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Dances with Walleye

Trolling Motor Prop replacement


Dances with Walleye

So this weekend I was coming in to a shallow dock... It's kind of a tricky dock... It drops up from 20 feet to 2 feet in the span of about 6 feet. (Great for catching Walleye off the dock... But tricky to bring a Deep V boat into.)

So I'm heading in, with a stiff cross wind... Had to go fast enough to beat the cross wind... Then pull up shallow... Hit Neutral for a second and use reverse to slow me down...

I've done it before, and it's not too bad...

But this time as I brought it in I had the motor a little too shallow... I turned to my buddy (Who is a rookie) and said "When I tell you to, jump up front and grab the dock."

Only he didn't hear the first part over the wind, heard me say really loud "...jump up front and grab the dock."and just jumped all 240 pounds right up front...

Prop came out of the water, and I had no control... I lowered the motor and hit reverse, but it wasn't enough, and my trolling motor prop clicked the dock, and snapped the Fluke off one of the blades.


I've never had to replace a TM prop...

Is it as easy as it looks... Just reverse the screw and the nut, and take it off? Bring it into the store, find the same prop, and I'm all good?

Or are there some somantics I should be warry of?

Thanks in Advance.

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Deitz Dittrich

Yep, its as easy as it looks.. but do it over land.. not over water.. them wing nuts seem to find a way into the depths if done over water...

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    • rundrave
      works fine for me but I noticed you have to be logged in to see ice fishing section now. If your not logged in you can still see every other forum Maybe @Rick can get it fixed?
    • leech~~
      Like Kidmoe said. about the humidity. This time of year when the furnace is running a lot houses get really dry, and just like us their skin gets dried out. Also make sure their bed or they are not sleeping in front of or by a heat register.  The warmth feels good but it's not helping.
    • Hawg
      I can get to everything except ICE. You guys too?
    • Rick
      @YBOutdoors have you tried ice fishing it yet?
    • Hoey
      I really do not do anything different.  I use red UV glow rattle jigging spoons with a minnow head under the Vex.  I use a large fathead on a lightweight, large hook jig under the bobber.  
    • Hoey
      At this time of the year they are full of eggs and forage.  Not surprised.
    • Pat McGraw
      Anyone ice fishing the pike river flowage this year? Main lake or narrows upstream of Hwys 1 or 77? I may go this weekend. Thx
    • Wellesy
      It was pretty "healthy" fish I would say...quite a gut on it.  I'll try and post a pic later.
    • AlwaysFishing23
      So I purchased a 23 inch SUL tickle stick this years model with the white handle ( actually I wanted a 27 inch UL and got home and the rod was a SUL but the box said 27 I’m 200 miles from the store I got it from so can’t juse return it). I got it At the beginning of this season and the very first trip out with it the paint started peeling off the tip. I contacted 13 and they said I had to pay to get a new one because it was my fault and that never happens. That rod has never been abused. I’ve still been using the rod and now about half the paint has come off. I’ve tried sharpie, highlighter. Nothing works the blank of the rod is black so hard for things to show. Has anyone had this issue?
    • KidMoe
      I use a fish oil that comes in a pump bottle from Menards or FF. This stuff makes a huge difference for my dog. It calls for one tablespoon or 1 pump per 10 lbs so my pup gets 7 or 8 pumps on his kibble.  i also try to run the poor mans humidifier (boiling pot on the stove) on the really cold days. It has been extra cold and dry so far this year though. 
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