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Dances with Walleye

Trolling Motor Prop replacement

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So this weekend I was coming in to a shallow dock... It's kind of a tricky dock... It drops up from 20 feet to 2 feet in the span of about 6 feet. (Great for catching Walleye off the dock... But tricky to bring a Deep V boat into.)

So I'm heading in, with a stiff cross wind... Had to go fast enough to beat the cross wind... Then pull up shallow... Hit Neutral for a second and use reverse to slow me down...

I've done it before, and it's not too bad...

But this time as I brought it in I had the motor a little too shallow... I turned to my buddy (Who is a rookie) and said "When I tell you to, jump up front and grab the dock."

Only he didn't hear the first part over the wind, heard me say really loud "...jump up front and grab the dock."and just jumped all 240 pounds right up front...

Prop came out of the water, and I had no control... I lowered the motor and hit reverse, but it wasn't enough, and my trolling motor prop clicked the dock, and snapped the Fluke off one of the blades.


I've never had to replace a TM prop...

Is it as easy as it looks... Just reverse the screw and the nut, and take it off? Bring it into the store, find the same prop, and I'm all good?

Or are there some somantics I should be warry of?

Thanks in Advance.

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Yep, its as easy as it looks.. but do it over land.. not over water.. them wing nuts seem to find a way into the depths if done over water...

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    • mnfathead
      Thanks Cliff, weather looks dynamite so that's a good start!
    • airnuts
      Finally making it up for our first trip of the year. Strictly walleye fishing in Frazer Bay with slip bobbers around the reefs. Appreciate any fishing reports. Thanks!
    • ZachD
      I believe they take vets living in veteran homes around the area like Silver Bay veteran home ect
    • ZachD
      tango loves going to Crooked lake!   Sand pines really works with you well for starting off. I don't know just because they were not busy but the kid stayed out with me and planted one by one until I told him to release them all. Golden meadows is nice as well. Do the pre buy program (I think if you buy before mid Aug) and the birds are a good price. They will flag all the birds if you want.   He still only weighs under 60lbs but I like it that way he is deadly fast and never gets tired   Cant wait to see how he does this season want to make a trip to the Dakotas at least once
    • fishingalex
      Does anybody know of a local Alexandria shop that would install a Humminbird Helix for me?
    • ifishwalleye
      Like Mlaker3 said... go as light as you can. The key is to try and stay vertical. It's the nature of the beast when jigging in rocks that your going to get some snags and loose some jigs. 
    • JBMasterAngler
      Thanks for all info. Even if I end up staying at the kawashiwi river campground (which I've done the past 2 years), now I at least know where to drive around and scout out some spots for next trip. 
    • redlabguy
      Good advice! I appreciate it. And good to hear from you. I found fish over the weekend on reef tops with few if any bites. I should've moved on but 11-12" fish made me think better ones might come. The good fish I did find were on the sides of reefs.  I'm off the water for family business, but hoping for a good August! Dick
    • eyeguy 54
      maybe he didn't see the question yet? google is your friend. this one sounds like its for vets that are at the VA.  not sure. Check out Take a Vet Fishing online.  couple events coming up. not by Duluth tho. 
    • loadmaster
      And people do not understand why this site is dead.  Ask a simple question and not even a reply.  Will be seeing ya all