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crappie todd

Apologies to CK *DELETED*

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Post deleted by crappie todd

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We are cool Todd.

I get what the real thing is you meant.

You have to know I am a fishing nut.

Whatever it takes to go fishing,I'm game.

I do take out guys to my holes ,but rarely is anyone loading up in these small holes.


Bigger lakes that can handle loosing a few limits well that's ok in my book.

This winter I did bang the snot out of a certain lake & I told anyone that wanted to hear about it.

It was a 3 fold reason.

1st I wanted to go fishing with some of those guys and 2nd was to promote my hair jig.3rd was to teach downsizing.

I did well in all 3 accounts.

Anyway I accept your appology. I've been so used to this gang pile from others on other sites & for good reason as I was heavily promoting ,but also looking for fishing partners.That's why I was gun shy sorta speak and pounced back.

Nofish & I used to get into some good banters city guys/country guys type of thinking.

We agree to disagree and I've seen how smart he really is so I respect that.

Now we get along very well although we have never met which is a shame.

So in the future if you have some issue with me email me or come find me on some other fishing site.

I've read the rules & can not give out my email address or phone number.

I am known out in forum land.

Some do not like me and there are a ton of lurkers that really dig what I'll post.

What set you off Crappie Todd was the fact that I'm trying to promote fishing as a whole only you just saw a guy bragging or rapeing a lake.

I don't kill something I love and these fisheries right now are so delicate.The last limit on Sunday was full of 8-10 inch fish.

We did not keep a slab & right now those females are in.

I hope we can become friends.



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Yeah, Ck and I have gotten into some good debates but we have been pretty good for awhile now.

I am glad to see this have been mended. I think CK and I know how easy it is to butt heads at times but if we are able to recognize our differences and accept them there can be alot of things we can teach each other.

CK, I'm sure we'll meet up sooner or later. I have really tried to get up there a few times but something always seems to get in the way. I'll keep on trying.

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I'm dieing to get you on the water NF.

I'd love to show you what I call home.

Gas prices are skyrocketing ,but who knows.

I owe you a good trip for all of the fun I've had

with our banters.

Keep up your good deeds and helping others become better at


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I have a bunch of trips coming up with a week in Seattle and some other camping trips that are in the works but we'll see what happens. If I get a free weekend and gas prices aren't to bad I'll try to make the trip.

If you are ever in the Cities let me know, I'll take you down the 133 stairs at the Minnehaha creek and we can chase smallies and walleye along with 10-15 other species of fish.

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Not chime in hear, but anyone can and should be able to do what ever they want, as long as it is with in the limits of the law. Fish were you want,catch what you want and keep what you want. I know that FM likes when people state what they are doing and were they are going. That is what this site is for. Keep posting going and tell us all.

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    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Lindy rig with 1/2 crawler! 15' to 19' depth. Cliff
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      I second Crooked Lake. Super clear water too. I kayaked in there recently and was amazed at how many sunnies are in there. First calm wind day I get I'm gonna get the yak in there and bring my flyrod. 
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      I woke up early Saturday tired and letting all the excuses in my head convince me to go back to bed. Cold front, high winds, clear skies. Screw it, I'm going anyway!   Glad I did. The wind was rough for yak fishing but I found them stacked right off a weedline and caught 7 bass within an hour on a stretch less than 75 yds.    Ended the day with the pig of a bass pictured and a nice Pike for dinner. Once the sun came out and warmed up the water I got action on the flats. That's where the big bass and pike came from. 8 bass total, one nice pike, a few short strikes on the flats. Wind sucked and what the heck is up with needing a sweater on the first weeked of Summer?!?! I'm not in the South anymore haha.
    • Cret Jigs
      This bass likes 50F weather and a Senkos 
    • osok
      Despite the occasional rain shower and relentless wind, had a great day on Fish Lake. Decent sized pan fish,  several out of slot, and 3 "eaters"  Walleyes were caught . The kids and wife all caught fish at a pace that kept me busy baiting, netting..(repeat) for a few hours. Not only was I fueling the addiction, but gaining points for future fishing trips. The only low point was when we went "Island exploring", someone was either in a hurry or just completely selfish and left their campsite garbage strewn to the point that it filled a 13 gal garbage bag.  
    • curt quesnell
    • fishingstar
      I use a big zip tie that will slide on and off.
    • OhioVike
      Nice catch Cliff. Were you rigging or bobbering?
    • hayseed
      Probably not what your wanting to hear,  but I bit the bullet for an LX High speed transducer a couple years ago for my LX-6. Run it a couple times before removing it from my boat and going with a Lowrance. I found that on plane I frequently lost sonar and hard to see in bright sun. Hard to eliminate the excess noise as well. Ended up taking a real hard beating on getting rid of it also. Just my opinion, but I recommend checking out the Garmin Strikers or comparable Lowrance instead for the money. Love my LX for the ice, but it will remain my ice unit. 
    • ZachD
      How did you do?