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Weekend Report

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Well our annual fishing trip to Winni was basically winded out. We had a great day on Thursday and caught about 60 keepers. Then the winds came and basically shut down the fishing for us and almost blew us off Big Winni. Without a shack we were stuck cutting holes next to truck tires and hunkering down. Moving around to find fish was very difficult but our best fishing was 14 - 18 FOW. Whole fatheads and minnow heads worked about the same. Gold was the best color. Caught a few northerns near the main East to West pressure crack.

Ended up going to a smaller lake on Saturday, catching a few more perch and northerns.

Highlights of the trip were hangin with the guys, playing guts, and High Banks Bloody Mary's. Already looking forward to next year. Thinking of making the trip in March instead. Any thoughts on fishing in the 2nd week of March would be appreciated.

Good luck to all the rest of the way.


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    • Mike89
      snack time for sure, just need cold beer!!
    • Skibo
      I may get a big ration of doodoo for this post, but here goes.  As a business owner (not food related) I guess I'm a bit confused by all of these negative posts.  The new owners (remember, they invested their money in the place) have evidently decided on a business model that they feel will work for them to be profitable.  I don't know them, don't know what their background or experience is, and it really doesn't matter.  It's their business, so they get to do with it whatever they choose.  If their model doesn't work, it stands to reason that they'll change their model, but that is entirely up to them.  There's likely a reason that the ownership of The Landing has changed several times in the last decade.  Trying to drive these owners out of business won't bring back 1980's priced cheap food and drink.   There are lots of places in many towns and cities that I choose not to eat at or visit because I don't want to pay the prices they charge.  But I don't go on the Internet and demean the owners and their places of business because I choose not to buy from them.  I'm a few times a year visitor to The Landing, and it is generally for lunch off the lake.  If I thought it was too expensive I simply wouldn't go back.  Vote with your dollars, not your posts on this forum.  Get a Trip Advisor or Yelp account and post a review if it's that important for you to vent.   The alternative for all of you of course, is that if anyone else has a model where they can charge half as much and still make a profit (not likely), well maybe that person ought to buy The Landing and give us all cheap food and drink.  We'll line up at the dock for you.  It's the old "put your money where your mouth is" adage.  The fact is, most of the old favorite local establishments you talk about have been in the same family for years or generations, and the owners make a living because of low overhead.  Someone investing in a new venture has lots to pay for, and as you all know, owning anything on a lake, and especially on Vermilion in Greenwood Township, is not a low-cost endeavor.   Let's support those who choose to invest in these expensive pieces of real estate on our lake (or at least not disparage them in these posts), and help them to keep them open.  Time to forget about getting $1 tap beers and $2.50 hamburgers, when the owners have to pay 2017 overhead costs.  Guys, the 80's want their lunch tab back.
    • Wanderer
      It's pretty driveable out there.
    • fishin4sum
      I must have missed it, but where are the fish pictures?  
    • Wanderer
      And when they do, they'll hire a guide.