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Loud music and noise

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I have seen people on the Duluth and URL pages talk about crowding, bad behavior, etc. Last night we were at Boulder and the crappies were hitting pretty good. What was annoying was that two parties had blaring tunes blasting in the darkness. When one left, he did his best to squeel out on the ice. I am new to ice fishing, and I am starting to wonder if a guy should just get as far away from everybody as possible? It's kind of hard to figure out what the expected behaviour is..??

Another question. When I have been searching for crappies I have found that the first drop of a line often gets a fish. So, does the auger really scare them away? If not, what kind of noise do people who have fished for a while think scares away the fish. Just wondering.

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I believe that first ice noise like that is much spookier on the fish than 30" of ice. I also believe that fishing in a crowd is unproductive no matter what time of year. I have never had luck fishing in a village. There is just too much going on in there that spook fish away- multiple augers running constantly, generators running, loud music, trucks driving around, the list goes on. When people get bored because the fish aren't biting, that is when the riff-raff starts. Instead of searching for actively biting fish, most people just sit there for what ever reason.

I don't honestly think that 1 or 2 augers running for 10 minutes then silence is going to scare the fish away. I have caught many Rainbows or other shallow biting fish 2 minutes after the auger has shut off. Most village areas of the lake have NON-STOP noise and I think the fish will avoid them for the most part.

Your always best to get away from anybody!

Hope this helps!


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I will pretty much tend to stay away from the crowds as much as possible. I just don't like the idea of setting up next to someone and hate being set up next to.

As far as noise, I think in areas with a lot of pressure noise is a negative thing. But as mentioned earlier, I too have had spots when fishing alone or in small groups where the first hole gets a fish. Also had spots when crappie fishing where each new hole drilled there was a fish caught. This was in 15-17 fow.

Mostly I would classify a lot of noise as a negative, but it's all going to depend on the lake and the fishing pressure.

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      I will check
    • monstermoose78
    • eyeguy 54
      fun time today  2 beasts still swimmin to get bigger
    • biff
      The quality of walleye on fish has really amped up since the slot. I would put it up there with the St. Louis River now as far as local waters that produce quality walleye. Sometimes it's hard to catch an eye under 17"...its kinda the opposite of Island Lake. I wish the protected slot was a little longer as I don't see many over 26".
    • JBMasterAngler
      I never got a chance to get down to Superior in the morning to fish from shore, as it was always a little too rough every day. I did get up early enough to make it to the devil track river, finally for the first time. Was nice to check it out, although my time was short. Caught 1 little rainbow, and lost 6!    Also checked out the Poplar River for the first time, off the caribou trail, at the campgrounds. Only fished it for a little bit, but caught 2 brook trout, one of which was about 12 inches. River was surprisingly deep, was wading in waste deep water.    My dad and my son are still up there. But they haven't really been able to fish due to the rain on Saturday and Sunday. If it was nice today, they were going to go back to Greenwood Lake. Otherwise, if the weather was bad, they were coming home a day early. Haven't heard from them yet, so hopefully they were able to get out.
    • portageguy
      Yes just north of Cook.  They are open 7 days 8:00-4:30. Y-store is open 5am - midnight.  
    • curt quesnell
      Wind was howling when we left the dock this morning and I was pretty shook up about it. A nice steady bite with decent fish made the day a real pleasure.   Good news going into the big weekend, the fish are biting.
    • Fish Head
      Is it the LaCroix Ranger Station where you pick up the permits now?
    • ozzie
      not something I consider when eating as I don't eat fish weekly.  I feed them to my kids and my wife ate it while pregnant.  Not sure if there really is a concern or not but the basic guidelines are out there more for kids and pregnant women.  Unless you are eating fish daily or every other day then I don't think you need to worry a whole bunch.  Heck if you die because of mercury poisoning from eating too many fish, well at least you had one hell of a time before you died! HAHAHA   A few years back a local lake close to the metro started producing a lot of crappies and people drove all over to fish.  A lot of fish were taken and eaten.  The lake had been traditionally known as a dumping pond for farm runoff and other things like that...I ate a limit or 2 from said lake and never had issues with anything and the fish tasted like they should.  Point being that unless they say "DON'T EAT FISH FROM THIS LAKE" just follow the state guidelines for your kids and prego wife but other than that enjoy a meal or 2 a week if you are lucky to catch enough!!  Good Luck- Ozzie
    • delcecchi
      I think day use motor or camping requires a permit, not self service.