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    You know what we all love...

    When you enchant people, you fill them with delight and yourself in return. Have Fun!!!

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Mrs Boilerman

FM article in Worthington Daily Globe

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Mrs Boilerman

Here's the article that ran in the Worthington Daily Globe's fishing tab...thanks again to all of you who reponded to my post about it. It was a great response and gave me tons of information to work with. I used as much of your posts as I could fit in, so if I left yours out, I apologize. The article was getting pretty long, and many of the comments reiterated what others were saying.

For some reason I don't have time to try to figure out, when I cut and paste the paragraph indents don't work right, so sorry if it looks funny.

Just for fun, I'll include the article Boilerguy wrote. He did a good job, I think, and it really kind of sums up his personality also.

I hope to meet everyone at the Prairie Polebender in June....Thanks again!

Mrs. Boilerguy (aka Justine Wettschreck)

Fishing Web site grows by leaps and bounds

Site gives sportsmen and women a chance to exchange information and meet new people


WORTHINGTON — If life was a Norman Rockwell painting, little boys and old men would still sit along the shore of the local fishing hole with a cane pole and a bucket, chatting about the weather and swapping fish tales.

These days, although they are still swapping fish tales, fishermen and women are more likely to be found carrying a nice rod and reel while sitting in a boat or hanging out in a fish house. They have a GPS, keep a Vexilar by their side, spend more than they will admit on tackle — and are having the time of their lives doing it. In some ways, fishing has gone high-tech.

One place the computer-savvy fishermen (and women) can swap fish tales, fishing advice and fishing hot spot tips is on the forums at,aWeb site dedicated to fishing, hunting and all things outdoors.

Need to know a good recipe for pheasant? Check the forums on fishingminnesota (FM). What kind of bait are the crappies hungry for on Lake Sarah? Someone on the forum was probably there yesterday. Having trouble getting the brake light on your boat trailer to work? An FM member had the same problem once, and he will tell you how he fixed it.

From bird watching to outdoor photography to home improvement to hunting dogs, it is all on FM. There are separate categories for areas of the state, so anyone interested in fishing Lake Winnibigoshish can find out what’s biting. If a guy is thinking about taking his family camping, he can check with fellow FMers to see if the fishing is going well at Lake Shetek, because if he is going on vacation, he might as well drop a line while he’s there.

FM actually evolved from another Web site,, a hobby site set up by businessman Rick Paquin, who said he developed the site because anything outdoors was his passion. When he started being asked how much it would cost to advertise on his site, his passion started to pay off and the new site was born.

Launched in 1997, FM has grown to include more than 30,000 members in 10 years and has 1,800 to 1,900 people browsing its forums at any given time. It is free to register, easy to use and full of information.

So why do people flock to the site and what keeps them coming back? When asked that very question, most FMers talked about the wealth of information and the camaraderie.

“Where else can you talk local fishing, hunting and dirt track racing in addition to gaining invaluable technical advice for boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, landscaping and home improvement?” asked Lawdog (a screen name) from Luverne. “And that’s before we even get to football, dog training, cooking and looking at outdoor photography, too!”

Youngie22, of Hastings, said he has learned many things on the site from wellinformed people.

“I try to find information on anything I can, from Red Lake to Red Wing … how to cook wild game or fix my pickup,” he added.

Chad Cummings of Brewster, screen name muc33, said before purchasing a fishing product, he checks in with other FM members to get their opinion.

“Nothing better than hearing it from a user’s aspect (instead of) a salesman’s pitch who maybe doesn’t even fish,” he said, adding that he checks FM daily.

Fishook, from Iowa, admits his reason for visiting the site may be different than some of the others. He said he enjoys reading posts about other FMers’ hunting and fishing experiences.

“I like to sit back and pretend I was part of the big event,” he said. “The stories are so realistic it is the next best thing to being there.”

“There are always those times when you just can’t be out there,” said Tim Anderson of Big Fish Hunt Guide Services. “At least you have the consolation of being able to be on FM talking about it.”

