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Flourocarbon VS Mono VS Fireline Your Thoughts please

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Guys I am gettign ready to start spooling my rods for the year and I have never used Lead or Flourocarbon. I was thinking about putting lead on one of my trolling rods. I would like some other opinions on pros and cons of each line. Mono is allways the trusty fallback but with new technology is one line better for different techinques or presentations. Any input would be appreciated.

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After I switched to fireline, I'll never go back to mono. Amazing sensitivity whether trolling spinners or just jigging (plus don't get line bit off nearly as often). I've jigged alongside other guys and caught just as many fish even though the line doesn't stretch. Obviously fireline is the way to go for cranking too due to line diameter and no stretch/no memory.

I know other guys have other takes, just my opinion.

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thanks for your input. I tired fireline micro ice this year. it sucked. I like my fireline on open water reels though.

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Hiya -

I rarely worry about what color my lures are, but I can agonize over line choices...

Here's some semi-random thoughts...

Leadcore - Trolling crankbaits with leadcore can be amazingly effective. It takes some practice, but once you get it figured out you can't believe how precise it is. Leadcore lets you get shallow stick baits like Thundersticks or regular Rapalas down as deep as you want, and lets you troll deeper-diving baits like Shad Raps or Flicker Shads on a shorter line. With leadcore, the amount of line you have out (the number of colors) controls your depth generally, and you dial it in with your speed. The faster you go, the more lift is created by the water resistance on th leadcore. Slow down and the weight overcomes resistance and it runs deeper. By adjusting your speed you can get really precise, and move up and down a break just by controlling your speed...but it takes practice. Oh - leader. I usually use 10# XT or 10# Vanish leader material... 10' or so is all you need.

For the other stuff....

For vertical jigging and pitching jigs for walleyes, for casting stickbaits like Husky Jerks for walleyes or bass, or for skipping under docks I really like Fireline. 10 lb for jigging and stickbaits, 14 for around cover. Love the sensitivity and no stretch. Do have to take it easy with light wire hooks though. I run a Fluorocarbon leader on my Fireline most of the time. 10# or 12# mostly. I just tie on a 6' or so leader with back to back uni-knots (helps to double the fireline over) and tie on a new one when the leader gets down to 2' or so. Just make sure you use Fluorcarbon *leader mnaterial* not regular Fluoro casting line. Leader material's tougher.

For jigging with mono I like Berkley Sensation. Great stuff.

I am starting to use castable Fluoro more like Vanish. Nice for some things because it's lower stretch than mono, and more abrasion resistant. Definitely like it for casting crankbaits, and plan on using it some jigging this year just to try it out. If you're putting it on spinning gear, use a larger spool reel if you have one, and don't fill the spool all the way - leave 1/4 inch or so. Fluoro has no memory, and will spill off the spool like mad if you overfill it. It'll make you nuts.

For stuff where you need tougher line like spinnerbaits for bass, I tried Berkley Maxx last year and loved it. Tough, and very nice to handle. Tough as XT, but handles more like XL.

Hope that helps...


Rob Kimm

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They all have their + and - and different applications. Not all florocarbon is created equal, some are very brittle(as is the nature of pure fluorocarbon). However flouro is very invisible in water. I like to use a copolymer called p line, it's not pure flouro, less brittle, yet less visable then anything else. I use this for jigging and light rigging presentations of various types. Now regular mono is the old standby and will always have its uses. Its major points are it is strong with medium visability and STRETCH (flouro has less stretch). I think mono makes great leaders for trolling cranks when using fireline, the stretch helps absorb strikes and it is very low visability. mono also works just fine for rigging and jigging and pretty much anything, anything berkley makes is good from my expierience. Fireline is an amazing superline with NO STRETCH (needs to be considered) very small diameter and the most visable out of any. Great for heavy trolling, I use it almost exclusively for bass (in heavy cover its great)and on all my baitcasters. Small diameter slices through the water and makes it a great trolling line.

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I can just about bet that the majority of my use of fluorocarbon line doesn't apply to most of you out there reading this, unless you fly fish. But I'll post here anyways, in case another fly angler is reading.

I use fluorocarbon leaders when using a sinking tip, or uniform sink line, since the fluorocarbon line sinks in water. The stiff line makes for a good butt section on your leader and helps turn over flies. 20 Lb Vanish works well for butt sections of leaders on my 6-8 wt lines, and 50 lb vanish works good on the 9wt + leaders.

On a floating line, a good hard mono butt section is beneficial to turning over flies as well. Many saltwater and big game anglers use stiff mono (up to and over 100lb test) as a bite guard on their leaders.

For conventional angling I like to use straight mono against trout and salmon. The stretch inherent in mono provides some protection to your line when a fish cuts back and makes a large run upstream. In cases like this tension on fluorocarbon or braided lines can actually exceed breaking point and you can lose your fish. In other cases, the fish can cut back the other way, creating slack in your line, and gets off the hook. I've seen both of these cases happen first hand. That's why I stick with mono.

