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Full Moon Report 10/4 - 10/8

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Just got back from a 5 night trip to Mille Lacs, we fished Weds thru Sunday nights.

Overall the bite was pretty good. Every night we'd have stretches of 2-3 hours with very few fish caught, and stretches of 2-3 hours where we'd catch fish like crazy. Some nights we got on fish right away, some nights it took hours to get on them. Friday was our best night, Saturday was our toughest night.

We fished mostly the N and NW sides. It was plenty bouncy out there on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights. Sat night was the only night there was a lot of boat traffic around us, all the other nights I was surprised how little boat traffic there was.

Husky Jerks and Rogues took the vast majority of our fish, we got very few fish on any other baits. Most of our trolling was between 6-8 fow or 8-10 fow, depending on the night, the spot, the activity, etc., but one night we moved out to 10-12 fow and were getting most of our fish there. We changed colors and baits a lot.

We caught a lot of nice fish, not huge numbers of big hogs but more than enough to keep it interesting. One night I caught two 28.5's and over the 5 days we caught about 10 other 27-28 inch fish, a lot of 22-26 inch fish, and plenty of eaters. We also caught 2 pike that were 38" and one that was 39". One of the 38 inchers was fatter than any pike I've ever seen before so we weighed it (on 2 different scales) and it was 16.5-17 lbs. It was Craig's biggest pike ever, and he also got his 2 biggest walleyes ever that same night, so he was pretty happy.

Overall a good trip, lots of fun and pretty good fishing.

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Team Otter

Bouncy? That's an under-statement! grin.gif

Nice report.

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We fished north end Thur from 7-10:30 no eyes but got a 42" Northern went 20.8# on digital scale got picture & shes still swimming.

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    • leech~~
      I remember that video, pretty darn cool! 
    • leech~~
      Man you can really see the standards of this site of have dropped.  A few years ago we were talking over $80-$100 Thorne Brothers Custom made Ice Rods.  Now a $9.99 dollar rod is the talk for the forum!  We need to bring back the Rich folks!
    • slammer
      I think we should start a Go fund me for Cropduster to take his plane up and give us some pics. lol  He did it a few years ago but not lately.  Its pretty cool veiws from above when ice is forming.  I wonder if he is still lurking around here?
    • EyeChsr
      was out tonight, 6-8 in out from the dnr landing. wheelers and a couple perms out. still open water out in front of Peters resort on the south shore. It starts out a couple hundred yards from shore and runs to the north- northwest for a long ways. some of the spots that were open earlier this week have skimmed, be careful out there if you see different looking ice stop and check!!
    • JIvers
      Thanks for the report--about what I figured, which is why I stayed down here in Iowa this weekend. I am fairly optimistic about getting on the ice in southeast or south central Minnesota next weekend; whether I am on a lake around Faribault or Waseca, or one of my old backwater haunts on the Mississippi remains to be seen. Maybe Clear Lake, Iowa. Whatever I do I will post my results.
    • JerkinLips
      9-11am was best time both days.
    • littlebear
      If you are willing to go a little further into Canada, I would recommend Hollinshead Resort, a few hours north of Thunder Bay.  The resort is the only one on the lake, and in June offers excellent Walleye Fishing, as well as some dandy Northern Pike.  It's somewhere you can drive to as well. 
    • monstermoose78
      Caught 20-23 gills and 6 crappies. Fun day on the 10 inches of ice. The whole lake was close to the same where I cut all the holes out and around
    • Wanderer
      I’m still seeing very random thicknesses all over.  In the past few days I’ve been from St. Cloud to Winnie and have seen vehicles on the ice and open water on the same lake. I’m in Little Falls.  Tonight I checked 2 lakes NW of town.  Both had people fishing.  One looked to be safe for wheeler travel and the other, very near it, still had an open lead and you could see the difference between the first sheet of ice and the second. I hope it doesn’t get covered with snow anytime soon so we can still tell where the changes are. Be safe. Bring floatation and picks.  And don’t drive yet! Ruh ro....
    • Bigfatbert
        Nice fish , great pics ,, what times of the day were best for you ?