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Rifle Reloading

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Hey guys, Im thinking about trying to get into reloading my rifle loads. Im wondering if there is anyone here that does some reloading? Im looking for some advice as far as what equipment to get. I have reloaded 12 ga. shells and understand that concept. What do I need for equiptment? What brands and models should I consider? I am looking at doing mainly 30.06 Thanks for anyhelp you can give me.

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Welcome to the wonderfull world of reloading.

You can spend as much or as little as you want. Warning - it is addicting, and you will probably want to keep adding stuff as you go. Reloading will also lead to more gun purchases grin.gif

RCBS makes a nice starter kit (Rock Chucker)that will come with pretty much everything you need to get started.

Lee also makes some good starter kits, including a neat hand press that you can use on a kitchen table if you dont want to mount a press to a bench or table.

Dillon makes great stuff too, but you will pay for it. Very very nice stuff, but unless you are going to do a lot of volume, not necessary.

Things I have that are not neccessary that I really like are:

Digital RCBS powder dispenser and scale - this is great for getting very accurate powder charges every time without messing with a beam type scale. I set it to dispense slightly under what I want, and then trickle in the last couple tenths of a grain.

Hand priming tool - I just prefer the way these work vs priming with the press. You just get a better "feel".

A case length gage is also nice if your brass comes a little long, or stretches a bit. I use this tool in conjunction with a case trimmer to get my brass to a uniform length.

A dial type micrometer is very nice for checking cartridge overall length once you get your bullets seated.

A standard grade die should be sufficient if you are reloading for a bolt gun. If you are loading for a semi auto, I suggest getting a small base die so your rounds will chamber.

A stuck case puller is nice should you stick a case in the resize die. I have never stuck a 30/06 case, but it happens a fair amount with a semi rimless case like a 220 swift, and I have stuck a case or two on my 338.

A kinetic bullet puller is nice for pulling bullets and powder on loads that did not work out.

Good luck!

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Gissert bout nailed it! Just as well buy new too unless you have an uncle willing too give you a good deal as used stuff seems too sell close to new!

If used is what you want,Ebay and gun shows always have some stuff!

First decision to make is do you want a progressive or are you content doing one at a time!

I really like the one at a time way. I think you are more consistent!

It really helps if you can get close to someone that reloads and work with them if its totally new to you. They can give you ideas so you know what you like and don't!

A brass tumbler is nice for keeping the brass clean!

And for me i really like the Digital Caliper And Digital scale. They are fast and easy to read so less chance of a goof up!

Good Luck With your new hobbie Or mabey i should say addiction!! grin.gif

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What Gissert said. I will add that it might be a good idea to go see a set up to get ideas. You are welcome to come see mine but I would think there are closer ones for you in your neck of the woods.

I have a Lyman T-Mag ll set up for my main reloading as it is the turret style and like it because I reload for a variety of calibers including the 30-06 and I have a smaller RCBS single stage that is set up mainly for bullet pulling.

I have mentioned to the site administrator that a whole new forum under Hunting be dedicated to Reloading. Lets see how that develops. In the meantime if you have any questions, let us know here. We all will try and help you out.

I have been toying with the idea of putting on a basic rifle reloaders school. No charge, just getting together more or less to discuss reloading and showing newbies how it is done. I am looking to learn more as well. Don't know the interest and I believe they offered something like this at GM or Sportsmans W but it has always been a timing and distance thing. Comments/suggestions ?

Good luck deer hunting, be careful out there. WG

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If you haven't already, get a couple of reloading manuals and get a catalog from MidwayUSA and Dillon's Blue Press. They both have websites but the catalogs are much better to read. Lyman's reloading handbook is a good read for any one considering handloading. If you are going to reload any volume or for multiple calibers the Dillon RL 550 is hard to beat. The really nice thing about Dillon's RL 550 progressive presses is they can also be used like a single stage press with out the hassle of resetting dies for each stage of reloading.

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I am not familiar with the Dillon's other than knowing they exist. Are the 550's Ok for all calibers and would there be a difference in the progressive vs. one at a time mode per se? I am curious as these sound great for my .223 volume reloading but I also reload larger calibers and wondering if the 550's can do that in the "progressive mode" if you will. I need to check one out as you can tell. WG

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I have the Dillon 550 and reload for about a dozen calibers, both pistol and rifle. For reloading for .223 the 550 is great. I can reload 200 rounds in less than an hour. I load for .45 ACP, .44 REM MAG, .223 REM, .308 WIN and several other calibers including some magnums and even the old .45/70. I check each powder charge on most larger rifle rounds just to make sure they are right on and the 550 usually drops within 2/10's of a grain even up to 95 grains. Changing calibers takes ten minutes (once you have a tool head set up for that caliber.) with most of the time spent adjusting powder charge and setting bullet seating depth. Dillons no B.S. warranty and customer service are amazing.

With a single stage press you need to set each die as you go which means that you have to install and set the sizing/decapping die, size your cases, use a seperate tool to prime each case, then using a powder measure throw each charge into the cases, then pull your sizing die and install and adjust your bullet seating/crimp die.

For doing one caliber the single stage press ( I don't think Dillon offers a single stage press.) can go pretty quick but when you start adding the different calibers the progresive press is much easier and quicker.

Dillon calls thier catalog the Blue Press (Dillon's presses are blue in color.) If you are looking at a progresive reloader this a must read.

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Mech: Thanks. I stopped downtown at South Mill and the young fella has one so he gave me a little fill in regarding the 550. Sounds like a good reloader especially for the volume cases. I do have the turrets with the Lyman and they are nice as I just have all the dies in 3 different turrets so I don't end up having to re-set any which is nice, just put on a different turret and away you go. I will be one turret short now that I am putting together a new gun-6mmBR-and just got the dies for that.

I did go to Dillons website and ordered the catalog. Plan on going to see it in operation one day.

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Nobody mentioned much about dies so I will take a stab at it here, I like hornady and forester.

If you just want hunting or average ammo, the hornady dies work great. I like the forester dies for my matchgrade ammo though.

A good scale is a absolute must, dillon/rcbs/hornady can fill the ticket in that department.

Like mentioned earlier, a hand priming tool is alot easier than priming with the press. It lets you feel when the primmer is seated.


(husband of fishtrapgirl)

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