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tearin' lips

04-06-07 Evening Report.

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tearin' lips

Made it out into Sand Bay this evening and made it to a spot that is usually traditionally good year round. Despite the miserable wind and blowing snow that seemed to make it into everything((it packed the mesh on the side of my marcum into one solid pack of snow that wouldn't break up!)), it turned out to be a great evening.

I made it out there around 6:00 pm. by 6:15 I had the break pinned down that was on my GPS. Drilled a string of holes the first started in 20 feet(from the surface of the water) and drilled out to 24-25 feet(again from the surface of the water).

Found the 22' depth and figured that is was as good of a spot as any to start...Dropped down the spoon and as soon as it entered my 5' zoom window on the LX-3 I had a fish coming off of bottom. I worked my magic and it chased in up 4' to absolutely anihalate it! It was a 26" walleye! Not a bad way to start out the evening. Next drop, no later than 1 minute after I released the 26" beauty, along came a 13.5" eater. Released it 'cause I thought things were gonna only get better, well....

They did, but no more keeper fish. From 6:30 until sunset I was constantly droppin the spoon and catching a fish almost instantly every time. Most ranged 9"-12", but for every 4 to 6 small fish I caught one big one. Ended up with a 19.5", 20",23",25", and of course the 26".

I also lost another that felt good, but NO eaters. Oh well, just another great day in paradise and by far the fastest walleye fishing I have ever had on Rainy through the ice, not to mention one of the best days for big fish that I have ever had on Rainy. Oh, I wish this late ice stuff could go on forever!

Looking to head out again on Saturday, will give a report upon return. I can only hope that it is still good, but you know fishing is fishing.

Take Care Guys and Good Luck Fishing!

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Bill, thanks for the great play-by-play (fish-by-fish). Sounded like the BITE was really ON! That's what we all fish for and it comes few and far between sometimes. Thanks for share the info on tactics.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • nlayne882
      Lot of ice on the shore, only place to fish as of Thursday is two harbors breakwall
    • Wanderer
      I found a great bait selection at the Baxter Fleet Farm today.  3 sizes of suckers, multiple sizes of golden shiners, and of course fat heads and crappies. The first bait shop I tried only had fat heads and crappies.
    • mrpike1973
      Been very slow around here any luck anyone? don't want the lake but just general feeling around here. Did some pan fishing in 8-10 fow but got very slow.
    • Alex wilhelmi
      Hey Justin, if you see a 2004 burgundy 1500 Silverado with Iowa plates on shields, Yukon tent. That's the girlfriend and I. Stop by for a Busch latte, or a white Russian. I can't wait to get out of Iowa for the weekend. 4 am on the road!!!!!!!! yeah baby!!!!!! Good luck!!  
    • fowldreams
      There was a couple mixed in the bucket. They were big shiners 5 to 6 inch range. The shiners would be down for 6 hours or so each time and we never waited that long for a sucker to be taken. Just our experience. If a guy could have both I say try and see.
    • Wanderer
      Call ahead for shiners.  I’ve heard there aren’t any left in the state.  At Mille Lacs 2 weeks ago I asked for some and the guy looked at me like I was stupid. Of course I blame that on the question... 
    • Jplante
      Fowldreams, did you have shiners? Just curious if preferred them over shiners, or thats just what you had.
    • fowldreams
      suckers, suckers, suckers. This was the only bait that worked for us last weekend and when the fish hit the rattle reels line spooled fast.
    • Flash
      Thanks! Flash "Set the Hook"
    • MN BassFisher
      What surprised me about the fishery in SE Florida is that it is mostly live bait (Shiners). There are so many fish in those channels that the Peacock's won't chase a bait for long. I guess they can be caught on the fly but your casts needs to be very accurate and your hookset quick because they spit the flies fast. Our guide said artificials could be done but you're going to spend all day to maybe catch a few fish. Watching the videos of those Amazon Peacock's destroying topwater plugs and jerkbaits looks like a riot!!!
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