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2006 down and out pics monday morning big boy JR is dead

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Well we got the big 8 pointer about 20 minutes after sunrise.6-8 yard shot in thee ole breadbasket.He went about 25 yards and stoped stood in the beans for atleast 5 minutes then just fell over dead.Dont think there was a drop of blood left in him

This bucks a monster.No doubt that he will be the number 1 8 pointer period

He has a spread of 26 1/2"

G2's are over 17"

beams are close to the 30" mark on both sides


I'll post the pics on monday when we all get home from the weekend hunt

So far we shot 2 does and this buck.We set up several more stands for the big boy now that the winds are turning NW we have a great chance in the next 2 days to take him as well.This bucks back on summer track just like the 8 pointer did 2 days ago.He came back to the bean field that he left for greener pastures.We had a couple stands in place i put up another 1 the other day and he was shot off that stand 1st outing

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Can't wait to see it.

Do we get to see the video too?

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would love to see pictures when you get a chance. Congradulations

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Just got done unpacking the hunting gear.I'll work on the pics and no video of this deer.This stand was not set up for the video camera.Everyone else was looking for the other 2 big guys since they were not convinced he was back in the area

Thursday afternoon we had 3 guys. we took two 1 1/2 year old doe for camp meat and passed up 12 bucks.We also passed up a couple big doe that had spoted fawns

Friday we had 4 guys.In all we passed up 27 bucks none over 115 class and about30-35 fawns and does.9 of those buck are in 1 group and went by 2 of us so in all we passed up 18 different bucks and took out the big 8

Sat i was in a stand i put up on friday in hopes to see the big boy.He never showed during daylight hours but i saw a monster in the dark.All i could see was a wide rack about 50% white what looked to be small tines but not 100% sure.I passed up the same buck everyone else did he was about 110" and a couple fawns kinda a slow day

This morning we had south winds so we hit another area. not much going on there so we moved about 6 miles for this evenings hunt.I sat in a small farm yard surounded by corn in a waterway.Saw several bucks but none had more then 6 points and 2 fawns.The other guy who stayed had a pick of 2 stands where we been seeing some big tracks.He picked 1 out and i said geez i would probly sit the other 1 being the farmers picking the bean field next to the woods on the other side they should come out on this side.Well he did'nt want to sit there and i was going to sit it but realy wanted to check out the old farm yard.He said he saw a 26"-30" wide rack buck that came out next to that other stand..GRRRRRRRR

He decided to stay and hunt that stand for the morning hunt.To late man you had your chance i said.That buck will probly not be there in the AM and wont be back in this field until well after dark.I hope he proves me wrong thats why i said what i did so he will stay and hunt monday afternoon.I asume thats the deer leavin the big tracks.Guess we'll have to do some scouting if he's that wide

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While i'm working on pics and headed to the taxidermy shop in the morning to get a green score (Gross) lets have a contest to see who can score this buck.I'll post this in the hunting forum as well.I'll post a copy of the green score the taxidermist gives us.This will not be officail since you have to wait the dry time to get it recorded into the book

Winner gets a choice of any season he or she chooses to hunt 2 days all you need is your hunting gear and food money i'll cover the rest.This can be this year or next you make the call if you win.I'm sure many have plans for the upcomming season already

