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My dog decided to start retrieving!

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Was out in SoDak Sun-Tues and shot a bunch of birds. The funny thing is that Dixie decided to start retrieving. Not sure if it was competition with the labs that were with us that flipped the switch or if it was just having a bunch of opportunities in a row. The first day she didn't retrieve but would pick up the bird and mouth it for a little bit which is what she normally does. The second day she retrieved one out of a cut bean field. She just picked it up and walked with it about 20 yds to me. The last day she made 4 running retrieves with one having her go under a fence and back through cover to get to me. So I'm a little shocked to say the least. I had come to grips with her just being a dog that finds dead and crippled birds but that I'd have to go to her to get it. We'll have to see on the next outing if she continues this behavior (I sure hope she does) but I have to say I liked what I saw. If any of you retriever guys have any tips on how to enhance or at least keep this going in the right direction let me know.



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Not sure on any tips for you, but we had the same thing happen this year in our hunt in ND. One of the guys GSP started retieving and did so on a decent number of birds. From the sounds of it prior to that hunt the dog did not retrieve that much. Maybe it was from the 4 labs that were running around him getting all the birds?

Funny thing was that he would only grab the bird by the head and retrieve it, he would not grab the body.

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    • Casey Sunsdahl
      I don't know what's wrong yet but I'm guessing it's not good. More pictures and drs in coming weeks.
    • Muzzy33
      Was the bad rotator cup cause from catching to many big fish?If that's the case I'll take one for the team
    • eyeguy 54
      Heck of a float today!  I released 22 and biggest was just over 19.  Lotta nice sized fish.  My friend was out for the first time on the river and just 2nd time in a yak and he had a ball. Ended up with 8 after he started using my stick baits and got the hang of it.  First time up on that stretch this year. 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      The walleye bite on the East end of Vermilion has been very good since the opener. Some days can be a little challenging but we have managed to limit out every day out since the opener! Not to often that that has happened! The average keeper size has been very consistent also. 14" to 16" fish most days out. Getting a few slot fish also. 26" is our biggest so far but quite a few 20" to 23" walleyes too. Lindy rigs with a glow bead and pike suckers has been my only presentation since the opener. Fish are being caught in 14' to 33' depths. Cliff    
    • Herky2002
      Herky Jr. picked up a couple nice white bass, one trolling and one jigging. We turned them into delicious fish tacos!
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I heard today that he has a bad rotater cup and is scheduled for surgery. Cliff
    • Horseshoe_Don
      small mouth are still spawning
    • Wanderer
        Yah!  The foldable ones you can.    Or, if you don't get a roof carrier you could just leave one hanging out an open window or the hatch like you're making a lumber run.
    • CaptJohnWis
      They are BITING - bugs that is - har!   Bass have been very good some days and slooooow on others. Bugs have been awful last few trips. But the dragonflies have hatched out so they will be putting the gobble on the black flies and mosquitoes so things should improve.   Walleyes have finally showed up on the bank. Bass have been there awhile now. Went to Pelican one day and got some largemouths. The special regs there have really helped the bass fishing. Crappie are in spawning colors at several different lakes I have sampled this last week. Everything pretty much shallow but did get some walleyes in 15 FOW,    
    • Surface Tension
       Thanks for the report Randy!