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Anyone hear anything good or bad about the new strike-lite ice auger. I really like the idea of no smoke! I heard they had a flooding issue last year and wondered if they got that cleared up.

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Hey der Slacks....First off Welcome to FM/HSO/IceLeaders. We do have an equipment forum and a general Icefishing forum where you may get a few more replies to such a question. Our regional forums are for the most part a place to get info on the area in general, and it's fishing in specific, lodging, access spots, fishing tips, etc. We are a friendly bunch here on the LOTW forum and will try and field most anything if we have any light to shed on the subject though.

My friend Chris Hanson was up here fishing with me last year and his father came up one evening to fish with us and he had a brand new one. I have'nt caught wind of flooding issues with them, and from what I've seen I'd give it a big thumbs up myself, started fine, idled fine and cut darn nice thats for sure. Lightweight and smokeless, I punch quite a few holes, 100's if not 1000's in a few permanent huts thru a season and I'd sure like to have one for my own use no doubt about it. I'd say the only thing that may be considered a draw back with them is the fact that a guy is supposed to store and transport on 1 side of the machine. A guy would just need to take heed of this is all and that would'nt be a problem for most folks I'd reckon. Strikemaster makes a good product, I ran an old 2hp mag111 for many years and cut a gazillion holes with both an 8 and 10 inch bit.

Enjoy our winter season.....fiskyknut

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    • waterspaniel
      6/17-24 at LaBelle's Birch Point lodge in NW Bay.   walleyes seemed scattered--trolled crankbaits and lindy-rigged leaches.  cool, wet, windy weather half the week.  no bass.
    • monstermoose78
      Juan that is great area for smallies. The water looks clear for the rum it's time. It's a long way to the next landing so you might want put in in Princeton and fish to that access You can get out at highway 47 so that is not to bad. I forgot about that I was thinking you had get almost to Cambridge.
    • gus004
      Thanks for the update.  Keep this updated.  Heading up on Saturday for the week and need to dial in the bait for the week or if we are going to be spending all day looking for active fish.  
    • Satchmo
      Been a decent year on Kab, but the variable weather has fishing in an unpredictable pattern too. Much like last year, saugers have made up a big chunk of the catch, but walleyes are coming around. LOTS of small 9"-11" 'eyes around mixed with some 15"-16" 'eyes and sauger. Some folks are still picking up some of the jumbo perch too. Little pike are everywhere and quite the nuisance.
    • fivebucks
      You kind of hit the weather bad this past weekend.  Wind, rain, and more wind not to mention cold fronts moving thru.  I was on the lake my cabin is on in the general area of Red and I had a tough time scrapping together a meal - and I've fished the lake for 15+ years.  Sometimes mother nature throws you a curve and no matter how good the lake is sometimes it doesn't matter.
    • Satchmo
      Looks like a Namakan fish.
    • CaptJohnWis
      Hit the lake before 6:00 this morning. Fishing very slow again. Lots of mayflies on the water. Water 64 degrees. Got a bass at first stop but no more of those. ABout 5 walleyes and four pike in nine hours. Quit just in time to fight the 22 MPH wind (twice what was predicted) all the way home. Fish in 25 FOW. Most on Fin-S-Fish. numerous missed bites. Yesterday hardly missed a one. Not so today.   June 27, 2017 video link    
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      Froggin is a blast! I couldn't get any topwater action Saturday but just under the surface with a spinnerbait they were crushing it. Early morning it was suspending jerkbaits on weedlines. Not a single swirl on top. 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      The walleye bite the past couple days has gone from Boom to  almost Bust! There have been a couple of huge May fly hatches the last couple of nights along with a large Rusty Crayfish molt that have been making catching walleyes a real challenge! We are still getting some fish but now have to earn every fish! Lindys with 1/2 crawler fished VERY slow in 18" to 30" depths has been my best presentation. Cliff
    • Juan Grande
      Thanks guys!  We tried kayak fishing last year (around Labor Day I think) and the Rum was way too high.  We launched on CR 7 between Blue and Green lake and just ended up paddling the river.  Is that a good stretch for smallies?