Anderson makes a living in the fishing industry and is a sponsor of the site. FM has helped him book guide trips, he said, as well as meet new people and make worthwhile connections with others in the fishing industry.

Sachem Longrifle called FM a bond that hunters and anglers have.

“We all come from different backgrounds and have our own separate life stories to tell, but the love of fishing, hunting and general outdoor lore is the common bond,” he explained.

Family and teaching youngsters to fish and hunt seem to be an important aspect of many of the threads on the forum, and on a recent FM pod cast, Paquin said a purpose of the site is to educate people about the outdoors.

“I would say I get more out of seeing a young fisherman smile …” pro staff member Harvey Lee said. “As a staff member, I have had the opportunity to meet many members and also do what I can to help others in outdoor activities.”

Several members mentioned they rely on FM for safety’s sake, using the information about ice thickness and low water issues to plan fishing trips.

Fishinchicks, from southwest Minnesota, said she even used the forums to ask about road conditions when a family member needed to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

“I received some very kind replies with great reports,” she said. “This is the first place I check every morning. I am pretty much a self-taught angler since I did not grow up in a sporting household. I have found tips from how to correctly tie a knot in my line to hook removal when your catch is bigger than you expected — your fishing partner.”

Walleyejon of Greenbush appreciates the wealth of information in the site, but considers it just the tip if the iceberg.

“As we get older and settle into our life’s routine, we have a tendency not to add many people to our core group of friends … until FM,” he explained, adding he has met people through the site that have become lifelong friends. “I didn’t start posting on FM with the intention of meeting these people, but it couldn’t have worked out any better.”

“One thing that makes me so loyal to this site is being part of a family or brotherhood made up of all the great people here,” Delmuts, a pro staffer from Sumner, Iowa, said. “From losing a great hunting dog to losing a family member or needing prayers, the support is unbelievable.”

After talking back and forth on the forums, many of the FM members make plans to meet for an outdoors trip, visiting each other’s areas and getting a chance to experience the variety of fishing and hunting the state has to offer.

Throughout the year, FM staff plans get-togethers in various locations around the state, giving members a chance to meet in person and fish together. Slabfest on Upper Red Lake and the Sturgeon Excursion on Lake of the Woods are just two examples of the fishing trips FMers try to hit each year. The Prairie Polebender will be the first FM trip in southwest Minnesota, and takes place June 9 at Lake Shetek.

“I am looking forward to attending the first SW MN FM get-together and putting some faces to the fellow posters on the forum,” said Idratherbefishing of Worthington. “I found this Web site a few years ago while looking for fishing reports … and have been hooked ever since.”

Seasons for a fisherman


AVOCA — Bless the hearts of all the teachers that had to put up with me from kindergarten through high school. They all tried, and failed, to convince me there are four seasons in a year.

They gave the seasons funny names like spring, summer, winter and fall, and used funny words like equinox and solstice. I didn’t agree with them as a child with hair, and as a middle-aged bald man, I still don’t agree.

There are not four seasons in Minnesota, there are three.

The seasons aren’t about equinox and solstice — the three seasons are open-water fishing, ice fishing, and mud. Mud may not actually be a season. It may be just a transition period between two seasons. That is for the scientists to decide.

There are not dates on the calendar to tell us when each season starts, but on May 12 this year open-water season will get a lot better, if such a thing is possible. May 12 is the walleye opener.

Ice fishing starts when open water is done, and is a precursor to mud. Mud starts when ice fishing is thinking about being over and open-water fishing may actually have started, but not always. Open-water fishing starts towards the tail end of ice fishing and can actually be at the midway point of mud. If the ice fishing season is shorter, the mud season may be longer. If the open-water season is longer, the mud season and the ice fishing season may be shorter.

Open-water season is in full swing when you hear people talk about Jig and Pig combos, beetle spins, bottom bouncers, and daredevils. There will be Yee-Haw hook sets that could pull a submarine from the bottom of the lake.

