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Guess this bucks score winner isssssssssss

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is the winner((((( CONGRATS )))) E-mail me at tjmalaskan


(Contact Us Please)

Number of Points: 8

Greatest Spread: 27 1/8 inches

Total Deductions: 9 inches

Final Score: 181 5/8

Take the 9 off will give you the green net score.After dry time it's going to be close if he makes the book or not

I'll make a call and see if i can post some pics (now)

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I was amazed at how many close guesses there actualy was.I guessed this buck at 184-185 gross and 169-171 net after dry time.I'm going to hit the dry time period score but was a lil off on the gross when me and Extreme were talking about the pic.Extreme was actualy right on the money when he guessed this buck i about put a load in my shorts when i scored the buck i was just a 1/2" off doing it myself free hand and counting it in my head as i ran the tape.So good guess Extreme

I talk to lots of guys who say they shot a 150 class 220lb deer.1st of all it takes a nice deer to hit 150 then to hit 220lb down in this area is kinda far fetched when i hear it everyday during the gun season.Then when i see the deer it's a 120" 175lb deer.Feels like 300lbs when your draggin the deer but it takes a darn big deer to hit 200lbs down here

So when i was looking at the scores i figured i was going to see all kinds of scores well over 200".I have seen a couple over 200 on the hoof in the wild.Thats an elk standing out in the field at 200" or it looks like a tree.This deer had the main frame to be much more then what he is just think if he was a 12 or more like the milo hansen buck.He would rate right up there next to it

So i wanna thank everyone who took a good solid guess and say wow i am impressed that people actualy know how to score a buck

I'm working on getting pics up as soon as i can.I'm probly more excited to put them up then anyone wanting to look at it.

For some reason Shikellamy dont contact me or backs out i'll take the 2 people who 1st guessed 181 4/8 & 181 6/8

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I posted at the end of the other thread. You definitely have mail!!!!!!!

I just want to say thanks. I don't think I've ever won any sort of contest before. I am a regular guy who usually hunts deer by myself on public lands. I only have 2 small bucks to my name. I can't believe I might have an opportunity to see a buck even close to this...let alone get a shot at one. Holy friggin wow. I HOPE we can make this work...believe me, I will be plenty flexible wink.gif

Thanks again for this contest and once in a lifetime opportunity as far as I am concerned.

My contact info is


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Runners up prizes for only being of by 1/8"???

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TJM, I know what you are saying about people talking about the deer they shoot. When we would register deer in our Buck contest, everyone that shot an 8 point thought they had a 200 pounder. Most were 175-180 lbs. How old do you think that buck you shot was? Under good conditions next year do you think it would have scored higher? I'm a rookie at this deer hunting stuff yet but my father in law saw one last season similar to yours about a 1/4 mile from where I hunt so hopefully things go right and it survived the off season.

Jason Erlandson

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • IceHawk
      I'm really leaning to buying a mojo scoot and shoot amd trying that this year talk about a adrenaline rush. 
    • IceHawk
      I've used a full body full strut before can be good or bad depending on a birds mood at the time. In certain situations they can be a killer, 
    • Wanderer
    • Wanderer
      Shiners and suckers not needed for us this weekend.  The better pike were sucking down my wife’s crappie minnows on a demon in 20 feet.    
    • monstermoose78
      I have 3 avian x hens two feeders and one head up. I gave semi strut Jake as well.  I want to get a full strut
    • jlang_04
      Hey relax, I haven't been out since that weekend. With an 11 months old at home, fishing gets put to a halt quickly! I've been following the threads as much as I can. I know guys are catching crappies in the deeper water still, basins with the chance to go up to shallow. French is usually good for that but have heard Roberd's has come in late. Two weeks ago there were ice castle's everywhere and we were drilling to the end of the auger. I like Cedar too near Faribault because it's an easy access and typically holds fish. You'll have to let me know where you go and how you do! Fish on!  
    • IceHawk
      Have to Agree moose the turkeys are becoming a little smarter each year. Better decoys have definitely upped my odds last few years. Seriously considering those Dave smiths or some Avian X.  Moose what are you using for a setup combo with those Avians? My customs look nice but always looking for something better 
    • sunniewally
      Watching fish on the camera is really fun> One day a musky was being a real pia!  But it was fun watching him. Some days it's around some days not. today I saw him only once.  You sure can learn alot on what it looks like on your depth finder and how the fish are reacting to the different techniques a guy uses!  Have fun, good fishing!
    • Glenn_S
      We have a couple openings if anyone is interested…We will be capped at 15 boats.

      2018 Schedule
      June 2, 2018 – Farm Island
      June 16, 2018 – Upper/Lower Mission
      July 7, 2018 – Clearwater
      July 28, 2018 – Lobster
      August 18, 2018 – Big Birch
      September 8, 2018 – Championship, Lake TBD

      $25 membership per person
      $400 entry per team
      Big Bass $20 per boat at the ramp

      Rules, Payouts and other information listed on the website
      We are a club that has a ton of fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
    • tca12
      The tip-up was in slightly shallower water but the difference was probably about two feet.  Sounds like Devil's Lake is the good bet but that's quite a jaunt.  I have heard that water clarity is a big issue out west and that would really stink if you get somewhere and can't see.  Might soak some suckers on Mille Lacs since it looks like the pike angling season is extended again this year.  Good luck this weekend!
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