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Captain B.R.K

Ice Gear

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting the itch to start filling up that tackle box with the latest jigs and lures for the upcoming season. We don't have any ice yet, but that isn't stopping me from getting the itch smile.gif

I have always gone with a demon type lure for fishing pannies or a genz type of bug over the years. Two years ago Fiskas came out with some new lures that were dynamite! I bought about 6 of them at first and now down to 2. Darn toothy finned pike and hard-lipped bass!

Time to recruit new Fiskas!

Another hot lure to hit the crowd is made by Little Atom. They have a line of jigs that came out last year that I have not gotten my hands on, which is about to change. The Optic jig and Stealth Optic come in a variety of colors and sizes for those willing to try something new each time out on the ice.

These types of new lures should be in my tackle box this year and should cover all my panfish needs.

As for walleye fishing, there are few lures from JB Lures that have gotten my attention. I'm a huge fan of the angel eye jigging spoon. However JB fine tuned a good lure and came out with the


Holie Angel

Also I would recommend the


Rattle Varmits as another jiggin spoon open!

So many lures to pick from, so many dollars to go around.

What's new in your tackle box this winter?

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Some Thingamiggies, Whatchamacallit's and Someadem's. grin.gif

Seriously, Little Atom jigs and Wolfram jigs are some of the latest to get some Ice box space. And of course a whole lotta Power Minnows! grin.gif

Ready or not, Ice fishing seasong is coming!

Corey Bechtold

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I really like the Little Atom optic stealth jigs paired with a nuggie or a noodle for panfish. This combo was really hot for me this past winter and also during the softwater season as well. I hardly use live bait for panfish anymore.

The Rattlin Varmit and Pro Varmit were great producers for me last winter as well for big crappies, perch and walleyes.

I'm definitely adding a few more of these to my box this winter. ( may have to try those Holie Angels as well. wink.gif

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I read and read some more about your power minnow stategy to catch slab crappies Corey. I still can't believe the plastics work that well, but I know they do listening to your stories. Those will be added to the arsenal as well.

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      Thank you very much Outy22! 
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      In no way am I trying to fire up a catch and release vs catch and grease fight.  Admins, please delete any comments like that. I am curious about everyone's thoughts and knowledge on mercury in fish.    It seems Walleye are always the riskiest fish to eat via DNR and MDH surveys but I know the fishing for eyes is such a tradition up here. A lot of walleye are eaten in Minnesota every year as well as Pike and Bass which also can be high in mercury because they are high on the food chain. Does anyone worry about it or is this something that is overhyped? I'm a bit careful where I fish because my wife is pregant and I don't want her eating too much mercury. I'm still kinda new to the state so I trust the knowledge of locals more so than DNR in a lot of situations.    For example, in TN (where I moved from) our DNR says do not eat ANY fish from the Mississippi river. I'd say it's pretty nasty by the time it gets that far south but there are river rats as far down as Louisiana eating catfish and bass all year long and you don't hear of them dying from mercury poisoning or having other effects of it. At least not thay I've heard or read.    I'm very curious to know your opinions on the matter. I don't catch many walleye anyway but I do love eating Pike and other fish. It's so satisfying to work hard for a fresh meal but do I have to continue to be super cautious of what lakes I eat a Pike from? Seems like the closer to the metro, the more dangerous it can be...or is it? Some of the huge lakes up North are full of mercury too. 
    • Mossy19
      Well it end up being 2 broken live well pumps being broken.  The pumps would pump water into the live wells but also be spraying water into the back compartment of the boat.  That's where my water was coming from.  I would like to thank those that replied suggestions back.
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    • h8go4s
      This one?   Everything you need to know, paid for by your tax dollars.
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      What's the flow like on the Rum, Moose?
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      Hi guys and gals,   Does anyone know much about this lake? I don't fish this area of the state. We are looking to stay at Cedar Point Resort for a week. Just want to get to know the lake for what it is.   Is it a bass, northern, pan fish or walleye lake? Or all of the above? The surveys don't look that impressive.   Any good guides in the area?   Thanks.   Avid
    • portageguy
      The bite is on in Trout lake. Remote lake walleye fishing has been good. A leech or crawler has  been producing nice fish. This last week Trout lake has been good for lake trout, walleye and bass. A camper had caught and released a 44 inch pike. Bass fishermen reported 100 fish days.   The Y-store is looking into taking on BWCA permits. Please encourage and support them to do so. 
    • delcecchi
      On many lakes it is possible to rent a boat for a reasonable price.  Or to hire a guide who knows the area and the lakes.