Somewhere out there a boat will be filling with water because the guy that said, “Get out of the way, I know what I’m doing” forgot to put the plug in. Most importantly, there will be boats on the water, and people wading in the water or sitting on the shoreline, pole in one hand, Pabst Blue Ribbon in the other. People will have sunburns, and the stores will be out of Noxzema.

Ice fishing gets under way once a few thrill seekers take a walk on two inches of frozen water. It is in full swing when the ice looks like a parking lot filled with pick-ups.

Conversation switches to teardrops, glow demons, waxies, ice thickness and sunflower heaters. You don’t actually see as many people, but there are a lot of tiny little buildings peppering the lake. Every now and then a human will be spotted running from one building to another with a really mad, slime-covered fish in one hand and a tasty Pabst Blue Ribbon in the other. Instead of sunburn, people now have frostbite and the stores all seem to be out of propane and cribbage boards.

Mud is in full swing when everything in the northern hemisphere is covered in, well, mud, and lots of it.

Everyone is dirty, the stores are fully stocked and nobody cares. Conversation is about income tax, property tax, gas prices and government.

Mud is a bad season that tests even the best of characters. Ice fishing gear gets put away during mud season, which is a sad time for some. The tears, however, are tears of joy, because during the mud season is when we get the boats ready for open water fishing, gas can in one hand and a Pabst Blue Ribbon in the other.

It’s a three-season cycle that no matter how much we try to resist, we cannot change, so we might as well get out and enjoy.

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harvey lee

Very nice article Mrs Boilerguy. cool.gifcool.gifcool.gif

Who is the guy by the name of Lawdog???? grin.gif

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Who is the guy by the name of Lawdog????

A VERY reputable source!!! grin.gif

Good article!

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I made a kudos post last Friday for you in the main open water forum, but will tell you again! KUDOS! Thanks for the quote and making me feel famous!

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Who is the guy by the name of Lawdog????

A VERY reputable source!!! grin.gif

Good article!


Nice job, with great quotes.

Lawdog, you forgot to mention meeting long lost relatives.. wink.gif

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Very nice article, Mrs Boilerman! Boilerman didn't do too bad a job, either. grin.gif

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Lawdog, you forgot to mention meeting long lost relatives..

Oh crud, you are right Cuz...

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • mrpike1973
      I absolutely love a 6 inch hole more holes per charge and a hardly ever lose a fish in the hole. I had a 8 inch and sold it. I panfish 99% of the time with some cats on the chain and at our get together almost everyone used a 6 inch hole. everyone got them up.
    • eyeguy 54
      As I age and cant jump off the bucket as fast as I used to I am enjoying the 6 inch for that occasional dandy panfish that comes unbuttoned right at the top of the hole. They have a hard time turning around and zipping back down.   Doesnt happen often but my chances of grabbing the fish are improved when it does. 
    • MN BassFisher
      I am heading to Florida on vacation in a day and I'm not sure what sort of ice conditions I'm going to come back to in the Twin Cities in April. With that I mind I decided to walk out on a Metro lake with a buddy on Wednesday to try to capitalize on a sundown shallow water bite. We used big baits and fished a shallow weedy point. The Crappies would come flying out of the thick stuff and hammer the baits - it was a lot of fun to watch on the flasher! How late into April do you think we'll be ice fishing in the Metro?  
    • Wanderer
      Beautiful colors!
    • smurfy
      nice!!!!! nuttin better then a fresh meal of skin on sunfish.
    • leech~~
      Um.............. other then a few private PM's to people. Looooks like Jan 20th Brainerd area, Extavaganza 2018 thread.     
    • gimruis I'm not going to get into what I think of this boneheaded proposal but it goes against pretty much every piece of science out there.  
    • Naturboy
      I didn’t drive out yesterday afternoon but trucks were it was just the access that was pretty slushy. The lake was great for walking as well as the weather. Fish were biting good in about 7 feet of water.  I like the later sunset much better for working in a little fishing at the end of the day. 
    • eyeguy 54
    • monstermoose78
      Today is the day come win a gun and say hi.