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Gun safety?

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Thought I had heard that some places you can go for a weekend and get your safety course taken anyone else hear this? And if so where can I get some info?

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You can also take it online and find a certified person to accompany you on the shooting (qualification shoot) or go to the range with a class for your qualification.

Had a gentleman join my daughters class for the shoot this past weekend. He told me that he spent about 4 hours going over the work that you have to do on the online class. A little FYI, it was 20 class hours for my daughter and about 2 or 3 working on the worksheets.

The MN DNR website as all of the info.


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I am not a big fan of this unless you have been hunting for years and need the course to hunt out of state (different states have different birth year requirements for hunter safety).

The 6 classes of 2.5 - 3 hours was a good experience for my son. Reduntancy can not be overstated.

I sat through 3 of the 6 classes and enjoyed my time in the class. I was able to add a few comments to the class and learn / relearn a few things.

What it really made me aware of - is how can anybody start hunting without a parent, grandparent, or good friend helping you along. So many rules, and rules made from other rules that ... confused.gif a younger hunter must sort out.

anyway here is the dnr info gleened from their web page:


Certification is available to students 18 years of age and older. DNR Firearms Certification is required of anyone born after December 31, 1979

Must successfully complete one of the methods of certification. (see classes below.)

You can receive your certification by completing one of the following methods:

Independent Study on-line course. Please see the procedures for completing the on-line course. Independent Study guide and workbook available from a volunteer instructor. Complete a traditional classroom course. Check the list of currently scheduled classes. Complete an 18-hour (6 session) Advanced Hunter Education seminar.

Independent Study for adults is offered to help the person who has a need for certification and has difficulty arranging participation in the traditional firearm safety course. This method is not a "short cut" to certification. Experience has shown that each of the options above will involve a similar amount of your time as if you were to attend the traditional firearms safety classroom course.

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    • jb426
      Agreed, 25 does seem big for a 12' boat
    • Sculpin
      Make sure you take a couple minutes and look for the rating plate in that boat, if it exists it should be back on or near the transom somewhere. I'd be very careful about hanging a 25 HP motor on a 12 foot boat, as it may not be rated for 25 HP. Some 12's are different than others, more depth, more beam, etc. so the motor ratings can vary. Proceed with caution.
    • Tom Sawyer
      Outstanding Brookie
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      25 hp will be plenty for 12 foot boat with any amount of weight added.  I have no pics, sorry.  As stated really easy to do, your buddy should get er done in under three hours.  Don't spend a lot of money on the boat seats, I bought the cheap ones then added a outdoor chair pad for comfort.
    • busse3775
      I was out there on opener as well and caught a lot of small fish. Averaged about 30 walleyes a day but nothing bigger than 17". Last weekend the bite was a lot tougher which I would assume was due to the weather. 
    • Dune27
    • BartmanMN
      Has anyone heard of a giant walleye caught on the Saturday of opener?  Sounds like the boat called the DNR and they rushed right out to take pictures, etc. Not sure if it was close to the record or not, but I heard it was a giant.
    • Surface Tension
      Ha, fixed.
    • HugeHogChaser
        Wow that looks great! What type of wood did you use if you dont mind me asking?
    • fisherjmb
      Was up at Long Point with 5 guys last Thursday PM through Sunday AM. Thursday evening after the wind went down a bit the fishing was great. Ended up getting our limit for the 6 of us that evening. Ate fish that night. Friday and Saturday were slower but still pretty good. A LOT of little ones so we had to sort through them to get some keeper fish. Ended up getting our limits to take home by Saturday afternoon and then the rain started. Very few slot fish, which was a bit of a surprise. Only 4 over 19.5", with 2 at 20, one 22 and the biggest being 25. Jig and a frozen shiner/fathead worked well. No real preference between the two minnows. Jig color didn't seem to matter that much but we had best luck on gold, pink, chartreuse and glow white. Depths we fished were 21-26 feet, pretty much all those depths worked fine. Really fun trip and I look forward to the next one.