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Pine Mountain Lake

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My family and I are staying at Rutgers resort in mid July. Wondering if anyone has stayed there and what they thought of the resort. We be in an RV. Also wondering on some information on fishing the lake that time of year. We are mainly interested in walleyes but will try to catch anything that swims during slow walleye bites. smile.gif The lake looks like it has a good panfish population and are the northern on the smaller size? Any other type of fish that would interest us? Live bait rigs work for walleyes along the points and dropoffs or run something over the weeds that time of year? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks wink.gif

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I live near Pine Mountain Lake and only have been on it twice.

Being able to talk with some of the locals, I haven't determined whether it's a "Dead Sea" or a "sleeper".

I think those who fish it regularly, keep pretty tight lipped. I've seen some nice sized pike come from there, along with limits of walleyes.

I guess it's one of those lakes that you need to spend time on, and start dissecting it. The south end has a few deep holes and some deep weeds.

The north end has alot of weeds, and many set up their ice shacks there.

Just be careful around the north east side, as there are a few stones. Get a map and it'll narrow up your search.

I've found that by using the Cass County parcel map system, that they have some ariel shots of the lake. By studying the photos, you can actually see some of the shallow humps in the lake.

Sorry I can't give you's just that I don't know anymore.

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Thanks for the reply!! Does seem that things are tight lipped, but the lips are quiet at my home fishing waters too. smile.gif If you come across an new info on the lake or Rutgers resort please forward it on. Thanks again.

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  • Posts

    • HugeHogChaser
      Do you have any pics of the process or finished product by any chance?
    • HugeHogChaser
      wow, this is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately idk what the hell i'm doing, as I have no carpentry skills LOL, but i have a buddy that builds houses, so I am sure he would have the necessary skills and tools to assist me. It cant be too hard, right!? haha. Anyways, I appreciate the information, this is GREAT. Ill be sure to touch base with you if I have any questions. Thanks again!! I have a 25 hp motor right now...really old, a chrysler 25 HP from like...the 70s or 80s. You thank that'll be enough power with the added weight?  
    • HookedUp4821
          You can keep one Walleye 13.8- 17.7 a day. With the conservation licence you can take 2 fish out with only one over 27.6. and with a sportsman licences you can take out 4 with only one over 27.6.   
    • eyeguy 54
      dont wear your voice out  
    • Surface Tension
      Thanks All.   No big plans this weekend and and the weather has been putting a damper on outdoor projects and choirs.    Still I might sneak out for a few hours this weekend.      
    • Barefoot
      In and around narrows is where most people were fishing.  Lots of fish under 14 though.  
    • ZachD
      I guess I will have to call the dnr about the couple spots I am in question of. Ones a darn and you can easily pick them off all day almost year round
    • Stick in Mud
      Thanks for the great report.  We fished up there all last week, and we found shiners to be the only bait we *couldn't* get bites on. Very, very strange, but by far our best bite was on crawlers.  I think our total was something like 8 fish on shiners and 80 or 90 on crawlers (between two boats).  We didn't start fishing with crawlers until Thursday, either, so all those fish came on our last two days, with the windier Thursday being best.
    • Dale S
      Thanks guys for the informative replies. Can you also comment on the walleye limits?
    • noska
      Hey Barefoot on the main lake or current areas?