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crappie todd

Apologies to CK *DELETED*

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Post deleted by crappie todd

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We are cool Todd.

I get what the real thing is you meant.

You have to know I am a fishing nut.

Whatever it takes to go fishing,I'm game.

I do take out guys to my holes ,but rarely is anyone loading up in these small holes.


Bigger lakes that can handle loosing a few limits well that's ok in my book.

This winter I did bang the snot out of a certain lake & I told anyone that wanted to hear about it.

It was a 3 fold reason.

1st I wanted to go fishing with some of those guys and 2nd was to promote my hair jig.3rd was to teach downsizing.

I did well in all 3 accounts.

Anyway I accept your appology. I've been so used to this gang pile from others on other sites & for good reason as I was heavily promoting ,but also looking for fishing partners.That's why I was gun shy sorta speak and pounced back.

Nofish & I used to get into some good banters city guys/country guys type of thinking.

We agree to disagree and I've seen how smart he really is so I respect that.

Now we get along very well although we have never met which is a shame.

So in the future if you have some issue with me email me or come find me on some other fishing site.

I've read the rules & can not give out my email address or phone number.

I am known out in forum land.

Some do not like me and there are a ton of lurkers that really dig what I'll post.

What set you off Crappie Todd was the fact that I'm trying to promote fishing as a whole only you just saw a guy bragging or rapeing a lake.

I don't kill something I love and these fisheries right now are so delicate.The last limit on Sunday was full of 8-10 inch fish.

We did not keep a slab & right now those females are in.

I hope we can become friends.



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Yeah, Ck and I have gotten into some good debates but we have been pretty good for awhile now.

I am glad to see this have been mended. I think CK and I know how easy it is to butt heads at times but if we are able to recognize our differences and accept them there can be alot of things we can teach each other.

CK, I'm sure we'll meet up sooner or later. I have really tried to get up there a few times but something always seems to get in the way. I'll keep on trying.

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I'm dieing to get you on the water NF.

I'd love to show you what I call home.

Gas prices are skyrocketing ,but who knows.

I owe you a good trip for all of the fun I've had

with our banters.

Keep up your good deeds and helping others become better at


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I have a bunch of trips coming up with a week in Seattle and some other camping trips that are in the works but we'll see what happens. If I get a free weekend and gas prices aren't to bad I'll try to make the trip.

If you are ever in the Cities let me know, I'll take you down the 133 stairs at the Minnehaha creek and we can chase smallies and walleye along with 10-15 other species of fish.

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Not chime in hear, but anyone can and should be able to do what ever they want, as long as it is with in the limits of the law. Fish were you want,catch what you want and keep what you want. I know that FM likes when people state what they are doing and were they are going. That is what this site is for. Keep posting going and tell us all.

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    • jb426
      25 hp will be plenty for 12 foot boat with any amount of weight added.  I have no pics, sorry.  As stated really easy to do, your buddy should get er done in under three hours.  Don't spend a lot of money on the boat seats, I bought the cheap ones then added a outdoor chair pad for comfort.
    • busse3775
      I was out there on opener as well and caught a lot of small fish. Averaged about 30 walleyes a day but nothing bigger than 17". Last weekend the bite was a lot tougher which I would assume was due to the weather. 
    • Dune27
    • BartmanMN
      Has anyone heard of a giant walleye caught on the Saturday of opener?  Sounds like the boat called the DNR and they rushed right out to take pictures, etc. Not sure if it was close to the record or not, but I heard it was a giant.
    • Surface Tension
      Ha, fixed.
    • HugeHogChaser
        Wow that looks great! What type of wood did you use if you dont mind me asking?
    • fisherjmb
      Was up at Long Point with 5 guys last Thursday PM through Sunday AM. Thursday evening after the wind went down a bit the fishing was great. Ended up getting our limit for the 6 of us that evening. Ate fish that night. Friday and Saturday were slower but still pretty good. A LOT of little ones so we had to sort through them to get some keeper fish. Ended up getting our limits to take home by Saturday afternoon and then the rain started. Very few slot fish, which was a bit of a surprise. Only 4 over 19.5", with 2 at 20, one 22 and the biggest being 25. Jig and a frozen shiner/fathead worked well. No real preference between the two minnows. Jig color didn't seem to matter that much but we had best luck on gold, pink, chartreuse and glow white. Depths we fished were 21-26 feet, pretty much all those depths worked fine. Really fun trip and I look forward to the next one.  
    • Musky hunter 82
      Here's a couple pictures of one of the 14' boats I redid, a 25hp will be plenty of motor for a 12' boat.  The14' bat in the pictures with the additional weight from the wood would go 26mph with just me in the boat.  As you can se  left the compartment open for the gas tank, so I could monitor the level and so I could breathe better. Send me a message if you have questions.  It's really a fun project to work on these old boats.
    • HugeHogChaser
      Do you have any pics of the process or finished product by any chance?
    • HugeHogChaser
      wow, this is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately idk what the hell i'm doing, as I have no carpentry skills LOL, but i have a buddy that builds houses, so I am sure he would have the necessary skills and tools to assist me. It cant be too hard, right!? haha. Anyways, I appreciate the information, this is GREAT. Ill be sure to touch base with you if I have any questions. Thanks again!! I have a 25 hp motor right now...really old, a chrysler 25 HP from like...the 70s or 80s. You thank that'll be enough power with the added weight?