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Those Tree Stumps are Moving

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I was driving between the baseball diamonds and home last night and went by a small pond located about 1/2 SE of White Bear Lake. The far side of the pond transitions into a steep sided hill covered with oaks.

I always slow down to look at the geese and woodducks.

Anyway a couple of old rotted tree stumps on the far side of the pond start moving. I stop to take a second look (it has been a long day). The stumps are a pair of gobblers.

One Tom is in full strut right on the pond edge. The second Tom is about 1/4 up the side hill also in full strut.

At 8:07PM I see a hen fly up to her roost tree. The Toms strutted another 10 minutes.

Told my wife that I was going to "work" those birds some morning and she looked at me like I was crazy. ooo.gif

While these birds are living in the "woods" they are essentially surrounded by housing developments, this is not a township / country area.

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I saw a couple hens crossing a field just north of there about 2 miles north of there. There are deffinitly plenty of birds around.

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Ray Esboldt


My wife saw 2 hens and a tom 3 weeks ago in Bossard park. White Bear Lake is being taken over by turkeys. I think a special hunt is in order, and I am more than happy to volunteer my services. grin.gif

Actually, it is kind of cool to watch these birds hang out in town. Of course, everyone that doesn't hunt says, "Geez, they're everywhere. Turkey hunting must be easy." Yea, right buddy.

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I was out walking my dog in St. Paul behind the Highland Pool when he started to act a little crazy. I have seen deer back there before so that is what I thought was causing my dog's excitement. Wrong, it was 6 Toms. I had only seen turkeys out in the fields before never that close up. Awesome looking birds and to think they are hanging out in St. Paul. So anyways they are everywhere so why are they so tough to hunt Ray? wink.giflaugh.gifsmile.gif

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    • BriGuy88
      Hockey tape for me.  Bought a roll 10 years ago and probably have another 10 years left in it, unless I go on a shopping spree for rods/reels! 
    • EricO
      Finally got out there Saturday after wanting to for almost 10 years! After reading all the pointers on here and looking at maps we gave it a try. Ended up catching around 15 between the 2 of us in about 4 hrs biggest being about 6lbs. Had a blast and will definitely do it again!  Oh and you're not kidding about a lite bite I think only one actually pulled the bobber  under!
    • tca12
      I was on Turtle Lake.  I've always found the clarity good there although I also haven't seen a boatload of pike.  Centerville was awful a couple of weeks ago as was Peltier although they both can change in a few weeks.  Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I was up north seeing almost 50 fish in two days on a small lake west of Bemidji.  Nice clear water there and pike from 10 to 38 inches long. 
    • MitchRapp
      Just fished Potato for the first time this winter. Found walleyes in 15 feet of water off the mid lake humps during the day/late afternoon. Had the camera down and saw plenty of eyes but couldn't get them to bite. Was wondering if this lake is more of a night bite.
    • smurfy
      Any clue how it started? Really a bummer. Just remembering some of the fun times there.
    • SDS
      Gents, Anyone been to OT lately that could comment on ease of ice travel. Snow depth, drifts and ice.  Would traveling nearly anywhere be acceptable with exception to rivers/creeks?
    • PRO-V
      Went by yesterday. Just a pile of steel sheeting and ashes. Sad.
    • Wanderer
      White hockey tape for this guy too.
    • eyeguy 54
      sure do but I had 3 rolls of colored duct tape in garage.  
    • JFaber
      Thanks Guys,  Just booked with KJ’s on Mille Lac  Lake from Friday to Sunday!!! Thanks for all your HELP  JFaber
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