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Report from Spirit Island 2-17

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WEll i've been lurking around here for a while and finally got registered. here is my report from this past weekend.

Got to the lake around 4:30am, set up west of spirit island in 26fow. Light brought one eye to sniff the chubby darter. Sunrise brought a 12.5 inch perch, then lots of smaller oones. moved northwest into 30fow, nothing. rocky reef produced a few small perch in 25 fow. worked reef down to anderson reef and back out to spirit. drilled lots and lots of holes, about 2 hrs worth. one 15 inch eye mid day. more small perch. circled spirit on the west northwest side. nothing for jumbos. Most holes were jigged from 5 to 15 minutes, pounding bottom, lots of perch, lots of small perch. moved to the south side of 4 mile reef for evening. mistake, should have stuck out anderson area. confused.gif one perch, one small eye. fish were agressive all day, biting big bait.

I've traveled to mill lacs about 8 times now and a meesly 15 inch walleye is my best. It has been pretty frustrating, but stories of huge fish keep me coming back. What am i doing wrong? I really want to catch a mill lacs monster, but it just seems whenever i fish there is not much for walleyes. got into jumbos a couple of times, and that was very fun, but nothing for eyes. Any suggestions.

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To be honest with you, I would just keep doing what your doing, but my opinion you might have some better luck during the day drilling 2 hours woth of holes on the flats during the day; this time of year. Then twords night either stay on the flats depending on the bite or head to the reefs. Earlier in January I caught a 27, 26 and 24 in 13 ft of water in sunset bay. All those fish hit between midnight and 5 in the morning though. I hope some of this helps.

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addict,Welcome to HSO & FM. Thanks for the fishing report and glad to have you aboard. smile.gif Keep working and the big one will come. I had just a ok winter season with my biggest going 25. I will be back there this spring as I know there are some sumo eyes in there.

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My brother in-law and I showed up at spirt around 3:30.

a little cluster of porties (2-3) 20 yards north west of

isle. We were north west of island about 100-150 yards. We

were clustered with two trailers (one with small gen.).

We had same results you report. We braved it out till about

7:30 p.m.. We packed up or gear and headed for isle. During

that 4 hour period, we saw not one fish on cam and even

locator. Just before setting up camp, we ran over to sloppy

joes and drill some hole. We saw about 4-jumbo's when we

dropped the cam. Should of stayed there, but went to spirit

island and caught nothing. Try sloppies if your going back


see ya up their,

SHACKBASH tongue.gif

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Your best bet is to go slip bobbering in and around spirit Island and sloppy joe's in mid june. With a slight wind and small red hook, you will hammer some nice walleye. My only other comment would be try the week between Christmas and New Year's. I have caught 28 inch walleyes in each of the last two years through the ice on a shiner on a rockpile. From my experience, the bites just sags after January 15th until it really warms up in late February or early March.

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What you all say is encouraging, sounds like my best be will be to hit'er hard next season for walleyes, I'll be up in the mud come March looking for jumbos.

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I also have been lucking around for awhile.

Hope this isn’t too long.

Started out of Garrison on Fri about 2:30pm hit a few spots on our way to the middle of the lake. After about 30 holes with some lookers and no takers, its 5:00 and time to stay put, we’re somewhere on 8 mile with one fat 26 incher, 12” perch for two of us.

Sat we were in the water by 7:30am off the SE side of Mir Mar where the last time out in the pm I caught a 24, 19, 18 and two perch. Had a hit when I was on the phone with the people we were meeting around 10:00, of coarse I missed the only bite of the morning!

Sent one house out somewhere around Greg’s flat they got 4 perch and no eyes on Sat pm in 32’.

Another house to Boot flat they went home with 4 eyes. They said that it should have been a lot more but, all they would say “If it could go wrong it did”

My brother and I must of cut at least 75 holes on a few different flats as far N as the N tip of Matten all we had was lookers all afternoon. Met up with the first house and I set up on the middle of the flat in 26 fow got 1 perch and a 19.5 eye. Boy was it nice to be in somewhere warm. The rattle reels only went off a few times that night, only hooked a small pout and 10” eye. But for some reason we were missing 5 of the 6 minnows that morning. Must have been the Jack? We moved up to the middle of the reef on a sharp drop with nobody around for a ½ mile or more. Cooked up some ribs on the BBQ, finger licken good! Now for 6 people I got 4 nice perch. We had a 24 and another perch.

Sun night the rattle reels never went off till 5:00 missed 3 got up about 6:30 and started jigging by 7:00 I had two keepers AND a 271/2 the biggest one of the year, others in this house 0. My brothers house a 26 and two perch

Off to the Boot for the rest of the day, 2 perch, a pout in the afternoon 2 monsters lost at the bottom of the hole 1 lost ½ way up. I got over ½ of the fish, what fun!

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      I'm wondering the same thing!  Low temps have been dropping below freezing and in shallow water that temp has to drop multiple degrees in a night.  I'm wondering if they went back to the breaks and are waiting again?
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      Looks like a nice fight rick! Fun when hook into the big ones in the yak. Like santa and his reindeer.
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    • Cobber
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    • buzz1ng
      Public water is the Surface of the Water, not the land beneath it.  So even if you can access the river through an easement the actual land that youre standing on could be private property. Everything on the DNR Website says "Surface of Water" in the trespassing section.  I agree this is unfortunate,  but as usual, the 3 drunk morons that don't care ruin it for the 1000 that do..... standard procedure these days.  1 idiot doesn't clean his boat, and wrecks a lake for thousands of people.