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Need Guidence Please Fiskyknut

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Hey there Leech again,

A little over a week to go before we head up. This is how our situation pans out.

We can't really switch the dates because of work purposes, so we are stuck on the 14th through the 17th. the last two years we stayed in Baudette and fished in Four-Mile Bay for sturgeon. It sounds like it may still be locked up then, so I think its time to start a plan "b". If we do fish the river for sturgeon which area is the best stretch to fish? Where could we stay thats close? Is there a cheap hotel or motel around? I can get cheap discounts if there is a Holiday Inn, Days Inn, or Comfort Inn. We usually bring up a small 10 hp motor and rent a boat from Adrian's Lodge, but we probably won't be able to do that this year. Any suggestions on where we could rent one. We could bring up a small 14' boat if need be.

One other idea I had was to forget the sturgeon all together and try for pike on Lake of the Woods. I've never done this and really don't know where to go. But I've heard that late ice can be fantastic for big gators up there. Do you know much about this or even if they would be biting?

Sorry about all the questions. I just figured you seem like you know your fishing up there and its hard to judge whats going on there from way down here.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Email us for info:

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Hey man kind of a bummer this weather eh. We have kind of warned you about your date choices years past so you were maybe kind of expecting this eh? Sometimes 'plan b' works better than 'plan a' anyhow and you'll get to experience a new and different stretch of river!

I think one of the motels in Baudette is a days inn? Try Clementson and the Royal Dutchman too as it's kinda the off season after the Walleye season closes and they may be able to hook you up with a room as well as a rental boat maybe. They'll give you good advice as to fishing the river too.

Pike bite is in high gear right now on the pond. You may be able to do some of that if you'd like. Hard to say what ice and access will do between now and then eh. This off season in-between time is all dependent on what mother nature throws at us as we have for sure seen this year!!!

You know if you're gonna plan to fish Sturgeon and are set on the bay, next year you may be wise to schedule your dates a tad later. First part of May is just as good if not better for catching Sturgeonfish than mid/late April, and for sure the ice and weather is gonna be more cooperative!

I think you have my E addy, shoot me a mail next week and we'll see how the rivers breakup has progressed. Then depending on where you want/can launch and fish I'll get you a few spots to try. I may just head over that way with a kicker boat and we could maybe meet up and team up on em one day too eh.

Think positive because the Sturgeon fishing upstream can be even better than it is on the bay sometimes! Diehards 117 pounder 2 years ago came from an upstream reach. The fish are'nt all in the bay!

Iffin you're here early enough on the 14th you may wanna try and get a pic of yourself holding a Walrus sized Walleye too maybe!


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Royal Dutchman you have mail.

Fiskynut, I don't think I have your email address. Mine is

The walleye season doesn't close till Sunday? That would be sweet to beat my personal best, of a not so big, 24.5 inch eye. We should be up by, or around, noon on Saturday.

The last few years I think we got lucky. Same time in April, but it was hot...60's and 70's and the bay was wide open. Next year we'll plan on late April, early May!

Right now I'm really up to any type of fishing I guess. Walleye, pike, or sturgeon.

Thanks fellas...this up in the air plans is driving me crazy frown.gif

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      Boy, some people must just hate their life.
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      I recommend considering other lakes.  URL by the 4th is nearly void of walleye.  8 years or so ago, we did a two-family trip and only caught fresh water drum.  Star Trib Article
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      I was honored to be part of the "Veterans on Lake Superior" trip again this year. Channel six did a nice story about the Veterans. They were a great group out on the water.
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          Barry is retired. I bought his boat and fished her unitl I got the 38'er. Team Crush is still using the old Whitewater.   Barry does work on my boat occasionally as the first mate.    
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      Motor use day or camping.  Pick up day before or day of, May1-September 30. Fill out permit at entrance and put in box when exiting or mail in.  October 1-April 30
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      Hi Cliff -   Thanks for the update on the hatch.  Is this usually a bust for 2 weeks once the big hatches start?  Will be up the 30th-9th, but still excited since its the first time staying for a full week at the in-laws cabin.  Hoping to provide a few updates on the West Side through the week.
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      Thanks for the info.  I searched before and after this thread for any old threads on this topic.  I got nothing before and this thread is the only one that pops up after.  I will keep looking online or stop at one of the big box stores.    Tight lines. 
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      J-Roy,  I use UL rod and 4 lb a lot when throwing jigs. I have found that the lighter the jig head, the more fish bite and the more you hook. Wind will mess up using light jigs though. When fishing heavy jigs, cranks, top water or spoons, I use heavier line and rod. If fishing weeds need heavy line as well.   Hook ups/bites is much higher with lite jigs. I missed about 50% of hits yesterday using 1/2 oz head. Landed about 90% of hits a few days ago when using 1/8 oz head. Tough to fish 1/8 oz on even 8 lb line so I stick with 4 lb .
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      oops - duplicate post.