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Migration Report

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Not sure how many people are aware of this, but the DNR's website keeps a weekly log of the fall waterfowl migration for various areas throughout the state. If you go to the DNR's website, click on hunting, then click on waterfowl the link to the .pdf file will come up and you can check it out. Here's the general comments from their most recent report, but there is more detailed information that is available in the .pdf.

General: 19 October 2006, 3:00 p.m.

Most reports across the state indicated that duck hunting has remained fair to good in most regions of the state. As expected, hunting pressure also decreased in many areas last weekend as many hunters shifted their focus to pheasant hunting. Many waterfowl surveys were cancelled this week due to inclement weather. In general, ring-necked duck abundance likely is at or near peak this week across the state. Some ring-necked ducks redistributed themselves on north central Minnesota lakes last weekend when many small and/or shallow lakes froze. Both scaup and mallard numbers have increased since last week. Many reports indicated that a diversity of different species were beginning to show up in hunters’ bags over the weekend, indicating a fairly significant migration event triggered by last week’s cold front. Canada goose numbers remain good in most areas and additional migrant Canada geese moved into the state during the last week. Expect Canada goose hunting to be good in the West Central goose zone when the season opens today. Goose numbers at Lac qui Parle WMA are as high as they have been at this point in October in over a decade. The weather forecast heading into this weekend and early next week calls for below normal temperatures across the state and some precipitation (rain and snow) later in the weekend. Waterfowl hunters in northern areas can expect high temperatures to remain in the 30s and lows in the 20s. Hunters in the southern portion of the state will see daytime highs only reach into the low

40s with lows into the 20s. Hunters can expect fair to good hunting success to continue over the next week in most of the state. With the cold water temperatures and ice beginning to show up on some lakes, hunters are reminded to use caution when pursuing waterfowl.

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Fish'n guy

Great report basscatcher!!!

I was out in Western Minnesota this weekend and noticed a large number of migrating birds in the area. Hell we shot our limit of divers and mallards on Sunday morning with 3 nice Canvasbacks from 3 different flocks and had several other fly right over as well. I know those moved in overnight.

Here in South Dakota A large amount of ducks are in the area as well as a few geese. It seems that the farther north in South Dakota you go the more birds that you see!!! I saw about 10,000 ducks west of watertown on saturday along with several Snows, Blues, Specks, and Canadas.

Not too much frozen water around here and a lot of corn is still in so when they get rolling on that things will get better!! I think that there are still plenty of birds that haven't came down yet!!

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Just another update. If you guys don't care to see this, let me know and I'll quit putting it up here.


General: 26 October 2006, 2:00 p.m.

Duck hunting success continues to remain fair to good in most areas of the state, but

hunters are starting to contend with ice on many lakes. Many lakes/wetlands in the

northern part of the state were 100% ice covered early this week. A slight warm up in the

middle of the week has re-opened many lakes, or portions of lakes. The weather

forecast heading into this weekend calls for slightly milder temperatures across the state than over the past week with a slight chance of precipitation by Saturday. The northern part of the state should see high temperatures in the 30s and low 40s with lows in the mid to upper 20s over the next week. Hunters in the southern portion of the state will see daytime highs reach into the low 50s with lows into the 30s over the next week. Winds are expected to shift to the northwest/west at some point on Saturday and continuing through Sunday. With this forecast, open water hunting should remain available in most areas at least

through next week. In general, duck abundance was variable in many areas the past week. Some regions noted large increases in duck numbers and other region saw declines in duck numbers, likely as a result of ice conditions early in the week. Ring-necked duck abundance remains fairly high, but peak abundance likely occurred last week. Scaup numbers increased again last week and

most reports indicate that scaup seem to be more abundant this season than the past few years. Mallard abundance is generally fair in most regions but no significant build-up has occurred yet in western and southern Minnesota. A few late season migrants (goldeneye, bufflehead, large mergansers) moved into the state but numbers should increase as lakes to the north begin to freeze. Canada goose numbers remain strong across the state. Expect Canada goose hunting to remain good in the West Central goose zone. A few snow geese are present in the northwest and western portions of the state. Waterfowl hunting pressure continues to decline and remains low during the week. Hunters can expect fair to good hunting success to continue over the next week in most of the state.

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outdoor ran

I'll throw in a northern Wi duck report even though no one proably cares wink.gif

Duck hunting here in northern Wi. has been some of the best hunting I've seen in years. Then again its seems to be the coldest Oct. we've had in quite some time. Cold and those strong west winds have pushed alot birds into the area. Most of the birds were seeing now are goldeneyes, butterballs, redheads, hoodeds, big double curl mallards. Also seeing a fair amount of cans and blacks. Still a ton of big ole honkers in the area with some blues and snows showing up.

Whats really neat is for some reason there are still bwt and gwt buzzing around. Quite the mixed bag limits.

Good luck

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Sartell Angler

today was HORRIBLE in the Mille Lacs area...didn't shoot a bird on a lake we typically do very well on. Millions of coots to look at though.

I'm sleepin' in and hunting squirrels tomorrow instead.

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MN Mike

Just been driving around the last couple days, lots of big flocks of geese coming down, looks like the main run is on.

Pretty windy and some snow showers happening today.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • mrpike1973
      Thanks for the replies heading up tomorrow.
    • Fishing Frenzy
      There is open water almost up to the 23 bridge as of yesterday.
    • Horseshoe_Don
      On Horseshoe the icw is in great shape.   Snow pack is mostly melted and frozen.   Any 2wd vehicle can move around easily.   Don  
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Grundy, I have the Navionics  lake app on my phone and it works great! I have also seen the OnX  phone app in action and it is very helpful! I ordered the chip for my hand held G.P.S. from Garmin on line. Not sure what the cost was. Cliff
    • OhioVike
      I am sure that would be interesting...
    • grundy
      If you have a smartphone you can download the OnX  hunting app. Gives all landowner names and land boundries. Also gives all state land, wildlife refuges etc. There is also a Navonics  app for downloading to a smartphone. It gives all the lake contours for fishing. These apps cost a little but you don't need to buy a gps or a chip for the gps. A lot cheaper IMO and you don't have to carry around another gadget.
    • PRO-V
      We've used it on a 19' ProV side by side with our friends Ranger. It holds the Ranger way better since it is a bit heavier, sits lower in the water catching less wind. Same model motors.
    • leech~~
      Cliff, where did you get that and what was the cost? That would come in pretty handy for hunting spots and talking with land owners.
    • Borch
      I love a box call for windy days but like Chris said rack call h as it's place.  Even changing strikers can make a difference.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I bought the Garmin hunt/view map for my hand held GPS. It shows the property lines and property owners. It seems to be fairly accurate in the areas that I have used it on. You will have to check to see what area you will need to get it for. Personally, I paid the $700 to have one of my property corner pins surveyed. You then have a legitimate and legal starting point to start from.  Cliff