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Slow Jigger

ground blind move??

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Slow Jigger

Tonight I was set up on the edge of some pines to my left there is an opening where I saw a doe about 35 yards away. There is one tree out in the middle of the opening.

My question is it smart if I move the blind out in the open by the lone tree and then I can see both tree lines which would be in range and if another doe comes out into the field I can harvest her? Are ground blinds out of place in the middle of a field with not much cover?

As i was adjusting to get in position I spooked a deer that was right next to me which I assume is the buck the owner and I have seen onthat tree line, I nice 8 pointer which is not a monster but definately one that keeps me up thinking at night.

I have been away from archery for 7 years and have seen a few deer so my blood really got moving tonight.... Due to my schedule I can not put in all the time I really want to so the set up is important.

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I just picked up a Double Bull blind and when I watch the instruction DVD they talk about the 50/100 rule, if the deer can see less than 50 yards where you are setup, you need to brush in the blind, deer will spook if all of a sudden they run across the blind, if they can see over 100 yards, you can set it up in the open. I did notice that most of the scenes that they showed, they had the blind brushed in.

Good luck and let us know how you do with your setup.

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David Frank

From my experience hunting out of a double bull blind, I would make every attempt to brush the blind in. While turkeys couldn't care less about a blind in the middle of an open field, deer seem to be a little more concerned. You mentioned that there is one loan pine in the middle. From a different pine tree esewhere, trim a few branches and carry them in with you. Use these to brush in your blind as well as you can. This will not only cover you visually, but also help with the scent too. Fresh cut pine puts off a pretty good natural pine scent. I have done this in the past in the Black Hills of SD with some success. If it is not possible to brush in well and not be easily picked off by a deer's eyes, then maybe leave your blind where it is. Being close with the chance of one wandering your way and making a mistake is better than too close and having everything spook.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      None of the GPS mapping or GIS can be used as legal documents.  The best thing would’ve been to spend the $350 or so for Title Insurance when the land was purchased.  With the insurance the lines are checked and any discrepancies are corrected. After that, yup, it’s up to getting a new survey. best of luck to ya.  
    • Borch
      Pretty nice weather and travel conditions right now.  The ice will be around for a while.  Fishing was slow for us today.
    • papadarv
      Spring is here, open water soon. In Feb. Navionics did a big High Def. update to many lakes. Several  lakes i looked at appeared to have great contour improvements. Two lakes Coon in Anoka and Ottertail in Ottertail co., which i am very famuliar with, were part of the group. I decided to compare the 2 lakes to Iakemaster so I spent the $30 for the 2 maps for Humminbird Fishsmart App. I also obtained a Garmin LakeVU of a portion of Coon. Navionics & Lakemaster very close to each other, Garmin LakeVU not so close. The screen shot has Navionics on left, Lakemaster cennter & Garmin right.  Boating App owners - great time to do the Update all.
    • pikeandchester
      The GPS ideas are great. Garmin Huntview for Minnesota is $79.99 and OnX has 7 day free trial. The plan is to have the property surveyed. I believe Cliff makes a good point, do it right from the start. More time for fishing less time messing around looking for markers and  buying equipment just to possibly end up having the survey done in the end. Thank you for your responses they have been very helpful!
    • Mike89
      good luck there!!!!
    • JBMasterAngler
      I decided to skip Mille Lacs today. With the poor fishing reports and even poorer travel options out there, I’m hoping next week might be better. So bring on the sun for the next 7 days!
    • JBMasterAngler
      Got out to west rush early this morning. No slush issues while I was there, but that could be different by days end. The landing was quickly degrading in just the few hours I was there...landing on east lake is worse. Only caught 5 crappies. Schools were scattered and on the move, and fish weren’t very active. Ice was about 32 inches, which made hole hopping very difficult with an ion auger. Caught a nice sun burn on my face 
    • IceHawk
      Pike good luck!  Grew up fishing down there as a kid. Every so often I go back down there to relive some good memories  When I was 12 yrs old I use to fish down there with a couple old boys at midnight on opening night. Those old boys treated me as there own Kid!  And  I always thanked them for that  they taught me a lot. Caught a pretty good amount of eyes throwing jointed rapalas back then.  Its been a few years since then the old boys are gone fishing in the big sky above. But boy I still see there faces and smiles in my memory when every I stop down there 
    • delcecchi
      ok, now that I have a phone that takes pics, I'll post some when summer comes. Just call me Dime, cuz I be dropping some. 
    • monstermoose78
      Get out there with this amazing weather!! The fish are on the munch was fishing a point near deep water. You all know what I was using for bait if not ask.