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Gun safety?

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Thought I had heard that some places you can go for a weekend and get your safety course taken anyone else hear this? And if so where can I get some info?

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You can also take it online and find a certified person to accompany you on the shooting (qualification shoot) or go to the range with a class for your qualification.

Had a gentleman join my daughters class for the shoot this past weekend. He told me that he spent about 4 hours going over the work that you have to do on the online class. A little FYI, it was 20 class hours for my daughter and about 2 or 3 working on the worksheets.

The MN DNR website as all of the info.


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I am not a big fan of this unless you have been hunting for years and need the course to hunt out of state (different states have different birth year requirements for hunter safety).

The 6 classes of 2.5 - 3 hours was a good experience for my son. Reduntancy can not be overstated.

I sat through 3 of the 6 classes and enjoyed my time in the class. I was able to add a few comments to the class and learn / relearn a few things.

What it really made me aware of - is how can anybody start hunting without a parent, grandparent, or good friend helping you along. So many rules, and rules made from other rules that ... confused.gif a younger hunter must sort out.

anyway here is the dnr info gleened from their web page:


Certification is available to students 18 years of age and older. DNR Firearms Certification is required of anyone born after December 31, 1979

Must successfully complete one of the methods of certification. (see classes below.)

You can receive your certification by completing one of the following methods:

Independent Study on-line course. Please see the procedures for completing the on-line course. Independent Study guide and workbook available from a volunteer instructor. Complete a traditional classroom course. Check the list of currently scheduled classes. Complete an 18-hour (6 session) Advanced Hunter Education seminar.

Independent Study for adults is offered to help the person who has a need for certification and has difficulty arranging participation in the traditional firearm safety course. This method is not a "short cut" to certification. Experience has shown that each of the options above will involve a similar amount of your time as if you were to attend the traditional firearms safety classroom course.

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    • DLD24
      Nice, I'll have to start fishing it more and learn it.
    • Maverick1951
      You can find crappies and sunfish anywhere on the like around the pencil reeds and/or cabbage.  One of the best spots is right in front of the resort, but don't limit yourself there as there are plenty of spots all over the lake for pan fish.  The nice part is that you will probably also catch bass while going for pan fish.  Good luck and remember to give other fisherman plenty of room.  No reason to fish close to others.
    • monstermoose78
      I will check
    • monstermoose78
    • eyeguy 54
      fun time today  2 beasts still swimmin to get bigger
    • biff
      The quality of walleye on fish has really amped up since the slot. I would put it up there with the St. Louis River now as far as local waters that produce quality walleye. Sometimes it's hard to catch an eye under 17"...its kinda the opposite of Island Lake. I wish the protected slot was a little longer as I don't see many over 26".
    • JBMasterAngler
      I never got a chance to get down to Superior in the morning to fish from shore, as it was always a little too rough every day. I did get up early enough to make it to the devil track river, finally for the first time. Was nice to check it out, although my time was short. Caught 1 little rainbow, and lost 6!    Also checked out the Poplar River for the first time, off the caribou trail, at the campgrounds. Only fished it for a little bit, but caught 2 brook trout, one of which was about 12 inches. River was surprisingly deep, was wading in waste deep water.    My dad and my son are still up there. But they haven't really been able to fish due to the rain on Saturday and Sunday. If it was nice today, they were going to go back to Greenwood Lake. Otherwise, if the weather was bad, they were coming home a day early. Haven't heard from them yet, so hopefully they were able to get out.
    • portageguy
      Yes just north of Cook.  They are open 7 days 8:00-4:30. Y-store is open 5am - midnight.  
    • curt quesnell
      Wind was howling when we left the dock this morning and I was pretty shook up about it. A nice steady bite with decent fish made the day a real pleasure.   Good news going into the big weekend, the fish are biting.
    • Fish Head
      Is it the LaCroix Ranger Station where you pick up the permits now?