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Dan Thiem

Final score, 13-nuttin..... (3 pics added)

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OK, here goes. Tyler put on a school yesterday crappie fishing on Lake Zumbro. He outfished me in a BIG WAY! A couple real decent ones too. (12" +)

We were fishing the deep wood and the crappies were tight to the bottom in 23 f.o.w. Every crappie he caught had the Power Bait deep in the mouth. They were for sure hungry. I just couldn't do anything right. I even applied the "When in Rome" tactic and that still didn't work.

No excuses, so Tyler, I bow the the master! tongue.gif

It was still a good time though. Getting out in open water again was a good thing. And although the wind and rain played havok with us we had a lot of fun.

B.T.W., Tyler, nice boat Dude!

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it takes a big man to admit defeat cool.gif

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"Unlucky - #13" Dan took ownership of the first part of that phrase.

The rain was wet for about 20 minutes, but the rest of the day its was easily fishable. We worked deep areas with wood nearby.

When I fish deep on the Zumbro, I really like to 1/8-1/16 oz jigs with Berkley Gulp minnow grubs in the 2" size. White is my personal favorite color, but I have not tried many others. I also caught some fish on 2" Power Bait - Power Minnows in black shad (with some flake) and brown shad.

I tried (and lost) several jig heads, but white caught the most fish for me.

The basic key was fishing slow. Really slow. Draging the jig across the bottom with a slow hop every couple feet. I would reel in about 6" of line, then pause for about 2 seconds, and repeat.

We marked fish 12-14' down, but they didn't seem active.

I got 2 new biggest open water crappies 11.5" & 12"






All fish were CRP'ed again today. I should start using my livewell as a tackle box. cool.gif

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    • Sleder
      Wanderer ,I believe Ely seizure was something to do with the BWCA . Lots of articles in newspaper .Some law about no commercial activity ( an active viable fishery) in side of park unless it enhances park like canoe rentals ect.... They were trying to stop Fishery for last number of years. I believe DNR does not want to do away with Frozen Bait Market , they just don't want fish from the Great Lakes or other contaminated areas to bring diesese to inland lakes.  If fish does not have a VHS Certification Number on its package , I would not be using it for bait.  Grocery store stuff totally Illegal ...  I emailed a Bait Company that has VHS Certified Smelt and Alewifes     They gave me a list of stores that carry their products ... Save hunting around for Legal Bait   Hope this Helps
    • Sushilicious
      We only fished for 5 hours (only 2 hours were worthwhile 29 ft).  
    • Sushilicious
      OK so day before father's day we had terrible weather. 1st spot was in 14 ft of current n we caught 4 eyes. Did c a sturgeon role but waste of time other than that. Next spot 6 eyes still a wasted time cause of the weather but the old man did caught a 20 in so it wasn't all that bad. But once the weather allowed we catch  26 eyes n in 29 ft of water n one was 24 in.
    • Sushilicious
      Definitely have 2 disagree with with u 2. I understand the drive n the worry but if you've fished the csn chain for 10+ years there shouldn't be a worry 2 find a campsite cause you've driven past plenty of them. Also we're in the same boat regardless of the travel distance to fine a campsite. Yes it is nice 2 have a guaranteed spot but since they went 2 paid 2 camp regulation they have taken out a number of campsites so it limits options. ALSO U R WAY WRONG ON SAYING MORE PPL R AT THE PARK NOW. I went last Saturday  (day before father's day) n we seen like 4 or 5 more boats than canoes. It's nice for ppl who don't know the csn chain but it's terrible for the economy.   Fyi. First time I went fishing on the chain I went lake trout fishing on David......... I was 6 weeks old ......... I'm 32 now..... my dad's been fishing the csn chain for 65+ years    P.s. love how there's less pressure=better fishing.
    • Rachelkate21
      Hey! Does anyone know any brooks/steams/rivers that would be full of trout? Preferably near lakeville, mn but ill travel!
    • redlabguy
      Nice fish, Jeff. And good lesson on 1/2 crawlers, Cliff. I'm off the water for a few days with family doings, but should report I've seen a lot of mayflies in Frazer and near the portage. Clouds on the sonar and slicks of the water. I'm guessing it's not the big hatch, but it's providing a lot of food for fish. good luck out there.
    • osok
      Just got back into town from a slightly too long "vacation" dealing with relatives. Anywho, how has the fishing been on Superior, are the fish local or have they migrated N.E? 
    • AaronTC05
      I just bought a new Elite 7TI and the sun cover it came with doesn't really snap on very securely.  I'd say it just rests loosely on the outside.  It won't fall off if I flip it upside down, but it feels like it wouldn't stay on going down the highway or withstand any sort of jarring.  It takes hardly any pressure to pull it off.  Is this normal or is it a defect?  I've never owned a graph with a sun cover so I'm not familiar, but I imagined it would be a lot more snug.    
    • leech~~
      We will see if Sailorfly is another ask a silly question one hit wonder? 
    • jiggin9
      I have a Lowrance Elite 7 and was curious what lake chip most of you recommend for Lake of the Woods.  The insight pro chip that came with my unit is very basic for up there and was looking for a more detailed chip.  I'm not sure what brands are compatible with the Lowrance and which ones aren't.        Thanks in advance!