The main reason I may use fluorocarbon on a spinning rod setup, is when the trout get line shy, and I need to use the smallest stealthiest line to fool the fish, then I tie on a fluorocarbon leader. This situation usually occurs in clear lakes. Most river situations, the water is turbid enough where visibility isn't an issue.

I know, I know, this post probably didn't help anybody... tongue.gif

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    • cookie129
      Well another game fish season has came to a end. The dnr will be having a meeting this week in Kellier to discuss the up and coming open water season.. I be leave our cabins are wide open with narly a date penciled in this summer including opener?
      Grab a cup of java because this is going to be a long blog.
      The first thing is what a great ending to another game fish season .
      The biggest thing and this come from my heart is" Thank you" to all my new and repeat customers . With out all of you I would not be able to enjoy working on such a grand lake. When that old timer Dave shared that with me I was in Awe. "Its a grand lake and it owes me nothing, nothing was his quote and boy did that stick. The walleye fishing this year could of been better. I'm all most to the point of calling them the elusive upper red lake walleye?
      Just like every season for 14 years now we have had great fishing, good fishing and poor fishing. I guess its the luck of the draw when you come up. We caught a couple,, we caught some and we caught a few over the season. The fishermen have become a little more tight lip about there walleye catches over the last couple years. Its so funny when You ask a fishermen how they did. The ponder and say oh we got a few? I've always been like how many is a few? Its always well we got 18? To me a few is 3, a couple is two and some can be 1 or more.
      The dnr will be releasing a summery of what's happening on the lake in the next upper red lake association news letter. If your interested in joining and becoming a member its 25 dollars a year or 50 if you want your business listed on there web site.
      I have a few gripes I want to share also. Some you will have to read between the lines.
      The first thing is Saturday night I was coming off of the lake on Hillmens highway. Buddy Hillmen is so dedicated to his road and there is no one prouder when it comes to maintaining a ice road.
      As I was coming on to the landing a big wheel house turned off the highway. I new right away they did not pay 10 dollars and there's a sign right there that says 10 dollars. I rolled down my window and he was like wow I did not know where to pay. Where do you pay? He had no problem finding the access but did not see the lights on in the bar with a few vehicles there? Give me a break.
      Kelly, Buddy Hillmens mechanic got 3 Thursday night pulling in. If you can not afford 10 dollars a day for your wheel house ? I personally think wheel houses should have to pay more?
      I also had a few customers that tried to slide by this year and its very frustrating . The deal I have with buddy hillmen is I can use his access and in turn my customers have to pay 10 dollars a day. I'm on call 24 hours a day for any ice road work ,plowing, bridging, etc. Over the years I have been accused of fishing where some one was going to go? fishing on some ones way points? Cutting someone off. Every year its something and again this year was no exception? Any side roads I personally plow to my houses are always open. Do I want fishermen by my houses? Nope. My customers pay good money and I do not want them looking out the picture windows and seeing a wheel house 30 yards away. There is always plenty of room where I plow as I'm the rouge plower. I have no problem plowing out a driveway for a wheel house as it helps pay for my equipment as it takes a beating out there.
      Its been a crazy season and its not over for me as I again chase the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. to be continued
    • SkunkedAgain
      My snowmobile is dead so I can't vouch for the rest of the lake (anyone want a '97 Polaris 600 for free?) but when I augered through the ice in my bay, the ice was over 2ft thick - came to the middle of my thigh. However, there were several layers that the auger broke through and definitely some slushy ice mixed in. I would definitely be wary of areas with current! Stay safe
    • NorthCountryMarine
      Your all done Brian, thanks for stopping by!
    • Sunset Lodge
      2.27.17 Sunset Lodge Fishing Report Hello from the NW Angle! Ice conditions are still favorable with 20-24 inches of solid ice in non-current areas. Snow cover is minimal on snowmobile trails but are still being groomed and in good condition. On the Minnesota side, we are seeing walleyes being caught  on shallower rock points between 20-24 feet as well as deeper mud between 28-30 feet. A good number of saugers and perch are also being produced. Black and gold have been performing very well using a variety of baits. Canada is still producing but the crappie bite has been hot and cold within the last week. Walleyes are are most active on rock humps with successful colors being, blue and white, pink and gold. Until next week! Sunset Lodge Ice Team
    • Poutwhacker
      I managed to get a couple of days off, so plan on pulling my wheelhouse up to LOW (Wheeler's Point) Wednesday morning. Reports have been kinda sparse, so am wondering what the latest and greatest is? Don't expect your Honey Hole spot, just general locations, ice and lake travel conditions, etc, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks 'Pout