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turkey area HELP

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good morning,

is the rapids lake area 338 or 337 i cant quite make it out

also if you didnt apply for a license and there are left overs can you just go buy an over the counter or did you have to be part of the people that actually registered for an area or what?

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Very sorry I missed your original posts.

The Rapids Lake area appears to be a tricky one, as it's on the border b/w 337/338. The map is difficult to interpret, so just to be on the safe side, I usually email the DNR for actual road/river/county boundaries that form the zone.

However, this all may be a moot point, as from the rules:


Under-subscribed wild turkey permits will be offered to hunters who applied in the computer preference lottery but were not successful.

To me, this means that you had to apply for the general drawing to receive a fall turkey permit OR surplus permit. I know this is true for the spring hunt as well.


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yes sir those were the answers i was looking for and indeed it seems im SOL i guess ill apply for the spring turkey license then thank you for the information


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