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • monstermoose78
      Great fish boys
    • Tom Sawyer
      Nice fish!
    • Rick
      Minnesota landowners with grassland or wetlands within 20 miles of Luverne are being sought to participate in the 2018 Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener (GPHO) in October.  Governor Mark Dayton will lead the event, taking place October 12-13, 2018, which showcases the many hunting, recreational, tourism, and community opportunities that the broader Luverne area has to offer visitors. “I thank the people of Luverne for graciously offering to host the 2018 Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener,” said Governor Dayton. “The Pheasant Opener has become a special Minnesota tradition, made possible by our tremendous host communities. I look forward to another fantastic opener in Luverne this year.” The planning committee is reaching out to landowners who may be willing to grant access to hunters involved in the event. The land will be hunted only on October 13, 2018 as part of the Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener. Invited hunters will be led by local hunter hosts, which may include local landowners. Ideal lands for the Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener include grasslands or wetlands that support huntable pheasant populations. Each landowner who grants access to their land will receive a pair of tickets for the October 12 GPHO Community Banquet, and will be entered in a drawing to win one of three $500 cash prizes. Landowners interested in allowing hunting access for the event or seeking additional information should contact GPHO committee members.  Email or call:; Arlyn Gehrke, 507-227-9193; Tim Plimpton, 605-759-6366; Kyle Oldre, 507-920-890. The Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener was initiated by Governor Dayton in 2011. The event highlights the local hunting, recreational, and tourism opportunities host communities have to offer visitors. Explore Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are assisting the Luverne Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau, and other local partners, in planning the event. Information and updates will be available at Follow along for social media updates using the hashtags #MNGPHO2018 and #OnlyinMN. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Wheres_Walter
      Are there the same number of rules about building a boathouse as there are about a $2M house that requires clear cutting half an acre, a road to drive your golf cart down to the lake, and enough lights that you can see it from space?          
    • Chill62
      Sorry I just saw this post,  If you are looking for posts on this lake contact me since our cabin is on the north side of the lake or what I would suggest is posting on the Perham/Ottertail County Forum.  I check it regularly and so does a lot of people and can get you answers in a more timely and better fashion the responses you got.  Granted Parmer did state it best Gene's Bait Shop in Perham is a great source of information.  Just be careful of the two rivers flowing into the lake and one flowing out for thinner ice.   Tight Lines!
    • Ballyhoo
      The exception is this year.  Adrians plowed road went right to Knight and Bridges and there has to be close to 400 houses out there.  Looks like the north side of pine at Christmas.  That kind of pressure is not good for those reefs and area. As far as sportfishing never being able to damage the lake, and judging by your comments Sam, I think you agree, I don't want to take that chance.  This lake not only provides enjoyment for everyone, it also provides employment for many hundreds of people and is the lifeblood of the county.
    • BTL
      Wow that is too cool! You even got a sturgeon on there. Man that seems like it would be so much fun, I could stare at that screen all day long.
    • leech~~
      I'd say you hit the nail on the head with the Mille Lacs issue and more wheel houses then years past. If more smaller lakes had some roads plowed people may not have to go to all the bigger lakes to get on.
      Its hard to argue with many of these points. One big thing to consider is how many jobs the fishing in that area creates. Not saying that makes it ok for the lake to be raped, but many people count on fishing to be able to pay their bills as there isn't much else (or not enough to go around anyways) around there for income. Lower limits may keep people from making the long trip. And the spring season helps that economy a bunch I'm guessing.   One thing I don't understand is why its 4 and 4 for 8 total walleye/sauger limit in the winter but then 6 in the summer? There is waaaay more people fishing that lake in the winter vs the summer.   The next post we hear about will be why the DNR doesn't allow two lines for fishing. I say whats the difference, you can only take one limit anyways.
    • tipupsonly
      Ice fishing has exploded to the point where one should worry about LOTW, Red, Mille Lacs, etc. Fortunatley,  LOTW is massive. However, the north end of the US waters are getting hit harder and harder. It’s insane how many people are on the lake on weekends. The amount of pressure on any lake is a turn off to me personally. I’d rather catch less fish away from the crowds and it’s getting harder to get away. The slot is the key on this lake and so many. I do think the limits could come down or the slot tightened, but it doesn’t NEED to yet. No one cares about the sauger but they keep you and your flasher busy. 4 and 4 is a good number but maybe you go to 3 walleye and 5 sauger in the winter? Most buckets are filled with more sauger anyways.  It’s amazing it keeps kicking them out.