prop came out of the water, and I had no control... I lowered the motor and hit reverse, but it wasn't enough, and my trolling motor prop clicked the dock, and snapped the Fluke off one of the blades.


I've never had to replace a TM prop...

Is it as easy as it looks... Just reverse the screw and the nut, and take it off? Bring it into the store, find the same prop, and I'm all good?

Or are there some somantics I should be warry of?

Thanks in Advance.

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Yep, its as easy as it looks.. but do it over land.. not over water.. them wing nuts seem to find a way into the depths if done over water...

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    • SweetsFishing
      1-18-17 Fishing Report. The fishing on LOTW remains fairly consistent in the last week with several Walleyes and Saugers in the 12.5-16 inch range being brought up the holes mixed in with a few larger sized perch,pout and tullibees in the 30-33 feet of water range. Meanwhile,in the 16-20 feet of water range the bite remains fairly steady with both smaller and keeper sized walleye and saugers being caught. The bite in both depths seems to not really pick up until around 10 am most days and seems to almost slow down around 4 pm. Live fat heads have been the bait of choice using a plain red hook or a glow in the dark pink or gold gem-n-eye on a dead stick,jigging a minnow has been effective as well using clam jigs or a demon jigging spoon or charmer with glow in the dark pink,green or hammer gold being the colors of choice. Heading into the weekend with the warmer weather continuing to move in we remind you to please,check with a resort,outfitter or bait shop before venturing out on the big lake as the ice conditions may change daily. We hope to see everyone on beautiful Lake of the Woods very soon!
    • Dabignorski
      Wondering if anyone has been out on Christmas yet this year. Thinking about going this weekend and live a ways away. I know it is one of the later lakes to freeze up. Thanks in advance.
    • ANYFISH2
      It sounds like there definitely can be a worthwhile night bite.  The type of structure seems to dictate how good it can be. "Smaller" humps, or structure by itself seems to produce better then the breaklines along the numerous flats.  It seems "smaller" structure topping out 10 to 15 feet surrounded be deeper water is best.   Good luck, and report back.
    • eyeguy 54
      nephew was fishing a bobber and had another hole about 4 feet away. dropped the vex in and saw a mark and said, I'll get that crappie. Wham!  thought it was a northern. wrapped into his bobber line and had a great fight.  totally surprised when the perch popped up the hole. lol 
    • delcecchi
      Hey, I expressed what I have heard from the locals.   We have been summer folks for quite a while so get some access to the feelings of the locals, like our next door neighbors.      The Landing seems to have made a deliberate business decision to not target local folks but rather upscale tourists.   That is their privilege.    I choose not to patronize them.     As a guy I used to know at IBM said  "that's not the target market".  I am not the Landing's target market.      See you at the Crescent.   (or South Switch.)   (or the VFW in cook for burger night)    Lots of places to go if I want upscale.  Whistling Bird in Gilbert, several places in Ely, etc.